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Maybe guns should ride at the back of the bus (courtesy

Woman wounded when gun goes off on CTA bus the headline proclaims. Why are guns riding the busses in Chicago? Don’t they know that’s illegal! Unless they’re being carried by a resident with a concealed carry permit AND the gun is unloaded in a secure (but not necessarily locked) container. There’s a reason for that regulation, other than the obvious (gun control laws are inherently biased against poor people). An unattended gun can go off! Check this out . . .

A woman was grazed in the leg while riding a CTA bus this morning when another passenger picked up an “unattended gun” from a seat and it went off, officials said.

A man sitting across from the woman noticed the gun, only about 3 inches long, and picked it up thinking it was a toy or a lighter and it discharged, police on the scene said.

The .22-caliber bullet struck a vent underneath a row seats and a fragment hit the 47-year-old woman around 6:35 a.m., police and the agency said. The fragment did not penetrate her clothes but she was taken to a hospital for observation.

The woman told WGN-TV she was on her way to work when she was struck by the bullet. She said there were not a lot of people on the bus at the time.

Sounds like someone missed the NRA’s Eddy the Eagle class at school. I wonder how many Chicago schools offer the program? Anyway, derringer? I just met her. And I know to keep my hands off her. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. “gun goes off” = Trigger got pulled. Nothing less.

    ” The fragment did not penetrate her clothes but she was taken to a hospital for observation.”
    Oh. My. God. There are a few hundred flavors of stupid in that sentence. “Observation” of what? Hysteria? Possible stress to the fibers of her clothing?

    Something happened, so the police, ambulance, fire marshal, FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, BBQ, SWAT, and the Ghost Busters all must be called in to respond to the emergency…. Yes, a gun went off, no… “observation” is not needed.

    In situations like these, I think that the trigger puller should be charged along with the negligent owner.

    • You remind me that I wacked myself in the ankle with a weedwacker last night. It didn’t penetrate my pants or my sock, but I checked and noticed a nasty welt. Forgot all about it until just this minute. Maybe I should have called 911 and gone the to ER for observation instead, huh?

  2. A little early on a comment, but how does a gun fire itself without a human shooting it? Dumb!

      • No, only Dumb guns go off by themselves. A Smart gun would never do anything that naughty. LOL

  3. Is TTAG being blocked by Google Chrome for anyone else? It says the website contains malware.

    • Starting at about 5:45 Central time, I began getting alerts that TTAG was being blocked as an Attack Site. My various malware/virus detection programs haven’t indicated anything bad is happening, but sometimes stuff like that isn’t obvious.

      I sent TTAG an email about it at a few minutes before 6PM Central, so they should be aware of it by now. However, whether it’s real or a false attack report by some scumbag anti-gunner, it will take a while to clean-up the mess and get it off the blacklist.

    • I just installed it as I was reading this and no problems for me???
      Typing this from Chrome now.
      Now Ill uninstall it as I have no need for it.

      • Wait until they push down the updates. Uninstalling is the best way to handle Chrome anyway. I have no problems with Firefox and Opera.

        • Firefox popped up the warning for me. It looks to me as if it has to do with the advertising coming through adply as that is what is still blocked after I managed to tell my browser to ignore the warning (not a good thing for unknown sites) here.

    • Here’s my favorite part of the google malware warning, under the advanced details part:

      “Of the 295 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2014-06-26, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days.”

      So how is it malware?

      • I got the same, but I ignored and don’t see a change in the page script. I think something stinks, this isn’t a coincidence with the feathers ruffled the last few days.

        • Exactly what I was thinking.

          I happened to be reading comments on the second Susie Madrak article when I first saw the warning. {grin}

    • I’m getting the same warnings in Safari, Chrome, & Firefox about it being a website with potential malware. Something is going on. They are all indicating it is an attack site. I wonder if someone did a malicious report just to get the site flagged?

