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FN’s upping the features on their well-respected DMR and Tactical Carbine ARs. Here’s their press release:


(McLean, Va. – Dec. 05, 2016) FN America, LLC announces the release of the next evolution of modern sporting rifles bearing the FN 15™ name and featuring the newly-designed FN handguard with M-LOK technology. The FN 15 Series will take on a streamlined, family approach and will feature updated models like the FN 15 DMR II (below) and Tactical Carbine II (above) in both 5.56x45mm and .300 AAC Blackout.

“The updates made to the FN 15 series focus heavily on the handguard,” said John Keppeler, senior vice president of commercial and law enforcement sales. “We evaluated handguard options on the market and decided that the next evolution of this line would need to outperform our customers’ expectations in terms of fit and finish as well as accuracy. We are confident that these new rifles will do just that.”


The FN handguard, constructed of 6061 aluminum, precisely locks to the upper receiver, over top of the barrel and barrel nut, using wedge locks tightened clockwise and anti-rotation pin preventing movement between rail and receiver. Finishing off the installation are two screws to bottom out in the barrel nut groove. Combined, the handguard’s alignment mechanism provides extreme rigidity and less deflection, ensuring that all mounted accessories will remain affixed without any shift in zero, despite pressures that may be applied during firing.

The new rifles and carbines will begin shipping to FN distributors this month and are expected to be available at retail at the end of the year. Manufacturer’s suggested retail values are as follows – FN 15 DMR II, $1,999 ; FN 15 Tactical Carbine II, $1,599; FN 15 Tactical Carbine .300 BLK II, $1,599.

For more information and full product specifications on the new FN 15 carbines and rifles, or other FN products, please visit us online at or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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The World’s Most Battle-Proven Firearms.™ | FN America, LLC, is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal, S.A., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality, reliable firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia with manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina, FN America is passionately committed to providing its customers with a portfolio of products, training and support services under the FN brand name that enhance their performance and safeguard their lives. For more information, visit us at or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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      • Ah… Leave it to the Army to equip their “marksmen” with basically the same rifle issued to EVERY MARINE only a few years back. If you can’t tell, I’m one of the guys who thinks moving from the M16A4 to the M4 just so that we can now move to the M27 is fucking retarded. The A4s worked. The M4s are less effective in almost every respect.

        • > Ah… Leave it to the Army to equip their “marksmen” with basically the same rifle issued to EVERY MARINE only a few years back.

          “The United States Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDM-R) is a heavily modified M16-series semi-automatic rifle ”

          ” All rifles were equipped with a fixed A2 stock and a Knight’s Armament Company 2-stage match grade trigger capable of only semi-automatic fire. ”

          “Daniel Defense M4 Rail 12.0 handguard, with an octagonal aluminum collar locking it to the upper receiver. The handguard provides a free-floating Picatinny rail forend.”

          “The 1:7 twist, 20-inch (510 mm) barrel from the M16A2 and A4 were replaced with a stainless steel Douglas Barrels 1:8 twist, 20-inch barrel, with 12 flutes cut into the barrel to reduce weight”

          Was every Marine issued with a rifle with a match trigger, stainless steel heavy barrel, and a free-floated forend?

        • Given that they are only engaging to 500 meters as per their doctrine, does it really make a difference? As I said, the M16A4 was more than capable of accurate aimed fire out to 500 meters with the ACOG they had mounted on the thing. The long range portion of the qualification was where most Marines I know cleaned up on Table 1.

        • The last time I saw a gaggle of jarheads was at 29Palms. Dismount the funny boat things 1500m out so they could follow (on line) the M60s (tanks) in the “assault”. Tactically very impressive. Much what Cambrai must have looked like.

  1. I love the SCAR 17S. In fact I bought one three years ago. But this one? It’s fugly as hell. I can just buy an AR from any FFL for far less with $$$ for ammo to spare. What was FN thinking.

        • .2 mRad is ~.8 MOA. I’ve seen high end guns shoot that out of the box. This thing looks like it has all the right parts to do it, it’s just a matter of seeing if they were put together by drunken monkeys.

    • It’s actually not bad.

      18″ chrome lined and free floated barrel
      Full length M-LOK handguard
      Good muzzle brake
      Top shelf trigger

      The stock is meh, I would have gone with a PRS or UBR, but otherwise it’s 90% identical to my own SPR build. I went with a Tac-Con 241 trigger and a PRS, and paid ~$500 more.

  2. Disclaimer: Whiny crybaby alert… ignore at your leisure.

    Mannnnn… remember the good old days when you could buy a fully loaded BCM for $700 bucks, and it was so perfectly boss that all you had to do was slap a $150 EOtech 512 on it that you bought brand new from your friend because he could never figure out what it was for and why the salesman threw it in his awesome $2500 Stag 3 package with a commercial bcg and a $300 Slidefire loosey-goosey piece of plastic? Remember that?

    I do… I mean, I really would love another AR… but the most ridiculous problem in Human History always surfaces without fail: Anything even close to $700 is hardly worth $600, and any kit really nice like a Daniel or LMT et al is just not quite ever looking a thousand to thousands-plural so-much-better than my fantastic BCM because it cost me only $700. It’s killing me, slowly…

    What I need is… like, a really wealthy playboy gun fool with a horrible coke habit (for which all his lovely safe queens will soon be useless and/or illegal to own…), who is fast spiraling towards rock bottom and not-so-wealthy-anymore (which is good, because he’ll get help– I don’t lack compassion, just a nicer AR…), who needs a few extra bucks to get him through some tough, character-building times… aaaannnd because I’m a good friend, I will not get greedy and only take like, a couple rifles….

    Feel freeeee to contact me if you’re getting through that rough patch and your Noveske needs a home… $700 sound fair?

    PS– ya ya, build build… sometimes you just want other people to do the laundry because it smells nicer and gets folded the right way with however the magical method they did it….


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