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 Advantage Tactical Sights on FN FNS

When I tested the Advantage Tactical Sights on a Glock 19 I couldn’t get on with them. Not because they don’t work. I’m double positive they do. They just don’t work for me. I’m red-green color blind. I couldn’t find a color combo with sufficient contrast to make the sights “pop.” Not to mention the fact I can’t see the front sight without reading glasses (or tilting my head up to look through the bottom of my vary-focal lenses). So the whole “build a pyramid” deal didn’t go down. But enough about me, now about you. If you own an FNX or FNS and you aren’t color blind or vision-challenged, Advantage Tactical Sights’ new FNX and FNS $98.49 sights will lift your shooting to the next level. [Press release after the jump.] While night sites are the better, cheaper bet for self-defense (e.g., HiViz’s FNS front night sight), Advantage has the advantage for accuracy, depending on your genetics . . .

The Advantage Tactical Sight for FNH USA Pistols Now Available

The only personalized sight system for speed, sight acquisition and precision shooting available for the FNS® and FNX™ Series of service pistols.

Sante Fe, NM (July 2013) – WrenTech Industries, LLC, manufacturer of innovated firearms related products including the Advantage Tactical Sight, is  proud to announce the new sight system specifically designed for the popular FNS and FNX pistols.

The Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) was developed by WrenTech president, Richard Nasef, in response to the inadequate iron sight products he found in the marketplace. Nasef, a practicing psychotherapist in New Mexico and California, as well as a firearms enthusiast, noticed shooters struggling with sight picture alignment and the resulting frustration at missed targets. Nasef recognized that the human brain quickly acclimates to a vertically aligned pyramid sight picture over the existing traditional sight pictures and the Advantage Tactical Sight was born.

The ATS allows new and seasoned shooters to acquire target sight pictures almost immediately and increases accuracy at all distances. The ATS, with interchangeable color schemes, provides great visibility in low-light situations and maintains the same sight picture when backlit. The sight system enhances the ability to shoot with both eyes open and while moving. Approved by the USPSA and the IDPA, the ATS give competition shooters an edge by increasing their scores and decreasing their times. The Advantage Tactical Sight is compatible with most holsters and provides better visibility in extreme weather conditions. It is windage and elevation adjustable.

“The FNS and FNX pistol series are some of the finest polymer pistols right out of the box,” Richard Nasef, President of WrenTech Industries, LLC and inventor of the Advantage Tactical Sight, explained. “The fit is exceptional and the perceived recoil is minimal. They are a joy to shoot and made even more enjoyable with the addition of the Advantage Tactical Sights.”

The new Advantage Tactical Sights for the FNS and the FNX pistol series are available now at retailers across the country for an MSRP of $98.49. The ATS Firefly upgrade for the FNS and FNX pistol sights will be available soon.

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  1. never really thought about dudes who are red/green colorblind, and the plethora of red and green sights, red dots, etc.

    • I am, and can be a problem, believe me. I’d love to see TTAG publish something on electronic sights that work better for those of us who are color vision impaired.

    • I found out I was red green color blind when installing a fence. Utility locating services use red spray paint to mark electricity. Which is fine on every surface except grass!
      Anybody ever try JP enterprises double ghost ring pistol sights?

    • I’m seriously red/green colorblind too. It is VERY hard for me to find visable red dot sights.

  2. Is that top photo really an image of the sights? It looks like you opened it up in MS paint and colored in the lines. Time for some googling.

  3. Somehow I received an email intended for you RF. I ‘ve attached the text below :

    Mr. Farago
    I read your post on being “color blind ” and I am offended. I ‘ve dealt with this racism all my life. You playing me! As for this red, green stuff, are you trying to take my rainbow coalition over? It is mine and you can’t have it. Go find another way to make money.
    J. Jackson

  4. When you buy the sights, it comes with a bunch of color combos you can assemble. You choose what works for you.

    I love them, myself. Very easy on the eyes.

  5. Does anybody use these things in USPSA or IDPA? It seems most of the competition guys use plain black sights and maybe a fiber optic front. If this new “technology” conferred and advantage I would think the competition guys would be eager to adopt it.

  6. Nice sights, I use them on my glock 17. Takes a bit getting used to.

    Pros: They’re high enough to clear suppressors (Osprey 9). Once you get used to them they are very precise. Relatively fast. I like the colors it comes with.

    Cons: – No night sight options. I still like the traditional 3 dots more because getting the triangle and the slant (front and rear respectively) to line up just right is not as straightforward as 3 dots. On 3 dots I just make sure the tip of the front post and the tip of the rear post is on the same plane, but on this you either check to make sure you make a perfect pyramid or make sure there’s no spacing between the front triangle and the rear slants, which can be hard to see indoors. IMO precise elevation shots are harder on these.

    Also my rear inserts rattles just a touch, so I used some fletching glue to hold it in place.

  7. I have only seen these on a gun(A P226 at that) once and with my glasses that dog don’t hunt, wouldn’t get these if you are a glasses wearing type like me…

  8. reminds me of the smith and wesson asp sights, caracal was running sum thing similar to on there handguns

  9. Friendly reminder: people don’t use the sights on their guns in sudden close quarters combat. I’ll bet those sights are fantastic for carefully aimed shots though!

  10. Similar to the Steyr M9A1, S9A1, C9A1 series sights. I find these to be very quick and easy to use…and the pistols fit my hands perfectly.

  11. On a sorta-related note, you know that thing you’ve always heard about dogs seeing the world in black and white, not color? It’s not exactly true. Their color spectrum runs more like yellow to blue, but greens and reds are both about the same color of gray to them. That’s why, if you throw a red toy into green grass and tell them to go get it, they’ll look at you like you’re nuts. Try the same thing with a blue toy and they’ll be on that thing like a fat kid on cake.

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