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Holland and Holland Range Rover (courtesy

The other day I railed against co-branding. That’s because of a simple rule: the tighter a brand’s focus the stronger the brand. Branding is a form of mental shorthand that allows people to make easy choices. For example, Range Rover = luxury off-roaders. Not sports cars or urban runabouts. Holland & Holland = high-end shotguns. Not rifles or handguns. Holland & Holland has no more business making off-road vehicles than Range Rover has making high-end shotguns. And yet, as Edna Mode said to Bob Parr in The Incredibles, here we are . . .

Holand & Holland Range Rover (courtesy

Crafted by the Special Vehicle Operations division, the new package is based on the Range Rover Autobiography Black. It can be recognized from a distance, thanks to its Holland & Holland Green paint on the bodywork, grille and mirrors.

Holland & Holland door pull (courtesy

The interior has been extensively upgraded with Land Rover’s Executive Class seating package with two fully-adjustable rear seats. A redesigned center console features electrically deployable walnut tables and custom lighting.

Naturally, the SUV has been outfitted with soft leather hides in tan and expresso tones and Holland & Holland embroidery, with leather extending even to the transmission tunnel.

As expected, the cargo area has been outfitted with a gun cabinet with an Alcantara interior specially fit for two guns. reveals that this is Range Rover’s most expensive ever vehicle, clocking-in at a staggering $287k. They also point out that it’s “around the same price as two Holland & Holland ‘Royal Deluxe’ 12-gauge over/under shotguns.” Which would be a far better purchase on all sorts of levels, IMHO.

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  1. Holland and Holland is now owned by the same company that owns Chanel perfumes.

    H&H is now a “lifestyle” company that happens to make shotguns as one of their branding and bling diversions for rich poseurs.

    This is what happens when gun companies sell out.

    • H & H has always been a “lifestyle” brand. Nobody ever bought an H&H because they simply wanted a good shooting field gun. They buy them for the status, and as an investment.

      I don’t always go upland bird hunting, but when I do I shoot Holland and Holland.

    • While I like the .375 H&H, I can think of a whole lot of other high end manufacturers that are red-blooded Anerican like Wilson Combat, Dan Wesson, POF Armory, etc.

    • Irony of two jewish guys owning Chanel (She slept with Nazi’s to get her company back). But it’s a luxury good, so it makes sense a luxury company owns Holland and Holland.

  2. Well of course it’s ridiculous for “normal” folks Robert,

    I think their market are those who also buy Bugatti Veyrons and the like.

    It is so “exclusive” that they will just “have to have one”, to drive folks out to their quail field, and to them, for that, it is a bargain! 😀

    Same as those shotguns, it’s all for the show!

    – Thomas

  3. So, $287k is “around the same price as two Holland & Holland ‘Royal Deluxe’ 12-gauge over/under shotguns”? There are so many other quality firearms I would rather buy with that kind of coin.

  4. Geez,
    I have read many times here (not hear) that we shouldn’t put pro gun stickers on our cars. Don’t give away your secrets, right?
    Well, follow this guy home because probably he has some nice guns at home.

    • If he can afford $300,000 for a luxury suv, chances are he’s also got a pretty kickass home security system. Probably armed guards too. You ain’t breaking into his house.

      • Yes, yes you are. The stuff on his coffee table is worth it, heck, even the ornaments on the fence are worth something.

        I have been around that kind of people for a while, I know that they ain’t got too much brains in regards to security and of course they blindly believe in their security systems (most can be bypassed/avoided).

        That, and never taunt thieves. Just don’t, there was a case where a guy had some fancy new car with an even fancier security system. He bragged and had his car stolen in spite of the securty systems. Thieves used a smoke grenade IIRC to unlock the car since that triggered some failsafe or something.

  5. Can’t speak for H&H shotguns. Never used one. But in my experience Rovers are over priced shop queens. Maybe the old african explorer models from the day were good. But not this modern crap.

    • They are only overpriced in the US. You can pick up “Defenders” all day long in the UK starting at a couple of grand. And most places you really use them (Africa,say) the Toyotas actually cost more.

        • Speaking of wearing out, in the latest Consumers Report magazine, Fiat was the worst car, as far as reliability goes. By the way, Fiat stands for, “Fix It Again Tony”, now you know why.

  6. Naturally, the SUV has been outfitted with soft leather hides in tan and expresso tones and Holland & Holland embroidery, with leather extending even to the transmission tunnel.


  7. Robert Farago has no business telling H&H that they have no business making vehicles. Also, this is awesome and all of you would feel super cool driving that around.

  8. Branding? blah blah blah. Same same as “messaging”, “crafting” euphemisms for all talk no performance. See also all sizzle no steak. Obama/progressive demtard party vs leadership.

  9. will cash be alright?
    i’d like an ithaca branded rubicon.
    land cruisers are neat.
    growing up was a blur of 302 four bolt main broncos, small block blazers, la block ramchargers and the occasional scout. i still have a cj7, sturdy six. it has a plano gun case.
    what i like about the old four cylinder land rover is that you can adjust the valve lash cold or hot. weird.

