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Gunmakers usually unveil their new products at the SHOT show. (There’s a joke involving the word “wad” there but I can’t quite get to it.) Still, the NRA Con is not without its new product surprises. On the occasion of the annual OFWG-fest, FNH USA has unveiled a new pump-action shotgun: the P12. Let’s start with the finish . . .

The magazine tube is coated with a slick-as-Clinton badass black material called Super Harp C that looks like freshly applied nail polish (don’t ask me how I know). Unlike Spiderman, the gun itself isn’t Parkerized. The Belgian steel has a premium matte finish that won’t chip, peel or scratch. Now how much would you pay? Well don’t answer! Make the jump to find out why your Mossie or Benelli ain’t gonna cut it no mo’ . . .

The P-12 has a cantilevered barrel. And onto that cantilevered barrel FN has affixed a sighting system that reminds me of nothing so much as the Caracal’s speed sights. And if looking down the P-12 shotgun’s sighting groove ain’t your thang, you can flip-up the flip-up sights while the bad guy flips out.

Doing so put a triangle in front of you. Put the front sight on the top of that delta and let loose the dogs of war. Yes, but, doing so makes it harder for us opthamologically challenged to see the front sight. Paint it yellow you Devil? I’m hoping for a Testing and Evaluation sample to see what’s what. Or what’s at the end of the gun

The other great advantage: the P-12’s foregrip has no extra forward movement. Well that’s FNH USA Product Manager Walt Hasser’s explanation. I’d simply say that the odds of short-stroking a shotgun just went down to nearasdammit nada. You know, provided you buy this one, interchangeable choke and all.

If you do, it will leave a lasting impression. To say the stippling on said forend is aggressive is to say that Ray Lewis doesn’t pussyfoot around. When I whined to Walt that my hand hurt thirty seconds after coming to grips with the P-12 he was having none of it. “What hurts worse is dropping a gun in a gunfight.” Gotta say, it’s a close run thing.

Surprisingly, FNH USA has priced this one to go. Walt reckons the P-12 will come in in the high-fives. High-five to FNH for creating a pump-action shotgun that looks great and sights, uh, differently. We’ll let you know how it shoots, as and when.

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  1. They should change their slogan to, “Fn consistently making average guns $200 too expensive”

  2. “There’s a joke involving the word “wad” there but I can’t quite get to it.”

    That’s what she said.

  3. All kidding aside, it looks like it is a variation of the Winchester SXP (ala Winny SX2/SX3 and the FN SLP). Does that sound right, or is it a totally new product?

  4. Um, the P-12 is a re-glorified Winchester 1200/1300. Both turned out to be fine shotguns after the initial angst from purists over the demise of the Model 12. It’s no surprise the 1200’s/1300’s command such respectable prices today. I would surmise those shotguns made forty years ago are also well made too.

    • How many car manufacturers are essentially making clones of the Toyota Camry? Why would the gun market be any different?

      • +1 Its just like having a central chassis and powertrain for a ford, lincoln and mercury all with different detailing. Variations on a theme.

  5. Spec.s?
    Barrel length?, Smooth bore?, weight?, Length of Pull?, 5+1?, ejection system? etc.
    Noted: great stipling on the forend.

    I think most pump shotguns are variations of my 1907 manufacture date Pre model 10 that I picked up in the 80’s. Traded a pair of jungle boots for it. It Still shoots today. I would have worn the boots out by now.

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