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Are you a serious clays or skeet competitor with a hankering for German craftsmanship, but maybe not quite enough bank for a Krieghoff? Well Blaser-USA has just announced their new F3 Ladies competition gun featuring an adjustable comb and length of pull and cast, along with gorgeous wood and a Speedbump recoil reduction system. Be advised, though: it may be less than a K-80 Sporting, but the F3 still ain’t cheap…you don’t get this kind of German craftsmanship for pocket change. Press release after the jump . . .

We’re not talking about that must have handbag; we are promoting a state of the art Blaser F3 shotgun designed with ladies in mind. No pink accents here just pure performance designed to give you the edge to beat the competition.

“With the tremendous success of the F3 Competition line we are extremely excited to add the Ladies version to our product portfolio. This addition gives us the opportunity to broaden our reach to this ever growing segment of the shooting market,” states Blaser CEO Christian Socher.

Blaser 009_1-1 (2)

At the heart of the system is Blaser’s patented F3 receiver; the hallmark of reliability and mechanical precision boasting a trigger second to none. Regardless of mechanical perfection, if recoil is not controlled shooting is no fun so Blaser turned to Ken Rucker at Speedbump stock works.

Ken’s unique Speedbump recoil system provides ideal recoil management while offering adjustable length of pull, cast, comb height and how the stock fits into your shoulder. By combining these elements you are assured not only perfect weight and balance but the technical perfection not found in other sporting guns.

Blaser 029_1-1 (2)

With a MSRP of $7,995 the F3 sporting standard is easy on the eyes as well as the wallet. Visit your Blaser retailer today and get yours. By the way if you want diamonds on your F3 we can do that too!


Blaser is one of the leading manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns in Europe. Every Blaser product is tailored to the needs of the serious, active hunter and shooter. Hence the product range is extremely versatile. It includes bolt action rifles, break action rifles, combinations guns and shotguns.

All Blaser firearms carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. For additional information visit Blaser USA at

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  1. Sweet advertisement. Hope you guys are getting ad revenue or placement/marketing funds for it.

    How about a review?

  2. Only eight really big ones! I suppose I could tell my wife to sell her car, if she wanted one bad enough.
    Not saying the gun is not worth it, just saying how many folks could really afford it?

    • Go to the ATA Grand American in August and look at what people are shooting.

      You’ll see lots and lots of O/U and unsingle shotguns costing $2500 to $12K with fancy adjustable stocks, high adjustable ribs, etc.

  3. ugh not another Blaser… don’t get me wrong I love their guns I just hate their holier than thou fanboys.

  4. This isn’t really the place for this comment, but since TTAG operates a little differently than most sites, I’m not sure where else to put it.

    Google is telling me that “this is an attack site” then saying that no actual evidence has been found, at all, to prove any such thing. Clicking around, it leads to some phoney feeling “stopbadware” website with a guilty until proven innocent mantra.

    This is a BLATANT attack, and obvious prejudicial behavior. I’m not sure who is behind this “stopbadware” farce, or where these “reports” came from… but this should be stopped.
    I think TTAG should put up an article about how the readership can help combat this kind of liberal lie.
    Let us know how to help this website we all appreciate.

  5. Why does it have to be different for women? Are you saying that women can’t use the same tools men can? You oppressive pigs are all just members of the cismale, ciswhite, gendernormative, straight facist male patriarchy. Check your privlege, shitlords.


    It looks pretty. But at “only $8k”… I think my wife will be fine with her youth 20ga Mossy.

    • Women have different requirements for stock fitting than men. The 4-way adjustable comb and the recoil pad that allows for toe-out as well as length of pull give a woman the adjustments she will need to make the gun fit well.

  6. “If I were a rich man….” Some of the most beautiful to die for walnut stocks I have ever seen were on high bux high lux Blasers. and if I had the money to drop on a $20,000 work of art like that I would. (Maybe I should start playing the Lotto–better odds winning that than coming by it honestly.)

  7. Ok, so there’s obviously some precision craftmanship in that pretty thing, not to mention a fine piece of lumber. But you could buy some BRAND NEW cars for what two of them would cost.

    Whatever the market will bear, I guess. Some things about this industry I’ll probably never understand. I’ll just keep wishing Glock made shotguns and maybe someday my dream will come true.

    • There are plenty of handmade custom firearms that go for ten times as much and more. Blaser itself sells beautifully engraved firearms for up to around $40,000. With antiques, the sky’s the limit. The highest price I’ve ever heard paid for a firearm was nearly $1 million (an original and pristine Colt Walker with direct family lineage to the original Texas Ranger owner).

    • The 4-way comb, recoil system/adjustable butt/pull hardware with pad is at least $600 of the cost of this gun, for example.

      Figure the cost of the barrels, adjustable rib, chokes, etc – your cost on those is $1K+. A large chunk of the cost of any double-barrel shotgun is in the barrels. I don’t know how many barrels the F3 comes with; some competition shotguns will come with an O/U barrel set and a single or unsingle barrel for trap. Some will even come with a shorter set of barrels for skeet/clays and a longer set for trap doubles.

      Cost of the receiver and lockwork, you’re into that for at least $600 and up. The wood for that stock (looking at that grain figure) is probably $500 for the blanks, the overall cost of the stock is probably triple+ that with the hardware installed.

      Now we get to start talking about the cost of labor, which will add plenty more to the gun’s cost.

      Glock can’t make shotguns like this successfully because it requires more than just squirting cheez-whiz into molds.

      • I don’t want Glock to make a shotgun like this.

        I want Glock to make a shotgun that is reliable, accurate, simple, easy to field strip and clean, comfortable to shoot, with interchangeable parts to accomodate the user’s hands and body size and a plethora of aftermarket parts available for customizing… you know, like their pistols.

        • You mean like a Remington 870, Mossberg 500-series or…?

          I don’t see a market in the lower end price range for Glock to enter. The LEO contracts for duty shotguns are already quite well served, and absent Glock bringing out their own line of erotic strippers as a sales & marketing tool to get a potential shotgun product into law enforcement, Glock won’t be entering the market anytime soon.


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