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Arsenal Firearms has teamed up with Salient Arms International to create Arsenal Firearms USA. They will be importing and distributing the STRYK B, an upgraded, worked-over Arsenal Strike One, soon. TTAG stopped by their SHOT Show booth to get the lowdown on this new pistol, which is definitely one to keep an eye on.

As demonstrated in the video, the barrel is super low in the frame and doesn’t tilt to unlock — it moves just slightly in a straight line front-to-rear. The whole design intention of the pistol is to get the shooter’s hand as high as possible and the bore as low as possible to create a gun with as little muzzle flip as possible.

The new trigger takes cues from Salient’s work on GLOCK pistols. Its pull weight and positive reset are vast improvements over the trigger in the old Strike One, which annoyed me to no end. The STRYK B also sports an oversized magazine release, which can be switched from left to right side.

The grip texture is like scales made from squared wedges. The raised side of the wedge faces a different direction on different parts of the grip to help keep the shooter’s hand exactly where it should be.An MSRP of $779.95 sure isn’t cheap, but it’s a full $70 less than the outgoing Arsenal Strike One’s MSRP. While I felt Arsenal was asking too much for the Strike One, I believe the STRYK price represents a much better value. Not only because they’ve brought the price down, obviously, but also because you get even more (the vastly improved trigger being the big one). 

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    • You know, except for the completely different locking system & striker arrangement (that is supposedly very good) and ridiculously low bore axis, that make it a fairly compelling competition gun if not service weapon.

      And yet people think the Hudson H9 is “innovative” because it looks sufficiently different on the outside

      • I love when people who don’t know as much about guns as they pretend to unmask themselves by claiming that every polymer-framed striker-fired pistol is “just another Glock.”

        • here here!
          I don’t know everything, but this gun is far and away better than a glock. And since when is glock a standard of perfection? … oh right, because they say so.
          I might even trade in my m&p pro for one of these.

        • I think that’s the main reason I refuse to own a Glock. Because there are so many (Glock) snobs out there. I refuse to be apart of the Glock nation and their clips. ??

    • I believe there is a Stryk A, but it can’t be/hasn’t been imported. I also thought it was going to be called the Strizh or something at one point. If the name is the one thing they can’t get right, that’s pretty far down the list for me, lol.

  1. Its nice to see new thinking on the internal operation, which results on a super low bore axis and minimal angle of feed. I’d like to see an in-depth “Stryk B vs CZ P10C” evaluation. If you think this is just another Glock clone, then I’ll invite you to head back to your favorite 1911 forum so you can hang out with all the other narrow minded old men, and complain all you want.

    • True story. Considering it has deviated from the tilt barrel locking mechanism entirely and flips the striker/sear relationship on its side, etc., the tired old “oh yay another glock woohoo” crap needs to die. This gun is not a Glock it isn’t a copy of a Glock it borrows nothing from a Glock it doesn’t even operate like a Glock etc etc…

      That said, if a polymer frame and no hammer = Glock to some people, what can you do? They’re too simple to argue with. They may as well use that mainstream media guide to firearms where all handguns are “Glocks” and all rifles are “AK-47s” as they’re 80% of the way there already.

    • I’m with you, but I’d throw in the new and hopefully improved Caracal. I have the massive Strike One, and it does sit low in the hand, similar to the old H&K P7. This trimmer model might make a practical carry gun (the P7 is too heavy). Does anyone offer a trigger upgrade for the older Strike One? I would have thought the new model would be called the Strike Two, or are they afraid after a third strike they’re out?

    • Yep. Very sci-fi looking piece. I’ll eventually have one to keep my Steyr L9 and M40 company. 😀 And a Hudson H9, though it’s got more of the retro Atomic Age sci-fi look going on. It wouldn’t be at all out of place in the Fallout universe.

  2. I’d like to see the Stryk B vs the Hudson H9 vs the Avidity PD10. And then how all of these measure against the Walther PPQ, which is the gold standard of Striker guns in my book. I may have missed something vital, but I don’t see anything innovative about the new CZ Glock. If I have missed something, someone please tell me.

