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For Californians enjoying the Golden State’s fine weather, fine women, and high taxes, the November, 2016 elections brought further complications to modern sporting rifle ownership. This year, CompMag has come up with a novel way to live within them…

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You see, if one wants to own an MSR in California with “evil features” like a pistol grip, telescoping stock, flash hider, etc., it has to have a “fixed magazine.” To qualify as “fixed,” it must not be removable without disassembly of the action. So the AR-15 CompMag gets bolted into your lower receiver.

But it allows a reload from the side. On the right side, pull the loader lever down and lock it into the notch. On the left side, feed 10 rounds through the loading door.

You know, I mean, it beats breaking open the action and loading from the top, right?

Pop the loading lever thing out of the notch and the rounds are pushed up into the action. On the right side (see the second photo), the loading lever also acts as a round counter.

Though counting to 10 is a lot easier than to 30, or so I’ve been told. I have to take my socks off to get to 20. Pants off for 21.

The AR-15 CompMag will run you $64.99. Which I guess is fine, since you literally bolt it into your darn gun and don’t exactly need a whole collection of ’em.

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    • I hate that they have to do it too but dang they can pump out the ways to make CA politicians look like morons.

    • Hopefully we can also use this to make sure that Connecticut politicians are fully revealed as the total morons that they are.

  1. Ahhhh ha ha ha. I love it when California get’s thwarted. Next stop, a 10 round en bloc clip that you shove into the bottom of an AR. Please, make it go PING!

    Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

    • The truly sad thing is that in the wake of the Parkland shooting our moral betters in Sacramento are introducing 10 more laws. Among them is yet another bill that seeks to redefine (again) an assault weapon. So whether you bought one of those paddle grips or a Thordsen grip, you’re going to be screwed. Which means they are trying to squeeze not only evil Ayahrs and Aykays out of the market. They will likely go after Mini 14 and M 1As and your M1 Carbines and any semiauto rifle.
      Coming to your state soon……

      • I really, honestly, think that every gun owner in California ought to get a 50% discount from the CMP on an M1 Garand. I would like to see every freedom loving Californian owning the “greatest battle implement ever devised”.

      • Only ‘coming to your state soon’ because of all the economic and political refugees streaming out of that place. I suspect that before much longer, that government will impose heavy punitive exit-taxes in the mold of South Africa against Afrikaners, and the outflow of well-intentioned goody-goodys will slow, and the pro-gun forces remaining will be an insignificant joke we can finally move past. At least until the society there collapses completely and something new comes along (probably like a decade).

      • I never understood why anyone would bother with a AR in California. If I was limited to 10 rounds, I would want the biggest 10 rounds I could get, thus, the M1 and M1a. But then the cops are a like more likely to encounter a “real” rifle and when they do I bet they wish that that Sacramento only had restricted the magazines and not stupid things like pistol grips.

        • The only reason the the M1a or the Mini-14 are CA legal is that they are “featureless”. AR’s can be and are built featureless – which is how I dealt with CA’s crazy laws when I lived there.

        • Mini-14, why bother? If all I get are 10 rounds, they are going to be the biggest 10 rounds I can get. And why should I care about a pistol grip? The only point to a pistol grip on a AR is the action really doesn’t lend itself to a traditional stock.

  2. “Pants off for 21.” – Haha. Funny.

    But then I remembered the Californians’ 2A rights being slowly chipped away. Now I’m sad again.

    A few others cracked some jokes. I’ve done the same. Saying ‘Commiefornia’ and the like. There are certainly some whack jobs out there. But there have to also be people like me saying, “Crap. I didn’t vote for this. I’m not crazy. I just live here.”

    What can we do for those poor souls? I feel like reading about their 2A hardships over the years is like a scene in a movie where the main character reaches out his hand to save someone who’s falling. Then they fall, with a blank look, and we’re like, “Noooooooooooo!” But we keep screaming “Noooo!” for years on end.

    But it’s not a movie. These are fellow Americans, a mixed bag of crazy and not crazy. What can we do?

    • Well, if they want to actually help, as opposed to complain (unlikely, I know, as complaining is the Californian past time regardless of political affiliation) they would move out of that dying state, denying it their taxes, commerce, productivity, progeny, and federal apportionment, and direct all those valuable limited resources into a pro-gun state to boost its effective representation and bolster it against the influx of opposite-minded parasites fleeing their dying host. SCOTUS and direct federal action will ultimately be required to save California, regardless; I should think that much is obvious, so spreading out the fraction of pro-gun Kalis left among the many more pro-gun states will result in a net increase of pro-gun electoral and Senate votes; the two things actually needed for a long-term shift of SCOTUS toward the cause of freedom. It also makes an Article V constitutional convention far, far more likely to be profitable for us (and impossible to be ‘carried away’ by tyrannical opposition)

      Sorry guys, but that’s your only legal road to freedom, and I think we all know full well by now, if we’re being honest, that you guys will never fight back to regain your freedoms by force of arms (not that that isn’t *probably* still a good thing)

  3. So what’s the over-under for Californians (or New Yawkers) flat-out banning semi-auto firearms in their states? It sounds idiotic in light of Heller, and it is, but both locations are very rapidly approaching that conclusion.

    I’m thinking two years, in time for the 2020 elections. I know for a fact that the over-under for SCOTUS striking down such a law will be considerably higher, so you ban-staters should really start preparing for the day your semi-auto *anythings* are banned (without grandfathering)

    • Right now it appears that they are only going after all semiauto rifles and all semiauto pistols that do not load through the grip. This is the same bill that was introduced last year but failed to advance. Apparently someone has enough sense to recognize that banning all semiauto pistols, including all Glocks and 1911s, is a nonstarter, even in the Ninth Circus. Not saying that they don’t want to, mind you….

