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No matter how bored,
the four rules always apply
or tears may ensue.

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  1. Glock stuck in waistband
    Street lights out the hood heats up
    One rule survival

    I get it. This is a poetry retreat? Stand Your Ezra Pound?

  2. I DOESNT matter to me how many times it stated to intelligent people or not. Don’t ever believe your gun is safe merely because you dropped the magazine from the firearm. In most cases there is still. 1 Round left in the chamber that wil kill anyone just as well as the rounds in the lhe magazine. A Policeman of many years came into the range I used and was showing his fireaarm to the salesman and dropped the mag. And thankfully aimed his weapon in a safe direction and pulled they rigger to the astonishment of all 1 round exited the weapon and no one was hurt. I heard he was severely disciplined. This wa

    • My local police chief made news by having an ND at his home simply because he forgot to pop his chamber during takedown of his new duty weapon.

      For some reason sheeple assume LEO’s are above human error with firearms.

    • And that’s why I cary in condition 3. The chances of stupidity due to failing to check the chamber, far more dangerous than extra second to rack the slide.

      • Tell that to George Zimmerman. If he’d been carrying Condition 3,he’d probably be brain damaged or dead now.

  3. A note to the fellas running this site, ive gotten 4 viruses off this site causing me to have to reformat my phone and laptop. I only visit secure sites my business uses and has used for over 8 years without a problem. I know whos to blame, ive received anti gun pro Obama pop ups, with maig adds..just wanted to let someone on the board know whats bin happening to me. Please look into this for all of us PRO 2nd A people.

  4. Yes, the safety rules always apply. But every time I hear about laws that prohibit carry in certain places (government buildings, workplaces, etc.), I think about the danger of forcing people to remove their guns in their cars–in terms of the risk of accidental discharges, theft, and “person with a gun in a car” 911 calls.

  5. Once a man played with his gun
    Thought he was having some fun
    He sat in it’s path
    Then felt it’s whole wrath
    Now his leg is undone


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