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Blue Force Gear PLATEminus

I use a Blue Force Gear sling for my SCAR 16. And a damn good sling it is, too. With BFG’s new PLATEminus plate carrier vest, I can now sling the body electric. Hang on; that doesn’t actually mean anything. Let’s try that again. Blue Force Gear is proud to announce that they’ve designed lightweight ballistic protection for a large turtle. No that’s not it. Seriously, I’m all at sea with this one. What do I know about HSLD? (I’m surprised I even know what that means.) For example: “PLATEminus is designed to fit any SAPI/ESAPI style armor plates, with or without plate backers.” I thought plate backers were something my mother bought to protect her dining room table from ring burns. Anyway, presser after the jump. And I want one for home defense. Not that it would make me look like the bad guy to the cops or national guard or anything . . .

SAN DIEGO, CA – Blue Force Gear® launches PLATEminus™ at the ADS Warrior Expo West Show at the San Diego Convention Center. PLATEminus features Blue Force Gear’s Patent pending MOLLEminus™ technology: MOLLE minus the weight, MOLLE minus the bulk, MOLLE minus the complexity.

Blue Force PLATEminus

PLATEminus is Blue Force Gear’s latest addition to their MOLLEminus product line. Available in sizes medium and large, PLATEminus is designed to fit any SAPI/ESAPI style armor plates, with or without plate backers. It has an inner plate pocket constructed of color matched CORDURA® and Tweave to provide camouflage and signature reduction. PLATEminus utilizes MOLLEminus technology with voids and slots laser cut out of one piece of ULTRAcomp™ laminate instead of layers of sewn nylon and webbing as the MOLLE platform.

“We designed PLATEminus with simplicity in mind,” said John Felushko, Blue Force Gear’s Product Line Manager. “PLATEminus is simple to put on with single pull forward side straps, simple to customize due to full MOLLE compatibility and simple to size – just buy your SAPI/ESAPI plate size.”

Blue Force Gear PLATEminus with plates

The MOLLEminus design provides the thinnest, strongest, lightest modular load carriage of individual combat equipment: half the thickness of a dime, over 4 times as abrasion resistant as air textured nylon and formed from a single piece of Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™ laminate. PLATEminus is compatible with all legacy issue MOLLE pouches and for the ultimate lightweight plate carrier combine PLATEminus with pouches featuring Blue Force Gear’s revolutionary Helium Whisper™ attachment system.

About ULTRAcomp

Blue Force Gear’s proprietary high performance laminate, ULTRAcomp, far exceeds the military standard air textured nylon in tear and abrasion resistance.

About Blue Force Gear, Inc.

Blue Force Gear® designs the best weapon slings and leads the lightweight equipment revolution with its Ten-Speed™ multi-use pouches. They also reinvented MOLLE to be the world’s lightest with their revolutionary MOLLEminus™ technology and Helium Whisper™ pouch attachment system. Unrivaled innovation and attention to detail set Blue Force Gear apart from others in the tactical equipment industry.

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  1. I love Blue Force, it is cutting edge tech. I am honestly concidering switching over to BFG and dumping all my Cordura stuff think of LBE that weighs ounces instead of pounds

  2. It sounds like something awesome (though I’m not sure, the marketing-speak was pretty dense) that I have absolutely no use for.

  3. Multicam is the shit, however, I cant get used the way this thing looks, I hate it hahah. Either way, the cumberbund is nice to have in my opinion but if you REALLY want something super light.

  4. Slight hijack. What sling fittings are you running with your SCAR? I am looking for a sling for mine and am wondering what works for y’all.


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