  4. This is a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. I like it. I know back in the day there were experimental designs with Krag-Jorgensen rifles and their unique magazines to get them to use stripper clips. Adapting that to this would be pretty neat and save time on the reloads.

  5. At the Democratic convention in Cali a few days ago, they turned Feinstein down, and went with a more “progressive” candidate. If you’re still living in Cali (I moved 5 years ago) and you aren’t packing to move right now, don’t complain. You’ve had plenty of warnings.

    • Actually neither of the two leading candidates got enough votes to earn party backing. The top vote getter is the infamous State Senator Kevin “Ghost Gunner” DeLeon, who decided that Gavin Newsome had too big a lead in the run for Governor to be overcome. Feinstein was second, but pretty far behind. Not only (other than her anti-gun stance) is she pretty moderate for a Democrat, she is 84. Unfortunately for DeLeon, she has a $10 million war chest without party backing, but he has less than a million.

      • What? She’s no moderate. Not even close. She’s just soft spoken like Harry Reid. But still a dyed in the wool rabid leftist…

  6. What if there was a detachable magazine that attaches to that fixed magazine? As long as the fixed mag holds ammunition, it is a mag. Does the law specify that no mags can accept other, detachable, mags? The firearm, without mag, would still not be accepting the detachable mag, so…

  7. I understand the accuracy argument, but it might not be a bad idea if AR owners in Cali also own a lever action rifle for faster reloading and better short to medium range power.

  8. fantastic!

    now theres a way for somebody whos going to shoot up a school or church or shopping mall to do so in a way that saves him from violating the “california detachable magazine ban” law

    now he will get even LESS jail time

    great…thats just great…

    wait…somebody whos going to shoot up a school or church or shopping mall isnt likely to consider the consequences of violating the “california detachable magazine law” and will probably just use a banned rifle with a banned magazine in the first place you say?

    so whys the law there in the first place

    because california

    and dumbasses

    and politicians

    but i repeat myself…

  9. Other loaders are from Mean Arms and Bear Flag Defense. These two alternatives are separate units that feed 10 rounds of 5.56X45 or .223 Remington into a standard AR magazine that is already locked into the lower receiver through the ejection port. I found the Bear Flag Defense loader fed a shortened 10 round AR magazine more reliably than the Mean Arms unit. {It would feed a 20 round magazine reliably, but those shortened to 10 round maximum capacity would often fail to feed the 10th round reliably. 9 rounds or less no problem. The Bear Flag product fed all 10 rounds into the shorter magazine every time. YMMV}

    There may be other units out there I have not seen, but that’s my experience with these two. There is an advantage to these types of devices, if you have several. They cost $35 per unit Bear Flag and $45 per unit Mean Arms. Bear Flag offers a discount on multiple packs of 5 @ $32 each.

  10. The sad irony about all of this is that illegal aliens kill, rape, pillage, and plunger, more than the evil AR-15. However, the morons in California have no problem violating Federal Law to shield their precious illegals. (8 USC 1324, and 8 USC 1373) I don’t think we are too far from seeing Commiefornia go completely off the deep end, and refuse to be recognized as one of the United States.

    I know a lot of this talk is taken in jest, but I just finished reading a book about the history of the KGB. Sadly, they mention Jerry Brown as having ties to the Communist Party, and associates of the KGB. The book didn’t go into detail, but reading this book, was really frightening. It highlighted how the Soviets, and the KGB have been trying to undermine our society for years. I fear that much of the anti-gun, anti-American sentiment is being stoked by foreign powers, just as before.

  11. It is funny. No matter how much these tyrants try to restrict the 2nd amendment, free men always find a way. With 3D printing maturing at a rapid pace and becoming more available, I cannot see how they will ever be successful at disarming us. Well, unless of course, they go after our other rights, but how preposterous would that be. They told us they respect all of our rights…sort of.

  12. I actually came up with the idea for this back last fall, but figured it wouldn’t sell. I nearly built a working prototype, then saw the Mean Arms MA Loader and figured that would be a better product.

  13. Would a belt fed AR15 be legal in Kommiefornistan?
    Or limited to 10 round belts?
    The stupidity is strong with California politicians.

  14. They complain about feces on their block, but where were the complainers when people tried to get city council to demand public restrooms for new mini malls going up in the 80s. The stores could keep keys for people requesting them – but NO! – “it would cost to much for the mini mall developers”.
    As if they needed them in the first place.

  15. Why would you get this over pinning a regular magazine and using the mean arms or bear flag defense speed loaders through the ejection port?

  16. Get ‘em while you can, Kalifornican slaves. Your masters will figure out a way to outlaw them within 2-3 years.

    And you’ll keep living there.

    Because Kalifornica.

  17. WARNING FOLKS. The kalifornia lefty progressive control freak overlords WILL no doubt ban all the ingenious (and some cases) dangerous workarounds.

  18. Can you take off the bullet button and put the regular magazine release back in with this? For when out of state.

  19. Gun laws in the United States that restrict common AR features in some states are just nuts. For a gun to be California Compliant means that it’s featureless, otherwise it’s an “assault weapon.” No retractable stocks, no simple ammunition feeding device, no normal operation of your firearm with a standard magazine and normal AR-15 features. The idea under California law that you have to perform disassembly of the firearm action to load a 10-round magazine is mind-boggling. The restrictive firearm states do challenge makers to be creative and come up with something like this Compmag AR-15 unit. Kudos to them.


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