Totally tactical Accuracy International BipodeXT Tactical Bipod
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Accuracy Solutions‘ pre-SHOT Show e-mail blast claims “the New Tactical BipodeXt is the only product available that moves the resting point of a bipod to increase stability and extend the accuracy of shooters everywhere.” True? One thing we do know . . .

Accuracy International Totally tactical Accuracy International BipodeXT Tactical Bipod

Our TAC line is Made In the USA, constructed of rock solid carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum components. The product is lightweight, rugged, and ready for service to any rifleman looking to triple their impact potential.

The BipodeXt models sell for $259 to $599. Worth it? We’ll get to grips with it at SHOT Show and report back. Watch this space.

EDIT: a previous version of this post conflated Accuracy Solutions with Accuracy International. This was an error and the companies are not associated. Our apologies.

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  1. At my skill level it won’t be worth it.

    But it’s always nice to see new techniques and materials be introduced.

    • The less skill you have, the more benefit you are likely to gain from rifle stabilizing devices. That’s why when I shoot for accuracy to test a rifle, the shooting bench generally looks like a bean bag slumber party for the gun.

      • Hell, I’ve been known to bust out a few of those 20/25 lb burlap sacks of rice. At $12ish each, and a handy size they are hard to beat.

        • A word of caution:
          I’ve seen various bags get holes blown into them from the blast out of the cylinder gap on a revolver. So be careful where you put them.

          Saw it happen to a friend.

        • As a reply to Curtis in IL and DrewN:

          Ask me how I know that “Shoe Glue” can repair shooting bags.

      • “The less skill you have, the more benefit you are likely to gain”

        Does that include “none, but trying to self-teach”?

  2. I have a non-tactical bi-pod and it works just fine, thank you. I think I paid $40 for it.

    • Couldn’t you just take 2 cheap QD 1″ rings, 1″ copper pipe filled with broken carbon arrow shafts epoxied together, and a sling swivel stud and make the same thing for like $40? (Plus the cost of your $40 bipod of course)

  3. Any bets on how long it will take USA Today to decry this new even more lethal bipod bayonet?

    • It’s the Bipod eXt …not sure why they’re running it together into one word. It works visually in the logo where the “eXt” part stands out, but as plain text it’s sort of awkward without a space in the middle or doing EXT in caps or something. Dunno.

  4. “Military Spec” on a new product? What’s the NSN? That’s a new level of stretching the term there.

  5. Yup, I read it all, along with Frank Galli saying he would never support things the blurred the lines, Bump stocks, I imagine Franklin Armory’s new rifle, and SilencerCo’s suppressed muzzleloader would fall into that category as well.

    Curious, have you read how they are trying to ban Bump stocks? Every attempt will do a lot more then ban Bump stocks, and every attempt can be applied to rifles other then semi autos.

    Tom Irwin voiced his opinion, it’s a crap opinion, and I will not be buying their products, his “clarification” clarified his stance, and it’s a crap stance. Just because he thinks it doesn’t effect their product.

    I will not buy any AI product as long as he is any way involved with AI, and as far as I’m concerned they can all shove off.

  6. I’m very confused about that. Apparently the facts are:
    1. Tom did an interview with a reporter from the Evening Standard, a British publication
    2. Tom delivered two quotes during that interview:
    “Personally, I don’t think so. I can’t see the benefit.”

    According to the Evening Standard, Tom respond with the second quote when asked whether “semi-automatics should be legal”. According to Tom, they “took this quote out of context”.

    My reasoning is that if the Evening Standard is willing to completely fabricate a question but use a legitimate response, why not just completely fabricate the quote to begin with? I think he said exactly what the Evening Standard is reporting, and he’s backpedaling because he realized he just pissed off a lot of potential customers.

    • Slander/Libel laws are very different in the UK as well.

      No lawsuit from Tom Irwin or AI to me is also very telling. If it was taken out of context to the extreme the defenders say then they should sue.

      My guess is it wasn’t taken out of context, or if it was the point remained the same.

      Their official response confirmed what I thought the entire time.

      Had any president/ceo/executive level personal said that from just about any American company there would have been boycotts, but because it’s AI, and because people put them on a pedastal it’s different,

  7. I was interested in this until I realized that it won’t be possible to reach the bipod lever to level the rifle when behind the rifle. Will make leveling quite odd

  8. Couldn’t you just take 2 cheap QD 1″ rings, 1″ copper pipe filled with broken carbon arrow shafts epoxied together, and a sling swivel stud and make the same thing for like $40?

  9. It’s a good idea, but a massive thing to hang on your rifle.

    The further forward the bipod is the less it magnifies twitches, so IMHO this thing is theoretically sound. But it might have a better place with a DMR or benchrest shooter.

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