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America has suffered yet another murder of a law enforcement professional. A corrections officer was assassinated in her car last night in Brooklyn. The photo above makes it pretty clear this was no random incident.  Someone wanted her very dead. Someone with some skills handling a handgun. Pix11 has the story:

FLATLANDS, Brooklyn — An off-duty city correction officer was fatally shot while sitting in her car in Brooklyn Sunday night.

The shooting happened around 9:15 p.m., near Avenue L and E. 73rd Street in the Flatlands section of the borough.

Alastasia Bryan, 25, was sitting in her car when a dark colored Honda pulled up and fired, police said.

Bryan was struck in the head and torso. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

It seems a safe bet that Mayor DeBlasio’s New York City doesn’t allow corrections officers to carry sidearms off duty. While it might not have made a difference, depending on the situation, it’s too bad she didn’t have a meaningful ability with which to fight back against her assassin. RIP Officer Bryan.

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  1. I doubt having a gun would have helped her. Random car pulling up and shooting into the window probably happened too fast for her to even draw a weapon, much less fire back.

      • From the look of the shots, I’d bet it was an ex-con who had a grudge or maybe a current con who got someone on the outside to do her.

        • Whelp…don’t be a dick to people even when you think they can’t do anything about it. And don’t take money to smuggle drugs into jail.

          I’ve heard enough anecdotes about prison guards and inmates to hope this was random. If it was planned, someone took some money then never delivered what was promised, or had a lot in common with Irma Grese.

          I’ve heard of inmates hating certain guards, but never heard of having one whacked just on the basis of mislike.

        • Inmates think every C.O. is a “dick”, especially those that do their jobs. They hate Correctional Officers because he or she is standing in their way of committing any and every criminal act without consequence, the same reason why they hate Police Officers. There is a saying in Corrections: ‘If the inmate dislikes you, that means you are doing your job’. Remember, there is a difference between like, and respect. And another thing…inmates are professional con-men (or women). Don’t let yourself be duped.

    • THIS – like, for real. Even if your gun is not on your hip, but on a holster on the passenger seat. Good luck w/ that OODA loop – attacker shot you dead before you could even finish the second O . . .

    • If she were deprived of the God given right to defend herself, her murderer probably knew it. If the perp even suspected that she might have a gun it might have helped her. So yeah having a gun might have helped her.

    • Just in the last 48 hours there have been two articles posted at photographyisnotacrime detailing violent crimes by corrections officers, one of them an attempted murder. One might assume that female COs aren’t likely violent criminals, but that assumption might be wrong, or she might have been a smuggler etc.

      She might have been targeted for doing her job (seems farfetched, my next door neighbor is a retired prison officer and nobody’s ever come after him, why would they?), for being involved in crimes against prisoners, for being a criminal who welched on a deal, or for driving what looks like a government/police car with a spotlight on the door. Is that really HER car, or is that an official car?

      • Or, she could have been targeted for any of the normal, private reasons a person gets murdered and it wouldn’t have had the slightest thing to do with her career choices. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions before ruling out the obvious everyday motives, maybe she has a husband/boyfriend/boyfriend’s wife who wanted her dead.

        But if she wasn’t personally targeted, then yes, I’d blame the Black Lives Matter types for thinking she was a cop.

        • Yep, it may not have been related to her being a prison guard. Or if she was in uniform, it could have been a random LEO attack. Or, maybe she was targeted specifically for her actions in prison. No way to know at this point.

      • Looks like an Infiniti Q50. Not a spotlight, a folded mirror (NYers have to do that to keep their mirrors being knocked off by drivers too close to parked cars).

      • Correctional Officers are attacked for doing their jobs all the time. Most of the time it happens in the jail itself, and not outside of it. And because of op-sec, many times it isn’t mentioned outside of the institution.

  2. Dear any citizens with a high risk of someone shooting them, drive a high clearance vehicle with armored inserts in the doors. It’s fairly inexpensive and will absolutely help save your life.
    In this instance, she didn’t stand much of a chance. I also would not qualify what appears to be a 12″+ spread at a few feet as “skilled with a handgun.”

    • You assume the window was the target. That is not a good shot grouping if that was the motive. The shooter was aiming at the person inside. The body likely slumped to the side when shot and the shooter followed up each shot aiming at the new position of the body.
      You can’t determine skill based on holes in a window.