    • I’d agree that, on paper, the new CZ Glock is not innovative in any particular way that was obvious to me other than being made to fit G19 holsters (and a fully ambi slide stop and mag release still isn’t very common). However, from my shooting experience with the CZ P-10 C, I can tell you that it deserves a place in any round-up of modern guns designed to shoot super flat with minimal muzzle flip, which would include the Hudson H9 and the STRYK B here (but not the PPQ and not the PD10). I think this is a great idea and *PROMISE* we’ll do extensive back-to-back-to-back testing of these pistols. CZ at $499 MSRP, STYRK B at $779, and Hudson at $1,147, all with 15-round mags in 9mm with great triggers, high grips/low bore axis, and designed to shoot crazy flat. It’ll be a ton of fun to run a handful of shooters through a scored course of fire to see how the guns affect things. Consider it “on the list,” and I think the thing we’ll be waiting on is for the Hudson or possibly STRYK to officially hit production.

      • Yes, please!
        Been contemplating a nine for the wife and those three guns, plus the M&P 2.0 are on the top of my list.
        Well, the whole list actually…

  3. Anyone notice how much better the side profile looks, now that they shortened the barrel and grip a bit? The previous arrangement had them longer than typical, which combined with a smaller than usual slide height made the gun look spindly & fragile, sort of like the PMR30’s svelt profile.

    • I agree completely. I already liked the original, but the proportions always seemed off. Plus I have little use for a full-size service pistol, so a compact model is right up my alley.

  4. No GRIP-ZONE??! pffft… pass. This is 2017, people. There are certain technologies that we operational operators have come to take for granted in today’s competitive sidearm market.

    Be safe (and squeeze tight).

  5. I’m not usually one for newfangled, unproven stuff, but this looks NEAT. I love Glocks, but this is definitely new thinking, not just an improvement on the Glock paradigm (which the PPQ and P10C are)

  6. I have yet to hear why PMG (Prime Manufacturing Group) deleted their Instagram and scrubbed their Facebook page, and what happened to the Stryk pre-orders.

  7. I have the Strike One original. Only paid $699. Brand new for it. If the Stryke B trigger would fit into my original, that would be awesome. I’ve put over 2000 rounds through it. I love the pistol, the accuracy is amazing, the high bore axis is great, super low recoil. The trigger is yuck.

  8. I think the Army has decided the next Glock competitor to achieve critical mass. Everything else will be an also-ran behind the Sig 320 and the Glock. We’re nearing a shakeout in the gun industry; the levels of growth seen over the past few years are not sustainable. Some of these competitors will survive, many will not, but it will be the ubiquitous platforms like the Glock and the Sig 320 which will have aftermarket parts, magazines, and manufacturer support.

    • Just don’t forget that the gun was only 1/3 of the MHS. The company also had to present suppressor and ammunition packages (and replacement parts, service, etc). P320 is a great gun, don’t get me wrong. I just feel weirdly compelled to mention to people that it doesn’t mean the Army decided it was a better gun than the other entrants; it felt that SIG’s package of guns, suppressors, ammunition, parts, and service was the better complete package vs. the other entrants.

  9. Any truth to the rumor that the Stryk B is being made by Umarex? Umarex owns Walther, and the quality of the pistols actually made by Walther (PPQ, P99, PPS) are far superior to the ones made by Umarex (P22, CCP). If the Stryk B is an Umarex product, I’ll pass

    • It’s a complete nonsense… The Stryk B is manufactured in Germany at the joint Arsenal Firearms/RUAG facility in Furth. UMAREX has nothing to do with it

  10. Dimitry, it looks like you put a lot of time into the changes of the pistol, can you tell us when in April we will see them?

  11. I´ve owned the Arsenal AF-1 for quite some time ,,,,, and was looking forward to the new Stryk B. But think I´ll stick with my AF-1. The main differences are: a cosmetioc makeover, a shorter barrel and the new trigger. But RUAG tell me that they do not intend to feature a KPOS (LRC-2) option with a longer barrel. I´ve had my AF-1 trigger upgraded and am now entirely satisfied that I shoot the best semi-auto pistol on the market. I don´t quitre see the logic behind the new Stryk B.

  12. Dmitry, there´s a slight difference: Ruag will ASSEMBLE the Stryk B. But the parts are made in Rumania.

  13. I have two of the original AF-S1, only some 3000 made. I love it. Everyone who has shot my pistol has been amazed. The key design is the locking system and sear mechanism that gives it such a ridiculously low bore axis. I would like the new ones, but in the biggie size and not the compact. They must be having some problems as the deliver date keeps moving out.

  14. There year the P10 comes out you bring in a new pistol? Interested to see if this is Stryke b or strike 2.


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