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I stopped by the Hogue booth where bright green zombie crap is on display.  On the counter is a severed foot with a metal tag on it, the bright metal “toe tags” a featured item of swag . . .

I’ll be honest, I am over the whole zombie thing, but I decided to ask what was up.  I queried the booth dude if the Zombischeisse was selling.

He paused and said “Yes, it is. Kids who sit and play video games shooting zombies seem to like it, maybe getting out and into the woods once and a while.”

“So by making grips, rifle stocks and knife hilts in florescent green, you really are saving the nation form sedintarianism?” I asked.

He just smiled and nodded, as you might expect from imminently undead.

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    • +1

      Though I doubt I’d understand even with an explanation. Neon mint green is probably the 2nd to last color I’d ever put on a weapon.

  1. Damn, this zombie trend is harder to kill than an actual zombie. The only green guns I’ve ever owned were shades of OD. I’d be embarrassed to be seen with this stuff on my gun.

  2. Holy crap, I can’t believe there is a growing market for this stuff. It would be nice to see a gun/ammo maker come out with a statement along the lines of:

    “We here at X company believe that weapons are tools not toys, and should not be made to look like them. A weapon is an instrument, and form should necessarily follow function. If it does not enhance lethality, ease of use and operation, or a trait that is desirable for a real, intended purpose, we would not recommend or profit from it.

    Except for hello kitty AR-15’s, because little girls love it, and we should all be willing to do just about anything to get young women more involved in the shooting sports.”

  3. Zombies are cool.

    Anything that gets people out, has them reading books, doing stuff (like shooting) and spending less time acting like a mindless potato couch zombie (or desk tied computer nerd who just reads stuff & makes lame comments. . . ) is cool.

    Yeah, ok, a lot of people don’t get it. Personally I am not a big zombie fan. We have an autographerd copy of the movie ‘Pathogen’ and I have never actually watched the whole thing. But think about it, look at the stuff that is out there – zombie jery anyone? All the creatvie things that people are doing with it.
    Guns are a huge part of the zombie culture, and I am sure that it is exposing a lot of people to guns and getting them excited about getting out and shooting.

  4. I love zombie movies and books. I even like to shoot the zombie targets at my local range on occasion. I fail to see why this current trend is so popular. But If someone wants to buy it, more power to them.

  5. Remember me mentioning in another thread that I was going to put a stock on my “shameful” pistol grip Mossberg Persuader?

    This is it, I think. Because why not?


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