Condor Pouch Carry, Plus: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Michael in Idaho sent this in as his pocket dump, saying “Here is what I have on hand daily. I’ll also have an IFAK in my backpack that I carry with me. In my vehicle I carry a STOMP bag along with water and other supplies that vary depending on the weather or time of year.”

Now…this is a bit more than a pocket dump. The GLOCK 26 and Kydex holster suggest concealment while the packed pouch and additional items suggest a hefty load-out for daily carry.

Do any of you guys carry a pouch or pack full of various items on a daily basis? (Just curious, I don’t even carry a purse.) If you do carry a pack of some sort what do you have in it that isn’t already in a pocket or carried on your belt?


  1. avatar Robroyb says:

    I carry a good bit on my person, and I keep a couple bags in my trunk. I suppose those don’t count as an EDC, but they are close by being in the trunk.

    I like the small pouch he’s used here. Compact and easy to grab on the go if needed. I am still working my go bag to make it efficient for what’s really needed.

  2. avatar Enuf says:

    Used to carry a bunch of gear in my truck. But I was using it constantly back then, so it made sense.

  3. avatar Dude says:

    How do you comfortably carry that giant magazine?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Kiester carry?

      1. avatar Yepnope says:

        Well done. Brings new meaning to “fun stick”

      2. avatar GD says:

        No, he just tells people he’s excited to see them.

  4. avatar jwm says:

    I have gear in my 4runner. There is a very real possibility of an unplanned overnighter in the boonies. And I live in earthquake country, CA. If need be I could live in my vehicle for several days without worrying about resupply.

    I’ve lived in quite a few places. I’ve seen Extreme cold, snow, a hurricane, tornadoes, earthquake and in recent years a great many wildfires. Better to have some preps.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      My car preps are also geared towards earthquake emergencies. My gunshot wound trama FAK is also in my car. I keep a simple IFAK in my sling pack.

  5. avatar rt66paul says:

    And here I thought condors were a protected species – how many condors must die so that you can carry a condor pouch?

    1. avatar possum says:

      false claims by company, it’s turkey vulture.

  6. avatar Enuf says:

    Carry a pouch? No, never was into lady’s handbags. Just that not that sort of fellow.

    When I used them all the time I carried more things. A multi-tool in a belt pouch. A pocket knife in a belt pouch. In the truck were med pack, rescue pack, search pack. Sets of keys to locked gates in national forests, other places too. In each pack were two spare mags for my S&W 59. In the 4×4 truck were various tools, spare parts, extrication gear, water and a 25 gallon secondary fuel tank. For a time the truck carried a 12ga too, for bear troubles.

    Those are gone days. Now I am trapped in this stinking city and driving a typical car. So it is a couple of pistols, one a mouse gun and the other a full size 9mm. Spare mags for both. Sometimes I carry both, usually just one.

    I have thought about adding a lock box in the trunk to hold one of my AR’s and a shotgun. So far everything I look at ready-made is too big, made more for trucks and SUV’s than a four door sedan. Maybe I have to make my own.

    Walking around is a wallet. A little cash but mainly plastic. At least one gun and a magazine extra. Keys. A phone. That’s it.

    Tho I did know a lady once who took an Uncle Mike’s nylon holster, cut it in half and sewed the half into a pocket of a handbag, with the retaining strap. Before handbags were being made for women to carry a gun, some women worked it out.

    I admire that in a woman.

    But I still ain’t gonna carry a purse.

  7. avatar Matt says:

    Mall Ninja Level 9.6……

  8. avatar possum says:

    Does a pouch count?

  9. avatar strych9 says:

    “Do any of you guys carry a pouch or pack full of various items on a daily basis?”

    Yup. Either a backpack or a messenger bag depending on what I’m doing.

  10. avatar JD says:

    A pouch is a much better alternative than those dumbass useless Altoids tins..

  11. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Put that poor FrankenGlock 26 out of its misery. It’s like the owner just can’t stop messing with it.

  12. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    The front site looks a bit tall…

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      It’s a suppressor-height sight.

      Why it’s on a gun without a threaded barrel is beyond me.

      1. avatar Steve says:

        To cowitness with the RMR.

  13. avatar James says:

    I usually have my backpack close by which I also use as a gym bag that holds a lot of my gear multi tool baby wipes thermos just everyday gear and my Taurus g2c either in my pocket or in the bag .

  14. avatar DigDug says:

    My pocket dump includes a pretty standard grouping of stuff:

    Wallet, keys, leatherman sidekick, and my S&W Bodyguard .38 Special in a Sticky holster

    However, I do carry a 5.11 Moab10 sling pack basically everywhere I go. By that I mean I might leave it in my truck if I’m having dinner at a restaurant but otherwise its slung on my back, sitting on the floor next to me or it’s in my passenger seat while I drive. In my Moab10 I carry a bottle of water and some kind of small snack like jerky, a double pouch with 2 speed loaders for my .38, Streamlight Strion flashlight, 5.11 kevlar lined gloves, boonie hat, IFAK with a small booboo kit tethered to the outside of it, lighter, pad/pen/sharpie, and a full size M&P9 with a TLR1 light in an OWB kydex holster with 2 extra mags also in an OWB kydex holster as a secondary weapon/mags.

    I have a variety of other gear in a Du-Ha under the seat storage tub in my truck as well but it’s all of your typical roadside assistance type items including flares, an auto approved fire extinguisher, safety vest, tool box, jumper cables, a blanket, some 55 gallon trash bags and some 10 gallon trash bags, a gallon of water, mechanix gloves, spotlight, and another IFAK with the same tethered on booboo kit.

    I work as a professional emergency manager in a city of 400,000 people with a moderate crime rate and a normal 4 seasons worth of weather. I find my total EDC load out to not only be reasonable but to be extremely effective for me and can be put together in just about any bag and any vehicle for a reasonable price.

  15. avatar raptor jesus says:

    An optic on a Glock 26 subcompact. Well, there it is. Now I’ve seen everything.

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