Comp-Tac GLOCK Slimline Holster
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Earlier this year High Speed Gear acquired Comp-Tac to branch out into Kydex holsters. Development has been brisk since then, and in the last month Comp-Tac has announced two new holsters for the sure-to-be-popular GLOCK 48, which isn’t even on the market yet!

Comp-Tac’s pressers follow:

Comp-Tac GLOCK Slimline Holster
courtesy mfr

Comp-Tac Releases Holster Fits for New Glock 48

1/8/19 – Houston, TX – Comp-Tac® a leader in high quality holsters for competition, concealed carry, and duty use, has expanded many of their holsters to fit the new Glock 48 including: The MTAC™, The eV2™ and The Warrior™.

Comp-Tac GLOCK Slimline Holster
courtesy mfr

The MTAC™ Holster is hybrid holster with two layer leather backing and Kydex shell making this a comfortable concealed carry choice. The MTAC™ is tuckable allowing the user to tuck their shirt in over the gun. With interchangeable shells, customers who already own and MTAC™ holster can upgrade just the shell for their new Glock 48.

The eV2™ is an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster that is designed for casual EDC as well as deep concealment applications. The Glock 48’s slim design will work well with the eV2™’s kick which will hide the grip by pushing it into the body.

The Warrior™ holster is a slim pancake style outside the waistband (OWB) holster. Designed to fit close to the body for easy hiding, the Warrior is also very accessible for a quick draw. The Warrior™ holster is also optics ready and open ended for threaded barrel use.

“The beginning of the year is always an exciting time for gun owners as all the new guns are being released. We were very excited to obtain one of the new Glock 48s so early and get our holster options up and running. It is great to get a new gun, even better to get a gun and a holster to use right away.” said Gordon Carrell, General Manager of Comp-Tac®

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Comp-Tac® Announces New Fits for the eV2™ AIWB Holster

12/18/2018 – Houston, TX – Comp-Tac® a leader in high quality holsters for competition, concealed carry, and duty use, adds 7 new make and model fit options to the eV2™ an AIWB holster.

Note: The eV2™ was also previously known as the eVade™.

The new make and model fits include: CZ P01, Glock 26/27/28/33 Gen 1-5, Glock 42, H&K VP9SK, Ruger Security 9, S&W MP 2.0 4” 9mm/.40/.45 and Sig P938. These new offerings complement the existing lineup of eV2 holsters, including: G17, G19, G43, S&W M&P Shield 9mm/.40 and Sig Sauer P365.

The eV2™ is an Appendix Inside The Waistband (AIWB) holster that is designed for casual EDC as well as deep concealment applications. The eV2s™ holster body is made of 100% aircraft grade Kydex® which provides the smoothest finish for comfortable wear and a smooth draw. The eV2™ is attached to your belt with a Tuckable Nylon clip that maintains powerful retention while at the same time not snagging or damaging your belt or clothing.

In addition to the mounting clip, the eV2™ is outfitted with a the Comp-Tac® KICK™. This kick is attached to the holster and provides pressure against the belt in order to push the grip into the body to minimize printing making the eV2 a more concealable holster. With smooth edges and a minimalist design, the eV2 will keep your handgun secure, accessible, with well hidden from public view.

“Adding new make and model fits to all our holsters is an ongoing goal for Comp-Tac®. There are many great weapons companies out there that are making more concealed carry options every day. Adding more fits to our holsters is an important part of our support of individuals or professionals that carry a firearm,” said Gordon Carrell, General Manager of Comp-Tac®.

Features of the eV2

• Appendix Inside the Waistband Design for easy access
• Made of 100% Kydex®- Gives a smooth finish for easy draw and re-holster
• Retention Adjustment Screw provides perfect holster hold for each user
• Nylon Clip- strong design and gentle edges that will not damage clothing or belts

• Clip is Tuckable allowing shirt to be tucked in over gun
• Clip is height adjustable allowing gun to sit deeper or higher for Master Grip access

• Comp-Tac® KICK™ to reduce weapon “printing”
• Minimalist design with smooth edges and gentle curves

About Comp-Tac™ an HSGI® Company

Comp-Tac, a High Speed Gear company, is dedicated to building the best 100% Made in the USA, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear. Our products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality, and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of our customers, whether military, law enforcement or responsibly armed citizens. Our products are user driven and are designed based on the operational experiences of a wide variety of end users.

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  1. interesting rattle pouch. the single clip design is placed properly behind the piece. that’s a lot of snout though.

  2. Don’t have a Glock. I cocked and locked my .45 stuck it in my pants like an AIWB and got a chill, not from the cold gun ha ha, but there’s no way in hell I’d carry a gun pointing at my precious possum maker. Besides that, if one was to get in a fight up close and the guy got on top of you and had you down it would be easier to get the gun into play from a side draw.

    • Common dude, you really should refrain from posting about things you haven’t a clue. Take a pistol ground fighting course before you post about where you, think, is the best position to carry if you’re knocked down with someone on top of you. Here’s a hint, it’s not strong side. It’s appendix.

    • It’s to press the holster against the belt. This will keep the weapon grip pressed closer to the body for better concealment and reduce the grip print.

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