New from BCB International: FRAMM Helmet Compatible Rifle Stock

BCB International FRAMM rifle stock

I admit it: I have a Bullet Safe ballistic vest in my vestibule. But I do not have a ballistic helmet in my basement. Why would I? For one thing, basements are a non-starter here in Austin (limestone). For another . . .

I can’t wear a helmet and see through my pistol or rifle sights. Thanks to Cardiff-based BCB International — makers of Camo Creme and other fine military and police products –problem solved!

Close-up BCB International FRAMM rifle stock

BCB’s FRAMM adjustable and foldable stock “allows end users to comfortably discharge their firearms in all firing positions.” According to BCB’s pre-SHOT Show press release . . .

The FRAMM® is good news for security professionals, airsofters and rifle enthusiasts.  It is compatible with most in service firearms. Its rubberized non-slip stock pad maximizes comfort and firing stability.  It also offers nine position settings to conform to any body and ballistic visor shapes.

The FRAMM® is compatible with the following firearms: FN HERSTAL-SCAR, HK-MP5 A2, BERETTA-ARX 160, HK-MP5K-PDW, HK-G36, B&T-40×46, REMINGTON-ACR, CZ-805 A1 BREN, SIG SAUER-550/551.., B&T-APC556, HK-UMP.

It should be noted that you can adjust the FRAMM stock to use it without wearing a helmet or “ready mask.” Oh, and adding a FRAMM to an AR pistol or suchlike turns the firearm into an SBR. And a very stylish piece of kit too!

As for what “FRAMM” stands for, BCB PR & Media Manager Phillippe Minchin tells TTAG Framm is the French word for “frame.” In Bretagne. Alors maintenant tu sais.

And just in case an assassin finds you twisting by the pool, BCB also makes floating body armor.

If you live by one of Florida’s canals and tire of boats and jetskis breaking the speed limit, shattering the tropical peace and quiet, endangering endangered manatees, BCB also make a non-lethal boat stopping gun.

A handheld Buccaneer runs around $23k. The boat-mounted version will ding your debit card some $43,500.

Come to think of it, if you stop the wrong boat, you might need that floating body armor. Which costs $1250 for NIJ IIIA soft armour. Pricey stuff, but remember what fellow Austonian Sandra Bullock taught us: hope floats.


  1. avatar anonymoose says:

    You can’t put it on an AR pistol (or an AK pistol for that matter). You could SBR an APC556 pistol and put this stock on it though. Might as well go all in if you’re going to buy a $3000 Swiss salt pistol.

  2. avatar MiserableBastard says: has buoyant Level III (NIJ certified) plates for $375 each

  3. avatar Tile floor says:

    I’ve never really had a problem with using a stock and wearing a helmet but more power to them

  4. avatar Hank says:

    I get the stock for the face shield but you can shoot most firearms just fine with most helmets on. Ok, modern WW1 and on helmets, not some giant crusader helm or something.

    1. avatar BLoving says:

      I kept getting weird looks when I’d go to the firing line with my spangenhelm…

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Yeah this is about as niche of a market that you can imagine. I’m pretty sure soldiers in almost every army have used helmets and ‘regular’ stocks just fine.

  5. avatar ironicatbest says:

    No, no, no , no, no….. That helmet shit is for SWAT Nazis, and Swat Nazis get their shit free courtesy of the taxpayers.

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