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 FAB Defense TacticSkin Glock slide cover (courtesy

TTAG’s Old Fat White Guys will no doubt remember Thunderbirds. The supermarionation science fiction series featured, uh, marionettes. Puppets prone to saying “FAB!” when given their marching orders. Unlike OFWG, FAB didn’t stand for anything, really. How fab is that? I have no idea what the letters in Israel’s FAB Defense stand for but I like the cut of their jib. Their Gotcha Cap less-lethal self-defense tool is way cool. And these GLOCK TacticSkin slide covers? I want one! OK five: black, olive drab green, desert tan, red and yellow. (Black-on-black. How tacticool is that?) The distributor’s presser [after the jump] claims the improved front and rear serrations “enable easier, more secure cocking even while wearing gloves or with cold, wet or sweaty hands.” The skin “protects the shooter from barrel and slide heat, and reduces wear and tear on the slide surface.” It’s kinda like a condom for your GLOCK. There I said it. Can I still get some freebies? . . .

FAB Defense Introduces TacticSkin Slide Covers for Glocks<

FAB TacticSkin Slide Covers are highly-practical upgrades that customize GLOCK Handguns in unique ways, to enhance visibility and style, while also improving performance and versatility. They have improved front and rear serrations that enable easier, more secure cocking even while wearing gloves or with cold, wet or sweaty hands. In addition, TacticSkin protects the shooter from barrel and slide heat, and reduces wear and tear on the slide surface.

TacticSkin comes in black, flat dark earth and OD green, to provide a highly customized look to Glock pistols. It can even be custom painted without requiring a permanent alteration of the pistol, making it a fun accessory for casual and competition shooters.

TacticSkin can be used to identify pistols loaded with less-lethal or training munitions, or to identify friend or foe in force-on-force training.

TacticSkin is made of high-grade, non-slip polymer composite, and is quickly and easily installed and removed, without needing a gunsmith. With TacticSkin installed, Glock pistols will fit into readily available Glock soft textile or leather holsters, or 10mm/45 cal. Glock Kydex or polymer holsters. TacticSkin cannot be used with Glock “C” models.

TacticSkin and hundreds of other high-quality FAB DEFENSE weapon accessories are distributed in the USA by The Mako Group. See them all at, or ask for them at your favorite gun dealer.

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  1. Don’t need one, but for some reason I kind of want one. I guess anything just to tart up the ol’ 23 a little is somewhat tempting.

  2. I wish I could call this another “WTF” accessory…except I’ve tried to powerstroke a Gen 3 G17 ,and it reminded me of pulling on a wet bar of soap.I don’t know how the fairer sex manages that feat with the compact guns.

  3. I’m failing to see how this is an improvement on the serrations that I have on my Glock…other then making my slide more, ahem, girthy?

    • My father was a mechanic in the Navy for 23 years, and retired at age 48. His hands, ten years after that are feeling the full effect of arthritis. He cannot pinch and pull back the bolt on my Ruger MkIII pistol, and even my Kel-Tec PF-9 is difficult for him. (RUGER LCR is on its way for him!) I am wondering if an addon like this may assist his needs in any way.

      • That’s a fair cop. Just because I might not have a need for one doesn’t mean nobody possibly could. Funny how many of us forget that.

        Cue chirping crickets as my epiphany goes ignored by the internet at large.

        • P.S.

          Showed him a photo of it today. He said “That looks like a wanker’s way to look like he has a cooler gun than what it is. Might as well put some stickers or camo tape on the gun too.”

          AKA, he thinks it is for “pussies.”

  4. Until the anti-gunners engineer glock-aids and release it on the population I’m going to continue to ride bareback.

  5. At least its something to spice the gun up, all Glocks look the same, a greyish greenish or blackish rectangle without any detail. Like plain vanilla of the gun world. Good for Glock.

  6. This is one of the things for those ridiculously silly people who treat their carry guns as safe queens, having a full fledged mental breakdown if the weapon shows any sign of use. I however have a nice shinny edge of bare mettle on the front edge of my slide from sliding down a deadly 12ft sandstone cliff face. Climbing through those slot canyons was one hell of a great time and I have no regrets.

    • Im 29 and think this shit is retarded. Maybe it is my Keep it simple stupid approach to shit, from the military and contracting I did, but stuff like this is asinine. I carried a plain as day G19 Gen2 in Afghan as a backup, and the only “extra” thing it had on it were trijicon night sights. Thats it.

      This shit is dumb.

  7. If it adds any width to the slide, wouldn’t it make most gun specific holsters not fit any longer? If that’s the case, you’d be stuck with those Uncle Mike’s nylon holsters with the retention strap on top.

  8. Did they say black on black? Oh no, Elie Mystal will roll his fat ass over here and call everyone a racist. . .

  9. I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that I’m always working with my hands, but my callused meat hooks don’t have problems racking the slide on Glocks-the issue seems exaggerated.

  10. Is it just me, or is this thing like the mask Hannibal Lecter wore while being transported in Silence of the Lambs?

  11. What does a “Gotcha Cap” do? I see the pix at the link, it looks like a plastic thingy apparently carried in the bill of a cap. Is ti some kind of hand-held mini-bat’leth or something?

    • My question, too, Grise. I have an idea, but there’s nothing on the site that shows how it can be worn or deployed. Is FAB trying to SELL stuff or just show it?

  12. I have a few problems with this. First, adding the thickness of the cover to the sides of the slide will make the slide release even harder to actuate than it already is. Second, adding mass to the slide will increase it’s inertia, which cannot have good consequences for reliable. Finally, the cover makes your Glock brand Glock look like a Kel-Tec brand Glock.

  13. Mako makes some nice stuff particularly in the ar15 accessories area, but I see no reason for a glock slide skin.
    “Improves performance”. LOL No they don’t, they are all about the bling look, like 75% of everything else out there for firearms accessories.
    Do any of you who buy stuff like this even shoot your glocks?

  14. If you REALLY want to see a reaction try making one for a 1911…. Heads would explode and the intrawebz would be ablaze in minutes.

    As for me… meh, to each his own.

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