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ShotGlass for TrackinPoint

Back in the day (in Internet terms) TrackingPoint messed around with Google Glass, linking the “Don’t Be Evil” company’s wearable computer glasses with their precision-guided firearm. [Click here to watch the YouTube video.] That didn’t work out, in specific. In general, what are you kidding me? A fire-and-forget weapon that a sniper or his unit commander or the President of the United States could trigger remotely? Oops sorry. No. That would be wrong. Someone still needs to pull the trigger, right? Anyway, TrackingPoint’s teamed up with Recon Instruments to git ‘er done. And they done did it . . .

As the press release below indicates, the ShotGlass app on Recon’s glasses (price not listed yet) costs about a grand. So the whole package will cost you a pretty penny. But ‘cmon. You know you want one. Well someone does; TrackingPoint’s sold out of guns ‘n stuff ’til Q2 2015.

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas and VANCOUVER (November 11, 2014)—TrackingPoint™ and Recon Instruments today announced the two have forged a strategic partnership to produce the world’s first wearable heads-up display technology for hunting and shooting sports. TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass™ app on the Recon Jet™ smartglass combines the world’s most advanced wearable computer for sports and high-intensity environments with the world’s most precise, long-range shooting system.

“The new ShotGlass™ app on the Recon Jet wearable allows our customers to make shots beyond belief: around corners, over barriers, from complete cover,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. “Our partnership with Recon gives our customers access to the most advanced wearable heads-up display platform in existence, the Recon Jet, to enhance the Precision-Guided Firearm hunting and shooting experience.”

ShotGlass image of TrackingPoint rifle scope

The Jet runs on the Android operating system and connects wirelessly to the on-board Precision-Guided Firearm heads-up display to enable a dual vantage point shooting experience. Shooters can engage targets up to 3/4 of a mile with the TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm from a concealed location with only the trigger hand exposed. Hunting guides and sniper spotters can gain a second set of eyes on the target, to provide input and gain a broader field of view to assist the shooter. The ShotGlass™ application automatically records high-definition video of every hunt and every shot,enabling shooters to share the footage with friends and family, or for training purposes.

“Recon is pleased to welcome TrackingPoint to our growing family of app and commercial partners,” said Recon’s CEO, Dan Eisenhardt. “This is a great example of how quickly our Jet SDK (software developer kit) and open computing platform can be leveraged by partners to create amazing experiences for new markets.”

Through the partnership, both companies will cooperatively market the technology to showcase this unprecedented shooting experience to a wider audience. The ShotGlass™ app on the Recon Jet is available for pre-order now for $995 with delivery in April.

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  1. The geek in me loves it, the shooter in me wishes to afford it, the IT pro in me worries about sys-security and the skeptic is concerned that the more automation, computers and electronics get introduced to the firearms arena, the more avenues of attack the antis have.

    Regardless, tracking point is making some very cool stuff.

    • I just think about how if a gun ever has both an electronic trigger and wifi connectivity, we finally will have accurate reports of guns going off by themselves.

  2. This is it, chummer. Gotta get this, and your bioware reflex implant.

    I expect that there will be a rail-mount imager, maybe with dual .1W IR lasers, and a (snicker) smartjack by Q4 2015.

  3. Picking a nits — heads-up display when it’s glasses for one? I suppose someone could be looking at the shooter’s face to see the other side backwards, but wouldn’t that be a headdaehup display?

  4. Honestly, I’d rather see a rail-mount camera that you can sight in like a scope and that send live video to an eyepiece or display that you wear however.

    Keep all the proprietary ballistics-computing nonsense. Just give me a crosshair and a way to sight it in.

  5. Pretty cool, just don’t forget the basics. Your equipment is only good until it fails. Hence why Marines at least still obsess about old fashioned map and compass. Still, I gotta love technology at times.

  6. I find it interesting that people of the gun freak out over having electronics not allow us to fire our weapon but they are giggling like little school girls about this. You do understand there is not a whole lot of difference between the two. Once this becomes cheaper and more mainstream it is a tiny step to what we dont want.

    • There is a fundamental difference. Tech like this allows most people to shoot accurately at greater distances. Smart gun tech is specifically designed to not work / not shoot unless “authorized” by an electronic signal.

      As far as I know, tracking point guns will still shoot manually if the batteries die or the signal is jammed. Smart Guns will not.

    • Yeah, except, if the Smart Scope fails, I can just take it off and go back to Iron sights. A smart gun fails, and I have a crappy club.

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