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Don’t want to mess with a spotting scope and trying to figure out where that last round hit? Bullseye Camera Systems is now out with a new, more affordable version of their downrange target viewing system. Housed in what looks like an ammo can, the AmmoCam can be placed as far downrange as far as 300 yards. It then beams images of your target back to your smart phone while highlighting your last hit on the screen. Press release after the jump . . .

Eugene, OR–Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC, makers of the first-ever software-supported, wireless target camera system to show your last shot flashing is announcing a brand new product, the Bullseye AmmoCam™ Sight-In Edition, with an MSRP of only $349.

The Bullseye AmmoCam™ Sight-In Edition is a fully self-contained unit that weighs only 5 lbs. and is the perfect solution to those shooting and sighting in at 300 yards or less.  Simply set the unit down range, flip the switch on and start shooting.  The system is weather resistant, has a 12+ hour battery life and supports iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Windows-based laptops.  It also allows multiple users to connect to the system to track shooting progress.

“Here at Bullseye Camera Systems we’ve been working diligently for a year to create a product that was innovative, convenient, and affordable and that’s exactly what we offer with the Bullseye AmmoCam™.  But we didn’t stop there, stay tuned for our next product in the AmmoCam™ line, to be announced Friday, November 7th, 2014,” shared Nick Skrepetos, founder of Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC.

The Bullseye AmmoCam™ Sight-In Edition is available to ship December 1, 2014.  Order now and receive free shipping.

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    • LOL. Apparently I’m going to be testing out one of these units in the near future. Hopefully I don’t hit the camera hahaha. Not gonna lie, I’ve shot my chronograph before. Yep. It isn’t that hard to do when your scope is a decent amount higher than the bore and you forget that convenient fact when you’re 10 feet from the chrony 🙁 …that felt pretty stupid.

      I’d like to see this ship with a piece of AR500 steel that connects to the tripod and protects the camera. No, seriously 🙂

      Edit: by “shot my chronograph” I mean “shot my previous chronograph.” It wasn’t… you know… salvageable.

      • A full review on the lomg range system is forthcoming. It’s in the testing and evaluation stage now.

      • There old system can be used a mile away with the add on antenna. If you are talking about the ammo can at one mile that they have listed on their website, I do have a couple problems with it. The older system has a camera on a tripod so you can adjust- the ammo can you will have to move earth to get it to sit how you want. The older system you can put the camera out in front and the rest of it behind your backstop-the new one it all sits out front in a nice condensed package, so if you hit you destroy everything. The 300 yard ammo can is not a bad idea but for a little more you can get out to 500 or 1000. The mile long ammo can doesn’t sound too good to me.

        • David – the Bullseye AmmoCam has a small stand that allows you to easily position it downrange. The Bullseye AmmoCam Long Range Edition also features a powerful point to point wireless system that is very terrain friendly. We offer both types of systems, the small and compact and the tripod version which is modular and expandable – we have customers shooting out over 3000 yards with our products. As each shooter has different needs, we have products to fill the majority of those needs. 🙂

        • Interesting. Might have to look at this. Normally we just shoot milk jugs or steel plates. An actual target would be a treat.

  1. Not as compact, they also have 500 yard and 1000 yard systems. If your LEO/military, they have a discount program too. I’m currently saving up for the 500 yard system. If you think you or a buddy may shoot the components they have a 2 year protection plan. After 2 years your SOL thou.

  2. I think I will spend the extra $200 and get the 1000 yard. Talked to them at the last nra show and they seem to be pretty good, lots of updates.

  3. Yeah, I can see the hits at 300 yards through my scope, and often at 400. Need the 1000 yard unit.

  4. Two iphones with facetime can do this too for free and work till the next county.
    Add a ar 500 steel plate for protection.

    • Two iPhones and FaceTime don’t have software to show you the last shot flashing 🙂 So after you shoot 10+ times you won’t be able to spot where your hits are like you can with our system. 🙂

      • And that really makes it worth the ridiculous price tag.

        A target and a few pennies at your bench solves this problem.

        • @Joe – it sounds like this type of product isn’t for you. We have thousands of units in use worldwide and they see the advantage of this type of product. It adds a layer of efficiency and reliability that you can’t get without a hardware/software combination like the Bullseye Camera System line of products. Happy Shooting!

  5. I don’t know what system they were using at the Texas Int’l Firearms Festival, but they had a live feed on the 1,000 yard range to an ipad, might have been one of these camera systems. It was pretty sweet…

  6. It had better have “NOT A TARGET-DO NOT SHOOT” printed reeeeeally big on the back of that can. Otherwise it’s not a question of if, but rather when, some dumba$$ is gonna light that thing up and leave you with a $350 pile of parts too big to use as a paperweight. Other than that minor detail, it looks really cool and I’d love to have one.

    • We do have our $29.95 2-year downrange protection plan that covers the system even if someone else shoots it – in reality it doesn’t happen often – we have had these out for over 2 1/2 years and our users have not had issues with units getting hit. Of course is can happen, and will happen, but the risk is not as great as you might think.

      • Seems reasonable, is it a non-renewable 2 year plan or could a buyer “re-up” the coverage after the 2 years expire? Also, major props for coming here and responding to our comments/questions so professionally. Thank you.

        EDIT: just saw Sergio’s comment about the 2 year plan being the end of the line, is that the case?

        • @LongBeach – you can “re-up” the warranty every 2 years, or buy multiple warranties at once i.e. 4 year coverage. We want users out there enjoying the product and not worrying about their “buddy” shooting the camera/system. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves in after the sale service.

  7. seems like a pretty solid unit, I like the fact that it’s in a ammo can, you you dont look like some nerd setting up a camera.
    I would have to get the long range version since 300 yards & under I can see with my scope & splatter targets.
    I don’t get why the price different is so much higher, I’m sure it has the same software, same camera, same battery, & same case, the only difference would be a better router.

    • Derek – it’s not the same battery, nor the same router/booster and it comes with a base station receiver as it’s a point to point wireless system, so it’s essentially double the “hardware”.

  8. I have a question for anyone who has used a bullseye camera system, I understand that It shows you where your last shot was…for papper targets, but what if your shooting steel? Will it show you where you rang the steel, or not register the hit?

    • Derek – it will show you exactly where you hit the steel. You will see the splatter and the shiny spot, so you clearly can see where you hit each and every time. With steel, if it’s swinging steel, then you want to let it come to a rest before having the software show the shot so it can track the shot. We recommend that the steel be non-swinging so you can immediately see the shot. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

  9. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if it would be easy to camouflage the unit, and set it up on a prairie dog town? Would be pretty cool to really see red mist at 500+ yards.

    • @RT – we have customers all over the world using our systems for just that sort of thing. We have a customer that uses them for Leopard hunts to watch the bait from inside the blind. The AmmoCam makes a great portable viewing and security solution! It’s definitely as multi-use product.

  10. I’m saving for the 500 yards one. This release might change my plans. I have a crappy spotting scope that out to 200 yards doesn’t allow you to see the hits on black. Instead of paying a couple of hundreds for a good spotting scope i can put the money towards this. Also it is nice because you can save the shooting session and later analyze it. Yeah, I want that. It will be really nice if they will have a lower price :). for the children! 🙂

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