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There’s just something awesome about a Krink. The AK-47 pattern (or, more accurately AK-74 in this case) is pretty nifty to begin with, but make it pocket size and it gets even cooler. It used to be that you needed to get a kit and build your own Krink from the receiver on up, but Arsenal has started making factory rifles with the proper gas system length and sight radius that all you need to do is get your tax stamp and then procure yourself a hacksaw. It gets better — the front sight gas block is already threaded for the typical Krink muzzle device, so when the barrel is short enough, it’ll all just work. It’s so sweet that I might just have to buy one myself. Make the jump for the presser . . .

LAS VEGAS, NV – Arsenal Inc. is happy to announce the new SLR-104UR rifles. Available immediately, this highly sought after configuration in an equally desirable caliber, is in stock and ready to ship.

The SLR-104UR may be the most popular stamped receiver “Krink” configuration in the industry. In the past, even parts kits have commanded a high premium when they have been available, and now you can own this desirable rifle, ready to roll, along with Arsenal, Inc’s legendary quality and warranty and the very low MSRP of $1,249.00.

The 5.45×39 caliber SLR-104UR rifles feature a stamped receiver, hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel, and left-side folding polymer stock. The SLR-104UR ships with a 30-round magazine and is manufactured with numerous end users in mind. For those who like the aesthetics of the “Krink” family of rifles but want the performance of a standard carbine length barrel, or live in non-NFA areas, this rifle is ready to surpass your expectations, out of the box. For those who prefer the NFA Short Barreled Version (SBR), it is ready for a qualified gunsmith to register with the BATFE and shorten the barrel, immediately utilizing an original 24×1.5mm muzzle device on the factory threads on the front sight block.

More information at Arsenal’s website here.

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  1. Arsenal continues doing stupid things.

    Beware: 8″ 5.45×39 Krinks need a 1:6 twist rate to stabilize anything but heavy grain commercial 5.45.

    From Arsenal’s tech page, the UR has the standard 16″ bbl twist rate of 1:8.

    If you want to SBR the UR, don’t plan on getting good results without replacing the barrel. Otherwise, surplus 5.45 will probably keyhole or have wild inconsistency with the factory barrel cut to 8″.

    The 5.56 and 7.62×39 versions are a lot more forgiving.

    • The Arsenal site page says 1:7.68 (195mm), however the KVAR page says 1:7 (178mm); Both their SGL-31 and SLR-105 have 1:7.68 (195mm).
      All of their 5.56mm rifles have a 1:7 (178mm) twist rate, even the 8 1/2″ barreled pistols.

      • The specs are all over the place.. The problem is that the 1:6 twist is actually more like 1:6.5, so Arsenal could’ve very well rounded it up to 1:7, or they could’ve also rounded down the 1:7.68 twist to 1:7.

        The 12.5″ short carbine barrels have the standard twist rate, but the 8″ barrel versions really do need the fast rate.

        Will have to wait and see what happens when some lucky dog chops his down to short length.

  2. Where the hell was this in 2011 or 2012? At that point, ammo alone would’ve made this a bargain.
    I had to let my Saiga 5.45 go this year, it got too hard to feed locally. Something about having to get all the ammo I need through the mail makes me uneasy.

  3. sold my 5.45mm AK-74 earlier this year too. Even though surplus 5.45 is still substantially cheaper than 5.56, it can only be found on the internet and at gun shows and I got kind of tired of having to clean it religiously after shooting corrosive ammo.

    It’s much easier to SBR a rifle like this than putting a rear rifle trunnion on an AK pistol. I hope Arsenal will bring out an SLR-106 version of this gun in 5.56. The’ve already got the 106-61 with a threaded ready-to-chop barrel, but it has a standard-length gas system so it will only go down to about 13 inches.

  4. Two things… The 1/8 twist has been brought up on some of the forums, emails sent to arsenal to see what they have to say. Gonna pass if cutting the barrel is going to make it key hole. Otherwise, for guys that want an AKS74U, this is def the ticket to get into the game for “cheap”, instead of sending the money on a 2000 plus kit build…

    Second thing, it’s starting to drive me crazy with people calling everything a “pattern” or “series” or “system” or “platform”. What else is there? I mean is there anything else called an AK47 that you need to add “pattern” on the end of it for the sentence to make sense? “The ak47 pattern system platform system platform weapon system series of rifle” coryink07 drives me nuts with it as well as every other HSLD plate carrier wearing tactical beard Internet Warrior…. Didn’t say operator because that has been watered down as well.

    Rant complete, apologies for droning on and getting off topic

    • Regarding your second paragraph… I couldn’t agree more. All of that crap is soooo tiring and overused.

      Rifle, pistol, revolver, soldier….pretty well works for me.

  5. I have a S&W MP-15R and have been really pleased with the rifle and the round…once I found some mags that worked. The C-Products mags sucked, AR-Stoners have worked much better. The mags are a great reason to shoot 5.45 in the AK platform, something about being designed to work rather than adapted seems to usually contribute to reliability.

    That being the case I really question the utility of the 5.45 or 5.56mm in a SBR. You are giving up a tremendous amount of the velocity that produces terminal ballistic effectiveness in both calibers. I would put the 5.45 slightly ahead of the 5.56 in the SBR category since the 5.45 depends on yaw for a wound cavity while the 5.56’s ace in the hole is fragmentation that will NOT happen given the muzzle velocity from a SBR.

    A far better choice for an SBR would be a 7.62x39mm, or its AR-15 equivalent, the .300 Blackout. Twice the projectile weight, and only a little less velocity. Think of it as a .357 Magnum +P with a 30-round magazine, or a really-really handy M1 Carbine.

    Other than serving as a semiautomatic flash-bang, a 5.45x39mm or 5.56x45mm SBR seems like a poor choice compared to larger-bore SBRs.

  6. Guys, I also had my head in my butt demanding the 1:6 and or 1:6.3 that the Russians used in their last Tula Krinkov barrels. Until I realized what the original purpose for Tula to manufacture the rifle with the 1:6 twist. The only reason the twist was changed to 1:6 was to stabilize 80gr subsonic ammo for suppressed krinkovs. Any other folk lore going around is pure speculation. The 1:7.87 will stabilize surplus and the other commercial ammo currently available. The barrels have been shortened and you now have SBR versions available directly from k-var. They shoot fine.


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