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Daniel Defense wants to make it easier for you to put together your next M4gery. They’ve just added a new feature to their web site that will let you design your own custom upper or the whole dang shootin’ match. So to speak. Just pick one of two lower options and the rest is up to you and all the monochromatic imagination you can muster. Do you like yours in 300 BLK with a muzzle climb mitigator and a chrome plated bolt carrier group? It’s as easy as ordering a large pie with mushrooms, onions and anchovies. And just as yummy. Press release after the jump . . .

Black Creek, GA- September 21, 2012 – Daniel Defense announces the launch of its “Build Your DDM4” section on This announcement comes after months of extensive planning and development.

Integrated into the existing Daniel Defense web site, customers can fully customize a weapon in any configuration desirable. “The new Build Your DDM4 feature on the Daniel Defense corporate web site is a valuable tool aimed at customers who envision a different configuration than currently offered on our premium firearms”, exclaimed Jay Duncan, VP of Sales & Marketing for Daniel Defense when the project was first announced. “We’re excited to deploy this platform and witness first-hand the customer’s reaction to this option. We feel there’s nothing else available in the marketplace geared toward giving the gun enthusiast this amount of flexibility as they customize a firearm.”

Consumers will have the option to customize either a complete weapon or upper receiver group. Three different caliber options are available: 5.56mm NATO, 6.8 SPCII, and 300 Blackout (7.62 x 35mm), which was introduced earlier this year. Those opting to build a complete rifle may choose the lower receiver equipped with the Geissele® Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger, an upgrade from the standard trigger offered on Daniel Defense rifles. Paired with Cold Hammer Forged barrels, one of Daniel Defense’s rail systems like the Omega X or RIS II, and one of the new Daniel Defense Muzzle Devices, the Build Your DDM4 section of is guaranteed to suit gun enthusiasts longing for a build based on their specifications.

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  1. Brownell’s has had an AR builder on their site for a little while, now. Works okay, but it would be nice if it handled incompatible parts better.

    • Probably because the lower receiver of the AR-15 can’t handle the cartridge length the of the 7.62 x 51 NATO / .308 Winchester round.

    • I don’t think DD makes a .308 lower. There’s only a few outfits so far (DPMS, Armalite, CMMG, Tactical Machining) that make .308 lowers.

      If you buy a .308 lower, you need to understand that there’s two variants which are not compatible with each other: The Armalite AR-10 and the DPMS LR-308 patterns are different. Once you make a choice as to which one you’ll be using, you’ve forced your choice of upper, magazines and some accessories.

      I’ve not yet built up a .308 AR, but it is on my list of things “to do.” When I do, perhaps I should write up the whole .308 AR situation as a piece for TTAG readers – there’s really quite a lot of information that needs to be understood to be able to do a .308 (or .308-based round) build.

  2. Seems cool, but are Daniel Defense ARs worth the money? Honestly curious. I don’t know if they’re high or low end, or if the customizability means you choose.

    • They’ve been good stuff from what I’ve seen (uppers, lowers, accessories). I’ve not scoped their barrels.

      People looking for 6.8 SPC barrels should consider their twist rates very carefully. I think DD is claiming that their 6.8 barrels are 1-in-10 twists, and for light (< 120 grain) bullets, this is too fast. I think a 1-in-11 is better for the heavier end of the 6.8 spectrum and 1-in-12 would be better for the lighter end of the bullet weight spectrum. Either 1-11 or 1-12 would probably work for most all 6.8 ammo, but 1-10 will very probably over-spin the lighter bullets in 6.8.

  3. Daniel Defense is local to me. I’d love to support the home team, but I’ll need to climb a tax bracket before that’s feasible.

  4. Looks like some cool features. I suspect if you ask 10 people if DD is worth the $$$, you’ll get 10 different answers. The ability to pre-order an AR with the goodies that you want saves time and money. What does one do with an extra mil-spec M4 stock?

    Also, I like that they offer 300 AAC and 6.8 SPC II. Those are some great alternate AR calibers.

    • Yeah, but the problem is that they only let you customize the parts they’re interested in selling to you. Upgrade the front & rear sights to Troy or something decent- nope. Upgrade your stock or grip- nope. Ambi safety- nope. Heck, if they spent as much effort in the stock, grip and sight selection as they did the freakin’ flash suppressors, they might actually have something…

  5. I like how Any build you do lands in the $1500+ ballpark.

    If they could do this sort of customization on another site that lets you get a similar product in the $700-$800 ballpark, I’d be much more interested.


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