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“If one Georgia company is successful, accidental shootings that injure people may become a thing of the past,” Jesse Berney opines at “That’s because if people start using their bullets, pretty much every person who gets shot will die.” Wow! That’s pretty much incredible! No wait, it’s totally incredible (for a handgun caliber bullet). So what’s the wonder round in question? “G2 Research’s “Radically Invasive Projectile” (RIP, get it? — because shooting people to death is hilarious) is a copper bullet that explodes when it hits a target (i.e., a human being) sending pieces screaming through vital organs and clearing a path for the bullet’s core to travel deeper through a person.” Oh please. In fact (inconvenient things that they are) . . .

ShootingTheBull410 shot that one down weeks ago [as above]. All author Berney had to do was Google the round and voila! Myth busted. But no, the myth suits Berney’s civilian disarmament agenda. The resulting anti-gun agitprop is a classic of its type. His/her hysteria is hysterical.

Even if you support gun ownership, which most Americans do, it’s time to admit there is something very sick and wrong with our gun culture in this country. The people conducting “open carry” protests at restaurants and stores around the country don’t have pistols attached to their hips; they are carrying assault weapons almost as big as they are. Soon they’ll be able to buy these bullets that tear people apart from the inside.

What kind of fear motivates you that you need to surround yourself constantly with the killing power of a small nation’s military? Whom do you think you’re making safer by toting this stuff around? The number of people shot accidentally by so-called responsible, law-abiding gun owners in this country is astounding. The deadlier we make our guns and our bullets, the more often those shootings will turn into irreversible tragedies.

There is literally no reason for these bullets to exist. Guns are deadly enough as it is.

I’ll leave it to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to RIP Berney a new one for advocating less deadly firearms and misrepresenting the number of people killed by negligent discharges. What I find astounding: the antis’ fear of firearms. Doesn’t it even occur to them to consult firearms experts before spouting their bile or, equally, to get to grips with the weapons they despise? I suppose not.

[h/t TP]

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    • NO Not Teflon. Copper and lead.

      If it was made of teflon it would be a really soft rubber:-) Which would make it less effective than it already is.

  1. I remember the same brief hysteria over Glaser Safety Slugs and so-called “armor piercing” rounds. The media couldn’t tell the difference between armor piercing and plan ole FMJ.

    Glasers never really took off that I could tell. Though now we have frangibles so I guess lack of penetration has become a good thing. My memory is fuzzy but I think one of the early concerns over Glasers was not only their potential lethality, but cops didn’t like them because they wouldn’t penetrate plywood. Not sure how much of that was hyperbole.

    I also remember that many police chiefs begged various media outlets to NOT report on “armor piercing” bullets. Not because they were worried about criminals getting them, but because they didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that many police officers were starting to wear bulletproof vests. They were concerned criminals would start aiming for the head (Like gangbangers can aim).

    Long story short (too late, I know) – The media hates ballistic technology and doesn’t understand why the average person would want a more effective round.

    • Glasers weren’t popular because of the expense and also poor real world performance.

      Glasers were billed as being one-shot manstoppers or there about. They looked impressive in ballistic gel, until the measurements were made. The smaller shot might make 6 inches and the larger size about 8 to 10. In practice what tended to happen was that the Glaser would spend much of its energy in the clothing and skin. There were accounts of hitting leather jackets or even zippers that cost the round much of its energy. Even with hits sometimes the pellets would mangle to body fat but not get through the muscles of the torso, or not very far through.

      Basically as Shooting the Bull says about the RIP: it would be dangerous if you were hit in the throat. The Glaser was shown to be lethal if it was fired directly into the skull as in execution style.

      If overpenetration is the concern, a lighter weight, higher velocity bullet of a rapid and reliably expanding hollowpoint type would probably be a better option.

  2. I don’t think the “journalist” who wrote the article has sufficient intelligence to be able to absorb the contents of a response to his incredibly ignorant statements.

  3. “The people conducting ‘open carry’ protests at restaurants and stores around the country don’t have pistols attached to their hips; they are carrying assault weapons almost as big as they are.”

    The implication being he’d be totally OK with handgun open carry 🙂

    • “Almost as big as they are”? define “almost. If size is your problem sounds like you should be pushing to take take SBRs off NFA.

    • Not to mention being completely oblivious to the fact that Texas long gun open carry protests started because hand guns were illegal to open carry.

  4. I thought the SS (Supersonic Shark) fad had died out? At least the pistol version, the Banana Peel™ (300 BLK) looks effective and is probably here to stay.

  5. This just in: Hollow points are armor piercing! Up to level 3 penetration possible in a 9mm!


  6. So you’re upset about open carry rallies because of the numbers of people killed via “accidental” firearms death? That’s about 700 a year, by the way. And zero have been at open carry rallies.

    If you want to be afraid of anything or anybody, be afraid of the police. They’ve “accidentally” shot more people than open carry protesters.

