New From Arsenal Firearms USA: STRYK B Pistol

Arsenal Firearms has teamed up with Salient Arms International to create Arsenal Firearms USA. They will be importing and distributing the STRYK B, an upgraded, worked-over Arsenal Strike One, soon. TTAG stopped by their SHOT Show booth to get the lowdown on this new pistol, which is definitely one to keep an eye on. As […]

Still Not Ready For Retail: Arsenal “Strike One”

It looks cool as hell, and if Larry Vickers knows anything about guns (and the former Delta Force legend certainly does) it shoots like hell too. Ultra-low bore height? Check. Negligible recoil and muzzle rise? Check. Fixed-barrel accuracy? Check. Ready to call your FFL and order one? Belay that order, sailor . . .

Back From Arsenal: SLR-101 Bulgarian Milled AK-47

After a ten-year absence from the American import market, Arsenal’s SLR-101 has hit the shelves once again. The rectangular lightening cut at the front of the magazine well and the 2-chamber muzzle brake hint that this isn’t an ordinary AK, but a milled-receiver 7.62mm Bulgy . . .

Gun Review: Arsenal SLR-106FR (5.56mm AK)

I really like the AK platform and my visit to the Arsenal/K-Var SHOT Show booth was like the delirious wanderings of a sugar-buzzed child in an M&M outlet store. When Farago learned that they had sent me one of their top-end 5.56mm Bulgarian AKs for testing and evaluation, his first response was straight from a […]

New from Arsenal/K-Var: Zastava M70 .458 Winchester Magnum

If you’ve got six bills and high recoil tolerance, the new .458 Winchester Magnum Zastava M70 can be yours. Its Mauser-based action has a relieved extractor claw to allow single loading of cartridges into the chamber, and its Turkish walnut Monte Carlo stock is a jaw-dropper. Yours for a suggested $600, with your choice of single […]

New from Arsenal/K-Var: 5.56 Krinkov pistol

Pistolized rifles don’t usually light my fire, but Arsenal’s new Krinkov pistol, chambered in 5.56 NATO, has it goin’on. Unlike their AK-pattern rifles, which must be imported in ‘Sporter’ form and then painstakingly converted for 922(r) compliance, these Krinks are imported as-is from their (Bulgarian?) factory.

Gun Review: Arsenal, Inc. SLR-106FR (Bulgarian AK)

Let’s just come right out and say it:  Precision is to AK-47 as Rahm Emanuel is to bipartisanship.  Sure, Kalashnikov’s legendary avtomat holds many virtues – virtues that have rendered it the most common firearm in history; however, the reputation for tight tolerances and ultimate accuracy has always gone to other weapons.  Most other weapons, […]