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Atibal Sights is a relative newcomer to the market, looking to provide high quality sights for competition, hunting, and defensive use at competitive price points. Nick reviewed their Velocity 1-4x, giving it four stars for great glass, a large field of view, and solid mechanicals, while dinging it for the reticle choice. Eventually we’ll have to check out their red dots and mounts, and coming next month is a 1-8x scope with included throw lever priced at $399.99. Atibal’s press release and some more photos follow…


Atibal’s latest optic brings additional depth to product offerings

Surprise, Arizona, September 20, 2016– Atibal’s new XP8 Xtra Precision 1-8×24 was created in partnership with our sponsored 3-Gun Nation competition shooter, Ryan Wiggins. The XP8 features the removable SwyftView Lever allowing for lighting fast magnification adjustments.


The XP8 utilizes the Diamond Tactical Reticle (DTR) with a .5 MOA center red dot with a BDC calibrated for 5.56 62gr ammo. The DTR reticle allows shooters to quickly obtain targets with the diamond reticle in CQB scenarios and for more precise shots at longer distances with its fine 0.5 MOA center red dot.


At $399.99, the XP8 is the most affordable 1-8×24 with a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the market. The anticipated release date for the XP8 is October 25, 2016. Atibal is currently taking preorders for the XP8 and running a promotion offering a FREE Atibal Quick Detach Tactical Precision Mount with every pre-order.


For more information on the Atibal XP8, please click here.

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  1. uhhh. From their website – ALL OF ATIBAL IS MADE IN CHINA. At least they don’t BS. Maybe this one is made in Japan? The 1×4 was according to THEIR website.

    • Not all is made in China. Their Velocity 1-4 is Japanese made and is the most affordable Japanese 1 variable scope on the market. Atibal utilizes the same manufacture for their XP8 as the Vortex Strike Eagle but with more magnification and better clarity. Also, has daylight bright illumination.

        • When I see all the scoffing at “Chinese-made optics” I’m reminded of the old SNL skit mocking Japanese products as shoddy and cheap……

        • 1980’s China was man in a rice hat with stick in the river pushing a home-made boat.
          2016’s China is in many respects technologically superior to the USA.

        • “1980’s China was man in a rice hat with stick in the river pushing a home-made boat.
          2016’s China is in many respects technologically superior to the USA”

          That is hilarious. In what respects? in cooking rice? in counterfeiting American products? You must be a government brainwashed drone/citizen from the PROC.

  2. At $399 it would be nearly impossible to have a 1-8x made in Japan. The only model that is Japanese made is their Velox which is still the most affordable 1 variable optic on the market from Japan. Atibal utilizes the same manufacture for the XP8 as the Vortex Strike Eagle but with better magnification, a free mount, and better glass.

  3. So this competes with Primary Arms and their ACSS reticle.
    A newcomer who does not undercut the MSRP off their immediate competitor? What am I not getting?

      • I realize with BDC reticles most users, once zeroed in, don’t touch the turrets ever again, but I still have slight OCD problems when turret adjustments are in MOA but the reticle is in Mils (well, everything in the reticle is in Mils except for the apparently 1/2 MOA center dot, according to the info on the website).

        • Conversion of mils to moa is easy. Most understand MOA when referring to a dot. That is why we listed it in moa. We can have a chart both for mils and moa if that makes it easier:

          300 yards – .96 mils -3.3 moa
          400 yards – 1.77 mils – 6.1 moa
          500 yards – 2.76 mils – 9.5 moa
          And so on

  4. Looking at the reticle I’m not too impressed. Doesn’t seem to include the ranging hash marks the vortex and primary arms offerings have, nor the wind holds of the primary arms.

    Neat offering, but it reticle alone doesn’t bring enough user-friendly features to make it competitive in my opinion.

    • What makes it competitive that it’s the ONLY 1-8x under $1,000 with a lifetime warranty. Not only that, it includes the SwyftView lever for fast magnification changes and our FREE TPM QD. This optic was made specifically for 3 gunners in mind. As a 3gunner you don’t need much more than a BDC as your shooting stationary targets. We actually took a survey on our Facebook page and the Diamond was quite popular. Reticles are all preference, no matter what reticle you come out with someone will find a reason not to like it. That is why we will continue to come out with more reticles to suit everyone’s preference.

    • Bake,

      Have you looked at the new reticle we developed for the model that is being released next month? You will find that it features a drop compensating reticle vertically, and also features hash marks for windage.

  5. Bang for your buck the SWFA 1-4x is king and I think it’s better than Vortex. Unless you are coming to the table with something revolutionary or kickass quality for cheap, then you aren’t going to sell.

    • A 1-4x and a 1-8x is not the same. Atibal does offer a 1-4x for $219.99 if you want to compare apples to apples.

      • I use the $219 version of the atibal 1-4 for 3 gun. It’s the called the striker. You can sometimes get it online for around 190. I really like it.
        It’s an uncluttered BDC reticle and you can do some ranging with it, but I have not yet verified the accuracy of the range indicators. Other than that the glass is clear, and its held zero through 4 matches so far. Only complaint is that the illumination has been useless in daylight, so I don’t even bother turning it on anymore.

        • Thanks for the encouraging comment. I’m glad you are happy with Striiker so far. The illumination on the Striiker was only for low light BUT when you decide to upgrade the XP8 illumination is much better and daylight bright!

  6. After the bunch of sponsored posts and ads I have seen for this company on Facebook, and reading some of their responses to people in those threads, it just seems like your pretty standard chinese manufacturer. There’s always a little sloppy grammar and a bit of oddly phrased praise for the features of their products. From the first time I saw their ads for whatever reason I have felt the company seemed cheesy, or just cheap, and a lot of those ads kind of sold them as this “affordable yet quality newcomer” but I had a little trouble buying that spiel. It’s interesting now to see them charging “real” prices for stuff because In my mind the companies reputation has not been built to a level where there products can command those prices. In fact their reputation with me sits right in there with Leapers/UTG, Barska, NCStar and all that crap, they probably even have some product overlap between some of those companies, same manufacturer, same product, different label…. I also find their name unpleasant for whatever reason. That’s not exactly a big problem though lol, its mostly me being an ass plus a little bit of black permanent marker usually works for covering up whited out letters. I’ll eventually give at least one of their red dots a try, so I can speak from some experience. I know I’m being pretty critical here, but I’m pretty critical of any company that hasn’t “proven” itself to me yet, and usually that means I have had direct, positive experience with at least one of their products, but more is better. I can’t yet say I have any experience with Atibals optics, but as I first mentioned, their marketing strategy on FB irked me a bit, and I still see ads from them once in a while. I understand that its targeted advertising, based of the pages I like and visited they display certain advertisements. In this case just the fact that Facebook lets them promote stuff when it does not let some other companies in the industry is an instant red flag to me, why does facebook provide them access while I see other companies complaining about losing their reach and being unable to promote posts?

  7. “it just seems like your pretty standard chinese manufacturer. There’s always a little sloppy grammar and a bit of oddly phrased praise for the features of their products.”

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I spoke to the owner on the phone and he is as American as me. And he is a real stand up guy. I had an issue with the MCRD I bought. He offered to send me a new one before he got the old one back. Turned out, there was no need. A suggestion he made allowed me to fix my problem in 5 minutes. I like my MCRD. I will be moving it to my secondary rifle as soon as my XP8 comes in. I prefer the XP8 over the SWFA because my old eyes just aren’t good enough for a 1-4x at any real distance. The extra magnification with 1-8x is just right for me.

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