      • Yes, I think it’s been Blacklisted by Google. It will take a while to get it cleared-up and off the list.

    • I’m getting the same malware alert, and when I click on “advanced” and then click on “problems with this site,” I’m told there are none.

      TTAG, you’ve been swatted.

      • “TTAG, you’ve been swatted.”

        If so, this is a pretty lame effort on the whole of it.

        I mean, it took everyone all of about 2 s of their time to realize “no malware” and keep on reading? If that?

        I guess someone thinks they are so clever and laughing with their friends…”hey, we got that gun site banned for being..hahaha…MALWARE.”

        Brilliant. They sure showed us.

        • My guess is probably not much…couldn’t any sniveling little brat that thinks they are smarter than the rest of the world simply submit the url to the blacklist?

          On the google ‘warning’ page, the same one that says zero problems have been found to exist, it states that third parties can get a site listed as malware.

          Seems there should be some better vetting of submissions. Web sites are money to some folks.

          Back in the day when I helping a friend of mine that ran a hosting service (mostly for businesses), his server got put on a spam blacklist just because the (fixed) IP address he had was in the same block as someone that got submitted as spam.

          The entire Class C network was blacklisted. It cost him time and money to resolve it, and in the meantime, his business clients were without email service.

          This was in the very early days of blacklists, so a while back. Maybe there are better protections on the whole these days, but this business here with TTAG smells of an illegitimate submission.

      • Nope, sorry.. I’ve had several malware install attempts from TTAG’s inline ads in the past, especially on Android. I haven’t had problems since I started using mobile Firefox with adblock, but using the default Android browser, one of TTAG’s advertisers would try to download/install an android app.

        So I imagine this has to do with sketchy stuff coming from TTAG’s embedded advertisers, and not the site itself.

  4. Getting a malware warning here too. You guys will want to work on getting your page off their list fast.

  5. I posted this yesterday…originally the report was she SAT on it . The s##t that goes on in the city. No one will ever know what really happened.

  6. Hey, that thing looks like a gun. I think I’ll pick it up and pull the trigger!

    Oh, I’ve been shot, right between my new Cadillac and my retirement. Woe is me. I need a doctor!

  7. I couldn’t get it to download on Google on android. No messages but every now and then I get a MALWARE thing pop up on mobile only. I was curious why TTAG wouldn’t download on Google so tried Bing abd NO PROBLEM. FWIW

  8. if it is what I think it is (which is a NAA 22) they would have to cock the hammer and then pull the trigger. double stupid.

    • The hammer may have already been cocked, however, that being said, I will say the trigger pull on an NAA is not one to take lightly.
      I got three of those things, and their always going off by themselves, even when unloaded! Dam guns!

    • And be sure it’s the most current version and is kept up to date. Earlier, NSA-trojaned versions from last year are still around.

      Similar products are also available for Android. I recommend Textsecure, RedPhone, and Orbot.

      Don’t leave home without them.

  9. Small correction: having a CCW in IL does not affect the ability to have a gun on a bus. The only legal way to do it is to have it unloaded and encased in an off body container.

  10. What I don’t get is most people in Chicago rely on public transit to get around, bus, train, cabs whatever… If you have a ccw but can’t carry if using public transit, that makes ccw in Chicago pretty much moot… idiotic even

    • Well… you can unholster it, unload it, put it in a case and carry it on public transport.

      The Illinois CCL law is perfect, except for the 20 or so “prohibited areas,” the $150 non-refundable application fee, the required 16 hours of training (another $250), the fact that any local LE agency can turn it into a defacto “may issue” law by objecting capriciously to applications…

      Yeah it’s possibly the dumbest concealed carry law ever.

  11. FWIW, we didn’t count this towards our persons shot total since it didn’t even penetrate her clothing. However since she was taken to the hospital, local taxpayers are likely on the hook for a $600 ambulance run plus whatever “observation” was done at the hospital.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

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