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Beretta 92FS with guide-rod-mounted Lasermax laser

Lights, lasers. Who needs ’em? My take: a hand-held flashlight is a wonderful thing that prevents muzzle discipline issues and reduces the possibility of, I dunno, shooting the wrong person. Lasers are excellent for firearms training and . . . that’s it. But what do I know? The demand for the devices is undeniable and plenty of gun gurus will tell you that I’m FOS. Generally speaking. Anyway, if you’re gonna have a laser on your gun, a built-in laser is the way to go – especially if you don’t want holster hassle. Beretta’s new 92FS with on-board laser on board is a tidy package with a proven partner. Lasermax’s patented guide rod laser “has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide.” Like I said, what do I know? Press release as follows . . .

Rochester, NY -( One of the most trusted and field tested professional sidearms ever developed – the 92FS – is now available from the Beretta factory with a precision engineered internal Guide Rod Laser preinstalled.

The new laser-equipped Beretta 92FS pistol represents LaserMax‘s latest collaborative effort with the world’s oldest firearms manufacturer. Aimed at delivering the very best in high-tech products to Beretta’s loyal customer base, the new pistols will be offered in both red and green laser variants.

Having adopted the M9 as the standard service sidearm in 1985, the U.S. government has purchased many hundreds of thousands of Beretta pistols for military use and over one million Beretta 92FS pistol variants have been sold to the military and police agencies of 25 other nations. These contracts and their continued renewals serve as testament to the Beretta 92 series’ ruggedness, reliability and ease of use. Thanks to the addition of the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser, the choice of professionals worldwide is now equally suited for concealed carry, home protection or duty use.

LaserMax is the only manufacturer of an internal guide rod laser sight. This patented design has been proven through over a quarter century of combat and defensive use by tier one special operation forces, conventional military units, federal agents, SWAT and police professionals, and responsible firearm owners worldwide. The Guide Rod Laser installs as close to the pistol bore line as possible, ensuring the most consistent relationship between point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI) over all shooting distances. Emitting a highly visible pulsed laser for rapid target acquisition, the LaserMax sight comes factory aligned for guaranteed center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards. To secure your LaserMax-equipped Beretta 92FS contact a Beretta USA dealer today and reference the following product identifiers:

Beretta 92FS with Red LaserMax Guide Rod Laser:

  • SKU: SPEC590A
  • UPC: 0082442734880

Beretta 92FS with Green LaserMax Guide Rod Laser:

  • SKU: SPEC591A
  • UPC: 0082442734897

Established in 1526, Beretta is the oldest firearms manufacturer in the world, tracing its lineage through 16 generations of continuous family ownership. Visit to view Beretta’s complete line of firearms, accessories, and apparel.

Complete information on LaserMax products is available at or by phone at (800) 527-3703. For the latest LaserMax news, follow LaserMax on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Gun District, and YouTube.

About LaserMax

Now in its 26th year, LaserMax is a leading innovator of premium laser systems with a growing portfolio of significant patents. Specializing in the design and manufacture of rugged and innovative firearm sighting solutions for military, law enforcement and commercial markets worldwide, the company also delivers premium laser products and optical systems for the semiconductor, aerospace, biomedical and telecommunications industries. LaserMax is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and WOSB 8(m) certified Women-Owned Small Business and was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. by Inc. 500 | 5000.

For more information, please visit

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  1. Nice troll bait, RF! 🙂 Actually, lasers are a great accessory for a working pistol. I prefer a red dot sight as a general tool, because you can’t lose the dot as easily into the background upon drawing, but lasers provide a way to bring the gun to bear from odd positions – like taking cover under a car – while minimizing your exposure from behind cover or concealment. My pocket pistol has a Crimson Trace, and at least in practice, it definitely speeds target acquisition and time to first shot.

  2. Wish I could get a green guide rod laser for my Springfield 1911 EMP. Anyone know if one is available? Laser grips are OK, but the guide rod laser would be better in my opinion, if they turn off and on easily.

  3. I only have one issue with lasers. there are a lot of people who think that since they have a laser they can forgo a lot of the fundamentals of marksmanship. I’ve met several people that think their LCP is an Fing deathray now that it has a laser.

    • The same can be said of ANY optical aiming device: red-dots, lasers, scopes, even iron sights. They are all straight-line aiming devices that are only truly accurate at one specific range. Are you saying that you do not use iron sights on your pistols, because they rely on light which only travels in straight lines, and as such are only accurate at one range? For pistols, the short ranges of typical engagements allow more than sufficient accuracy with a single elevation setting on the aiming device, whether it be a red-dot, iron sights, or yes, a laser

  4. Any word on how much? Also, any chance of us lowly peasants getting the M9A3 (regardless if the military ever adopts it or not)?

  5. I had a lasermax in my G23. The laser worked great!…for the first 200 rounds. Then it started dimming and getting brighter randomly. Then it would only go solid instead of flash. Cleaned and installed fresh batteries and the problems still existed. Go with something better with a laser, like a tlr.

  6. I had a Beretta 96 centurion (every day carry) that I added the lasermax internal to and was totally pleased for years, until it broke in half while shooting. I contacted lasermax and sent it to them, it couldn’t be repaired or replaced since it was no longer in production. Kind of pissed me off with the amount of money I spent on it but what was worse is it left me with a non-functioning weapon. Luckily I was target practicing and not defending myself. The bottom line, I’ll never own another one.

  7. I’m actually appalled that the engineering community never took this fantastic idea & made it even better. You mean to tell me that something that sits that close to the center of the bore & is activated by the already existing takedown lever , couldn’t be re-engeneered , or refined into the most perfect laser in history ?!?! I’ve had a Beretta 92FS since 92 , when I turned 21 !!!! The oldest gun manufacturer on the planet , since the 1500’s !! I’m pretty partial to the brand , now that they’ve developed the PX4 Storm .45 & I’ve replaced my 92FS With it as my primary side arm. Anybody that has shot a handgun , in the history of handguns would be more than happy to get one that was almost dead nuts accurate at 20-25 ft. Now imagine if Beretta, or every gun manufacturer had taken interest into this design & refined it to the toughest , most accurate & reliable guide rod ever produced ………….. the trips to the range , or out back , as I’m lucky enough to refer to it as , would be more for the joy of shooting, than the need for practice. Lasermax themselves should be ashamed that they never engineered a more accurate & reliable component than the two Beretta models , a few Taurus models & the ridiculous amount of Glunk models they offered. Beretta the manufacturer should’ve expanded and refined the design & rendered external lasers obsolete themselves !! Imagine being the only gunmaker that could boast that kind of accuracy & ease of operation ?!?! Where’s the sense of innovation & drive to perfection that this country used to stand on ?!?!?! Oh yeah …… we’ve all been separated into our much smaller & easier to manage groups of what we like & don’t like , instead of what works best & what doesn’t. I’d prefer to have a revised , refined & ultimately improved version of this product in every handgun I own !!!!! Then It would be much easier to just decide which light I wanted:)!!

    P.S I should’ve used a better word to describe LaserMax being ashamed , than I did. For some unknown reason this idea was not being expanded on & given the fact that you can purchase a new Beretta 92 w/ this product from the factory, tells me that there’s money being left on the table & if it were my product, I’d be capitalizing on it to this day !!


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