  7. A lot of people around here called that one with RIP. Anti food, and DA evidence.

  8. Let me know the first criminal that uses these. /sarcasm

    Seriously though, I’d be interested in knowing what percentage of drive-bys, drug deals gone back, etc use boring old FMJ. I’m willing to bet it’s 90 percent +.

  9. Well it looks like I may start carrying my 102 year old Mauser Pocket Pistol again. 6.35mm(25auto) and these “Rest In Peace” bullets and I’ll be a Bad Mofo!!
    /sarc drip off

  10. I know a guy who’s friend knows a guy who heard of a guy who shot at someone with the RIP bullet. He missed him but still killed the guy he as shooting at. The bullet are that deadly. :/

    • I know a guy, who knows a guy that knows another guy who shot someone with a RIP round and all that was left was a piss stain and his right sock.

  11. Just another overhyped round. The round has the potential to cause a nasty looking surface would bit the actual bullet part of the projectile doesnt mushroom and doesnt penetrate very far. Shooting fruit doesnt translate out well to people. Someone needs to shoot a live animal to see what it actually do.

    • Which reminds me of when the Black Talons came out, and there was cries of “it’s nothing new” or “big deal” or whatever.

      Some guys started hunting big game with them and showing “acceptable performance.” I specifically remember one article about a dude taking a ram with 9mm at something like 100 yards (going on memory here) and showing the bullet. New or not, lived up to the hype or not, at least the bullet WORKED as a hollow point bullet should.

      The point is…I don’t imagine there are any hunters lining up to put RIP to the test like that. I know I sure won’t. Flesh wounding animals is not my idea of “hunting.”

  12. A more truthful headline rather than “New Bullets Mean Certain Death” would be “Months-Old Marketing Gimmick Snares Ignorant Writer”…

  13. I am convinced that there is some deep seated primal fear that these folks are tapping into. Back in the day, when the book “Jaws” by Benchley came out, then the Spielberg movie, there was discussion of the image of the mouth of the shark on the cover and in posters. The intelligentsia introduced to my young mind, the Freudian concept of “vagina dentata”. THAT was fear inducing ! Damm if there is some gun equivalent that these folks have drug up from their id.

  14. “They made it for him special. It’s an eighty-eight Magnum. It shoots through schools.”

    Obama can drone entire villages but let one dude with a pistol on his hip come into view and que the paranoia, moral outrage and despair.

  15. “Soon they’ll be able to buy these bullets that tear people apart from the inside.”

    From the inside? I’m pretty sure they start on the outside. Maybe if you swallow them and then have a gaseous discharge.

    • Hmmm kind of pays homage to the old saying “That shit will kill you”!!

      PoPo: Your Honor the victim appears to have swallowed a RIP 9mm and then while standing on a street corner on Times Square he Flatulated and killed 7 innocent bystanders. Former Mayor Bloomie was found suffocated under a pile of PooPoo!!”

  16. The thing I found most interesting was his concern about civilians accidently shooting people. Do a little research and you will find that as a group cops are far more likely to injure civilians accidently with a stray round. Also his concern about this useless $4-5 a shot gimmick round is just more proof that we need to quit advertising stupid gimmicks where idiots can see them!

  17. First they want to control the kinds of firearms we can own then they want to control the kinds of rounds we put in them.

    My guess is he’s counting every time a gang member shoots another gang member as an “accidental shooting”, just like they both “accidentally” joined that gang, or how anyone under 26 is considered a child. They have very creative statistics, although he didn’t give any real numbers or any other indication of what else would “astound” him.

  18. In the 1960s a friend and I experimented with exploding bullets. Whe at last got them to work reliably by starting with A 540 gr gas check TCFP for a 45-70 rolling block we drilled a hole In the point and tried filling it with different things… This was not very useful the best result was using the white tips of strike anywhere matches. Which would sometimes give an extra puff of smoke at the target… What did work was drilling a .22 rimfire chamber. Shaped hole in the tip of the slug and putting a Ramset blank in it. This provided a good loud bang at the target… We then tried shooting water soaked phone books and the device did a very satisfying job of destroying them doing about twice as much dammage as the un modified bullet… (Needless to say don’t try this at home we were young and immortal teenagers at the time and also lucky witness the fact that we are still on the right side of the sod).

    Anyway I have always been a bit supprised that so little work has been done on exploding bullets… I guess that there was a brief fad for them in the late 1800s for dangerous game and also for things like harpoon guns but they never made much of a market in civil ammunition

  19. An article based on how the author feels, not what the author researched. Seems par for the course for a leftist.

    • Hey now, I’m a leftist and I don’t buy this crap. Not all liberals are ignorant sods.

      • Glad to hear it Pseudo! I truly hope there are a lot more like you out there! What are your thoughts on the government’s, that both the republicans and democrat, erosion of our Constitutional rights???

  20. As if the article wasn’t stupid enough, the idiocy just keeps pouring on in the comments, my brain hurts from reading some of that nonsense.

