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As fast as a speeding bullet, c TGT

I’m sad to say that this monstrosity comes from my adopted home state of Texas. This used to be a Maverick 88 pump action shotgun, until Superman vomited all over it. According to the current movie, that isn’t an S, it’s the Kryptonese symbol for hope. I can only hope I never see another firearm quite this hideous again. If you hurry, you can still own this eyesore (and possibly put it out of its misery) for the low, low price of $400. Which is about $200 more than it’s worth. Scratch that — $300 more than it’s worth. Yeesh. [h/t Reddit]

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      • You can all breathe easy. That Mauser got restored to its former glory by the new owner. That’s just the first photo he took when undertaking the project of scraping the fugly blue paint off. It’s also a non-matching parts bucket of a gun so nothing of true value was trashed.

    • Being Seinfeld is on the NRA Blacklist I doubt it. Even his love for Superman won’t allow him to ever own a firearm. Funny comment though.

      “You can’t cast dispersions on someone just because they’re wearing a cape. Superman wore a cape, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand here and let you say something bad about him”.

      Supposedly Seinfeld has a gun phobia, although I’m sure he deals with it just fine when he visits Israel and has a crew of Uzi armed bodyguards near him at all times.

  1. Due to new TTAG policies, the Wonder Woman version was deemed NSFW.

    I kind of like it. It’s not cool, but refreshingly different.

  2. I’m thinking, and call me closed minded, that if you really want a shotgun all dressed up like a comic book character you’re probably either too young or too immature to have a shotgun. It also just might be the first gun I’ve never seen that is so ugly I’d actually be ashamed of owning it. If one of these magically appeared in my safe I’d have to spend the whole day with sandpaper and stove paint trying to cover it’s Technicolor shame.

    • So I’m guessing you’re not interested in my Mighty Mouse-themed Grendel .380?

  3. I’m of the opinion that a gun should look like a gun, not a toy. That thing is hideous!

    • Agreed that it’s hideous, but my bigger concern is that it looks like a toy. I just think it’s really not a good practice to have functioning, real firearms that are painted to look like kids’ toys.

    • ow, i cannot unsee that picture in my mind – a guy in tights wielding that weapon. thanks.

  4. “it’s the Kryptonese symbol for hope.”

    But in American english it means: “I’ve got too much free time and a shotgun to waste”

    I know people like to “customize” there stuff, but can we please stop making them look like childrens toys? We purposely made childrens toy guns hi-visiblity colors so they wouldnt be confused with actual firearms.

    • Why would it matter, unless he leaves it lying around where a 4 year old could pick it up? And if you do that, isn’t any gun unsafe, regardless of what color it is? If it’s sitting in somebody’s safe, it can look like whatever they want.

  5. “it’s the Kryptonese symbol for hope.”

    It’s Kryptonian… Sorry, my inner geek couldn’t contain it.

    Even the inner geek didn’t like that shotgun though. Batman on the other hand…

  6. Yeah, I know a guy who’s into all things Superman, but he also has a 4 year old, so brightly colored dangerous stuff like this is right out.

  7. While I find it pretty horrific in appearance, I have to admit I made my daughter’s first bb gun Hello Kitty themed. Of course all the pecan wood used was left natural color and all images were burned in, so no superman vomit colors. Major difference is, that’s not a kid’s gun

  8. I thought nothing could out-wrong the Japanimé ARs in California. I was wrong.

    Ugh! Yuck! Bleah!

    • But won’t this guy feel dumb when a Kryptonite-wielding burglar breaks into his home…

  9. Am I the only person who actually wants a Hello Kitty AR purely because of the reactions it would get?

    • I can see that angle. Now that you bring it up, I would like to have one so I can watch people flounder when they want to brand it an evil, black, scary, military weapon of war. It would really force them to realize that appearance is meaningless.

    • It kinda scuttles the whole Gray Man theme I try for. Hello Kitty, Superman, they make loud and visually attracting statements.

  10. If a law abiding white adult citizen, in a vapid anti-gun city, were to use such a loudly-dressed gun in legitimate self-defense against a seventeen year old minority then the anti-gun prosecutors would be all over the shooter for wanting to be a super-hero and shooting without a need.

  11. Hey, has anyone ever shot a shotgun without the buttstock (pistol grip only)? I am wondering how much recoil they generate with average shot loads.

    I could almost like — or at least appreciate — the coloring scheme if they didn’t put the stupid “S” symbol on the receiver.

    • Many times. It’s got more recoil than a big handgun, but more weight to help control it. The feeling to your right hand wouldn’t be confused with comfortable, though.