      • It will help a whole lot if you are in a high clearance vehicle. That forces people to either shoot at an upward angle, dramatically reducing the available target that is visible, or forces them to get out of the vehicle to do the shooting. It also gives you much more protection if you lean over in the vehicle.

        • We have IIIA Kevlar in our Ford Explorer doors patrol vehicles and our old Crown Vic’s. The windows are stil automotive glass. The cost and weight are considerable to do a single custom job like on the old Infiniti I drive. The protective results for our patrol cars are mixed. We’re still having officers around the nation getting murdered with the same setup. Up armoring my Infiniti G37S door would be even more expensive and less effective. And that’s only one car.

          I’ve addressed the problem with an OWB Glock and situational awareness instead.

        • Accur81, cost for two large doors on a IIIA shield should be about $3k. Weight will be less than a passenger.

  3. Another George Soros-funded and inspired attack on police officers by BLM thugs and communists in the wake of Trump’s victory because these losers are brainwashed to think “Trump is racist”.

    • That many shots leads me to believe someone wanted *her* dead, no just a random shoot.

      Jilted lover? Did she refuse to look the other way on a smuggling ring at the jail?

  4. You all should be in the Olympics the way you jump here. Wait for facts and stop the disrespect.
    Understand this they don’t care who you are, it doesn’t matter if you are a high level operator guru for the alphabet or the security guard that’s on duty or the soccermom homeowner YOU are just whats standing between them and what they want or want to do.
    Stay safe, do what you can and be helpful and a good voice.

  5. Actually NYC Corrections Officers are Law Enforcement Officers with powers of arrest on and off duty. They can also carry an off duty gun in NYC and out of state under LEOSA.

    • YES they were authorized Off Duty Carry LONG before LEOSA came along. My Brother is a retired Captain of NY’s Boldest and just did some paperwork and qualified with it after that. Upon retirement, he had no issue getting a carry permit either. NOT sure how expensive it all was tho…..

      • Not expensive at all. It’s automatic. You apply, if you’re in the city you give em your “good guy letter”, they give you your permit stamped retired LEO.

  6. “It seems a safe bet that Mayor DeBlasio’s New York City doesn’t allow corrections officers to carry sidearms off duty.”

    NYC Corrections Officers have “Peace Officer” status and are specifically permitted by the Department of Corrections to carry their firearms while off-duty.

    This is not the case for all Peace Officers, some of whom are disarmed while off duty, but DOC officers can be armed.

    I expect that COs are armed because there are justifiable concerns that they could be targeted by ex-cons with a grudge.

  7. Seems the author is making a few assumptions. I can’t find anything that says if CO’s are prohibited from carrying off-duty in New York. Nothing in the article indicates if she was armed or not. Depending how the events unfolded (clearly an assumption on my part) she might not have had time to even clear her holster if she was carrying.

  8. Time will tell if we learn who and why….but as a corrections officer she crossed paths with some
    very nasty and often vindictive people on a daily basis. The number and types of motivations
    for this crime are almost endless. In addition this may have nothing to do with her job….she may
    have been involved in a three way affair or some other personal issue that led to this murder. And
    finally she may have been just another random killing…. a thrill killing, a gang initiation….who knows.

    It appears though as if she was ambushed….being armed makes little difference in such situations.
    The key to survival in this type of situation is awareness….keeping an eye on your surroundings so
    someone doesn’t have the opportunity to walk up and get the drop on you.

  9. NY CO’s, state, county and city are sworn LEOs and have broad arrest powers on and off duty. As such, they also can carry on their shield. I believe that most of the jails on Rikers have a policy that you need a year on the job before you can qualify with an off duty. So the article is both broadly wrong, and probably right in the particular case of this young woman. RIP CO.

  10. Just read that the car that the shooter was in sat and waited 1 hour in a spot next to her and as soon as she got in the car he rolled up to her. They also wrote that it looks like an inmate at Rikers took a hit out on her.

  11. Update. There was a video of the shooting captured… would have been no time for a DGU, as suspected. The killer walked up behind and fired the fatal shots before anyone could really react. An ex of the victim has been fingered for the killing.


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