    Let’s start a new group called Moms and Dads Demand Action for Child Bearing Sense in America. We can advocate that these idiots be sterilized so that their stupidity doesn’t infect another generation of Americans. Our slogan can be “if it saves the I.Q. of just one generation” and “Not one more idiot”. We believe in procreation rights, we just want limitations on who can reproduce, we want background checks done on all potential parents to close the Liberal loophole.

    I’m joking of course, the idea is just as dumb as gun control, after all, only law abiding idiots will go through a background check before popping out babies, criminals would still reproduce illegally.

  21. Is this like the hilarious exploding bodies in Rambo 4? Or like the death ray guns in District 9? Yikes! So if all the gangbangers shooting up Chicago last weekend had used the RIP we’d have 82 dead & zero wounded? BTW 7 shot overnight in Chicago…

  22. Black Talons actually did rip through level 2a vests @ the time same as a tokarev round high velocity the teflon coating helped spread the fibers of vests from that time, especially since zylon was a popular part of the fiber weave. SC posession of teflon or PTFE bullet is a felony. Glasers never made popularity because of lousy penetration & dispersion of the shrapnel. + high price $1.50 per 10 years ago. Locally a few stores still stock them but the stock is old. The winchester Ranger if you run across grab a box or 3 best 9mm I ever used. In my 1911 I use powerball because she likes that round the best. My .40 Federal 165gr JHP issue. 9mm 147gr+p & headshot practice

  23. I’ve been laughing at this “news” piece for days now. A sponsored link on so many sites.
    Thank goodness for the internet. Any moron with a data connection, a keyboard, and the ability to have two consecutive thoughts can write an article, have viewers, and influence thought. Research is for squares anyhow.
    I’m glad that TTAG finally picked up on it.

    The anti-gun side really do the best marketing for firearm related manufacturers.

  24. Well, folks, you know the old saying … Don’t believe everything you read.

    Especially if it was written by the marketing department. Or unquestioning commentary thereupon.

  25. There’s nothing quite as stupid as a stupid antigun wingnut.

    Relax, my brothers and sisters. The idiocy of the left is the reason we are winning.

    • There is absolutely no reason for these inferior bullets to exist. I am better off using an FMJ than risk getting killed because I angered the threat instead of stopping it.

  26. I’m shocked to admit it, but there’s one part of that article I completely agree with:

    There is literally no reason for these bullets to exist.

    Even if these things had the effectiveness of the HSTs, I would not use them in a carry gun. The RIP name is just begging for prosecution.

  27. I read that the pistol I carry is the BEST defense pistol in this space/time continuum.
    OK. I wrote it down and then I read it.

  28. “… misrepresenting the number of people killed by negligent discharges …”

    He she-it (get it?) doesn’t say killed, but rather shot; further, there’s no number mentioned – he she-it says “astounding.”

    Likely it’s astounded that the number is so low, but of course he she-it could never say that.

  29. Ohs Nos Berney – will these be shot out of Saturday night specials or 3-d printed guns or maybe GHOST GUNS with big clips and the shoulder thingy that goes up?!?!? OMG! OMG! QUICK – TO THE PRESSES!

  30. Man, I got excited at first reading the article.”pretty much everyone who gets shot with their bullet will die”! For a second I was thinking “gotta get summa DAT right dere”.

    Then I read on and found out they were talking about RIP.


  31. Read this linked off another gun blog. Plenty of people in the comments calling out the bs though. I imagine most have been cleansed by now. What struck me were the specific cases he noted were extremity shots. Functional or not a foot wound with any billet will never be guaranteed death. A better bullet may be the difference between regaining full mobility and suffering disability but death is all but impossible short of un staunched bleeding or infection. Either of those being as likely from tumbling off a curb badly.

  32. “There is literally no reason for these bullets to exist”

    A) They exist, so there is a literal reason.

    B) Bullets are made to stop people. Some people only stop at death. Therefore, a bullet that causes death will stop all people rendering it the best choice, LITERALLY.

    C) See ShootingTheBull410’s review. They are overpriced and underperformed. But for a brilliant marketing strategy, these bullets would be gone in a year. But thanks to Berney’s bed wetting (no press is bad press) they’ll sell based on the hype, not performance. So way to go Berney, just like Daddy Obama you have propped up the very industry you demonize.

    • Phil,
      Have to disagree with you on something. “Some people only stop at death.” Apparently you are totally unaware of the coming zombie apocalypse and these rounds don’t penetrate well enough to stop the zombie hordes! Probably just bounce off their heads. LoL

  33. When the term “assault rifle” was used we knew the author was a liberal ignoramus full of Obama feces.

  34. If they were as deadly as advertised, Great! I would rather fire fewer rounds at my target. Saves time, money and other resources.

    The job of the weapon is not to spread healthy and cheer, just the opposite.

  35. RIP ammo is great. You shoot somebody with just one and it not only kills them- it eats their SOUL and gives there dog herpes!

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