  10. Hey, if the shotguns are included, hand me the keys and I’ll happily park it in my driveway. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the price for the guns–a very high end Blazer will cost at least half that much. H&H is handcrafted, and the engraving on each piece is unique to the buyer. Look at the wood–the blanks alone cost thousands. This level of craftsmanship individually tailored to the purchaser–you actually go in for a fitting, like buying a suit– and not in any manner mass produced comes at a cost.

    • You can get proper craftmanship and pride without taking out a mortgage. Never understood the appeal of H&H, they always gave me that snobby “we are better than you” elitist vibe.

        • They might be better off than me but they aren’t better people than me. Sure, I have done some bad things I don’t like talking about but I also have done a lot of good things.

          Besides, if you are better than someone then you don’t go being condenscending or just rubbing it in how better you are.

    • I learned one day that the Duke of Westminster’s favorite gun, bar none, is a 12 gauge SxS Churchill that he purchased as a young man. He had the barrels cut to 20 inches. He still uses it, despite the regulations, but then he’s him. Not fully bespoke (though not cheap….).

      Shoot what you like. Extremely high-end London best guns are really, I think, for arrivistes. CEO’s. Actors. If you have an extra 100K and don’t like the market at current multiples, buy more land. If you are somebody, you don’t need a fancy gun to announce it. If you aren’t somebody, a fancy gun isn’t going to help.

  11. H&H presents itself as a romantic brand, summoning up old-timey images of Robert Ruark, Harry Selby (who mostly used his famous .416 Rigby), safaris on the Veldt and big game hunts with Frederick Selous. But it’s the old H&H rifles and shotguns that attract me, not the new. A nice old one can be yours for maybe $100 grand, which is too grand for me. But hey, dreams are free.

  12. Well, kinda makes me start wondering what vehicle manufacturer some of our domestic (USA) weapon manufacturer’s would partner up with…

    Barrett and … ?

    (Dillon Aero is too easy. And already spoken for)

    of course, there would always be the partners on the other end of the spectrum: Remington and Yugo, perhaps?

    This could be a fun exercise.

    • For your information the Yugo is a pretty decent car (though I do plan on driving an Audi or BMW). Don’t compare it to the horrible brand that Remington has become.

      • I was just posting what Consumers Report said in their test of that vehicle. One thing I remember about all the stuff they found on the car, was that the parking brake fell off onto the floor when they tried to apply it. Have you seen the Yugo jokes on the web?

        • Yeah but Consumer Report is just filthy capitalist propaganda. Besides, all the jokes are from people that are jealous. I see a guy fixing their Ford, BMW, whatever, I haven’t seen a guy have to fix their Yugo.

          Sure, like Ladas they are a bit gas guzzling but they work.

        • Fords are made to fix: F-O-R-D Fix or repair daily, or, found on the road dead.
          I’m guessing the Beamer guys will say they are “adjusting”, or “tuning” their cars, not fixing them??
          Don’t know why you have such a negative view of Consumers Report, I really like their annual “car” issue, where they show all the detailed workings of cars and their reliability. There are some cars that repeatedly show most all red (good) like Toyota, Honda, Lexus, etc, and black, Jeep, Dodge, etc.
          I find the magazine very informative.
          I still say the Yugo would be the last car I would choose for going on a long trip.

  13. Hey Robert. You should know that “Land Rover” is the company in question that “makes” things, not “Range Rover”–which is a model. This would be like saying “Carerra” has no business making SUVs. And I’m not talking about the sunglasses company.

  14. I hate to say it, but this is a great idea. Just replace H&H with Wilson Combat and the Garage Queen/Land Rover with an F-150 Raptor. Of course, you’d have to include room for 5 1911s and 5 ARs.

  15. How many Land Rovers have you guys calling them “garage queens” actually owned?
    How about Mr. “Its a glorified Ford”? How many have you owned?
    I’ll just guess zero.

    H&H has been “co-branding” a Range Rover since back in the 70s.
    You know, since before an SUV was even heard of in the United States.
    The H&H editions have always been bespoke. The Westminster editions are similar.

    Here’s a crazy idea… Don’t buy it if you don’t like it.


    I own both a Range Rover and a Land Rover. Perfect vehicles for carrying my precious arsenal…er cargo. In all seriousness, they are expensive vehicles albeit with many qualities that I haven’t been able to find so combined from any other manufacturer. From their extremely capable off road ability to the uniquely majestic seating position. Don’t test drive one or you’ll be hooked.

    Check out the website above to see how to carry your gear in truly crafted fashion. Beats the pants off the Holland & Holland model.

  17. Range Rover is not equal to off road anything. Luxury or otherwise. It is not made for off road. It is possible to modify one for off road. But for a lot less money, if one is actually going to go off road, a 4 door wrangler is a better place to start.
    The $37K 4 Door Wrangler I spent after mods was far more capable than a $130K Range Rover. Turned a lot more heads than any Range Rover ever did too.
    Give the UK’s extremely strict gun laws, isn’t this vehicle illegal in the UK?


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