    • And it’s next to impossible to aim past like 7 feet. I tried it for a while on my 590 till I realized it was functionally retarded.

    • 20 or 12 gauge: standard 7 1/2 birdshot (hand-thrown clay pigeons, just for fun with the boys) – bearable. 3″ buckshot or slugs (either gauge) – extreme pain.

    • I have a combination scar on the top of my thumb from pistol grip cruisers and my first bobbed hammer 1911.
      And while I never would want one and question the logic behind such a paintjob, they did a nice job and the color blocking fits it well.

      • Y’know, I have to agree with the color blocking part. For an ugly ass gun, they did a pretty good job of it. Major color blue, minor color red, yellow accents, just like the Super-suit.

    • Arthritis. I can shoot a shotgun with a full stock on it all day long with birdshot loads and a fair amount of heavier loads. But pistol grip only leaves me with a lot of pain and a hand that’s sore for a couple of days. I briefly considered a pistol grip only shotgun for my house gun and rejected the idea after a little experimentation.

      • That’s not a good pain.
        A scope cut after a shot has been made…makes me smile.
        I’ve got arthritis in my hands too. No more 454’s, no more pistol grip shotties, even my 44 mag is starting to hurt.

        • Rifles and shotguns with stocks don’t seem to phase it, yet. But heavy thumping handguns cause real pain. And of course number of shots has an effect too. I can still shoot a few of the magnums without much problem. But I had better concentrate on my grip and not shoot many.

    • Actually that’s a rather nicely done modern version of the 45 acp Delyle Carbine (SP?) from WW2, I’m betting the piece is in NZ where they are still popular

      • ahhhhh I forgot about the Delisle Carbine. I stand corrected, now it’s pretty cool.

  12. somewhere a gun control zealot is going apoplectic about designing a gun to look like a toy. the gun is ugly, but the notion that a gun control zealot’s head is exploding as I write this might be worth the $400 bucks. If that was used, say in a robbery, or in home defense, I expect it would produce mostly giggles.

    • I hate it because it looks like a toy not because I’m a gun control advocate, but because it means I have to treat toys like guns. Used to be that a gun looked like a gun… now if I see someone acting hinky with what MIGHT be a toy I might have to draw down on them. I don’t know any reasonable solution to it, but it sucks.

  13. Since y’all ain’t used to Overpriced Dallas Tacky – these will be $1500@ in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.

  14. And how is this different than Tacticool Timmy putting any and every accessory known to man on the end of his AR? Sure it doesn’t match your aesthetic taste, but whatever. Good on that guy for letting his freak flag fly!

  15. i think it should be illegal to make/buy guns that look like toys. i don’t even think the pink lcr grips should be allowed.
    the intimidation factor sure went out the window with that gun.
    man i sure do love Maverick 88’s though. great shotties, i would recommend them greatly.

    • Just bought one of the extended tube security models a couple of months ago for 199 plus fees and taxes. About 250 out the door for a brand new house gun that works well. If it winds up in an evidence locker I’m not out much.

      • thats a great deal. better than i found, but I’m still happy with it.
        you cant go wrong with a 7+1 pump.
        some people diss the 88’s and say they a junk but they are basically 500’s – $150ish. some parts are made in Mexico then shipped to TX to be assembled. thats where you save the $150 to go straight to ammo.

  16. Painting a real firearm like a toy is a good way to end up with a child’s death on your conscience….. though I doubt anyone capable of such an atrocity has much of a conscience.

  17. #1 Superman doesn’t need one.
    #2 It doesn’t work on Superman. (00Kriptonite maybe)
    So what gives.
    A Batman would be cooler but not much.
    Guns and comics, keep’em separate.

  18. There is a pump shotgun out there that is painted up in a scheme reminiscent of the WWII Fighters/Bombers ,…..OD Green top Sky Blue underside ,……nose art and other markings,……looked good……

  19. This could only be better if it was a Remington 870 SUPER MANgnum.


    I’m here all week.

  20. Comic book trivia:
    The S is actually not an S at all. It is a Krptonian symbol that stands for ‘The House of El’ which is the family where Superman (Kal-El) came from on Kryton.

    Hope my rear end.

    Yeah no good buying a weapon that looks like a toy, but to each his own.

    • The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. To put it in Game of Thrones terms, the ‘S’ is the sigil of the House of El, and the words of the house of El is ‘Hope’, just like the sigil of House Stark is a grey direwolf and their words are ‘Winter is coming’. House, sigil, and words are synonymous and nearly interchangeable.

  21. Potentially genius idea here. No one would believe its a real gun. Consider it open concealed carry.

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