New .9mm CZ 75 P01 on

As you know, TTAG’s been following the .9mm trend very carefully. Up to now all our coverage has focused on criminal micro-nines. [Click here, here and/or here for previous sightings.] Eagle-eyed TTAG commentator MadDawg J has spotted the inevitable: a .9mm pistol for sale on the internet, at As our man Dan pointed out, there are those who believe that selling guns on the ‘net is a dangerous loophole of some sort or another—one through which gun sellers could drive a truck. In this case, a very small truck. Anyway, IF sellers are going to flog these .9mm pistols privately, we encourage them to include an object in the photo that gives buyers an appropriate sense of scale. Just sayin’ . . .


  1. avatar adam says:

    and you thought the grip on the Glock 26 was small….

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    I was shot by one of those .9mm guns last summer, during the mosquito season. If it wasn’t for the EMT who applied calamine lotion to my wound, I would have itched to death.

    I recently read a story about a guy who was shot with a Smith & Wesson 38mm revolver. Man, would I like to get my hands on one of them. A 38mm handgun, I mean.

  3. avatar gunfighter 2012 says:

    PLEASE…’s 9mm or 9 mm or nine milimeter. IT IS NOT .9mm. Thank you.

  4. avatar NCG says:

    That’s just the .9mm I’m lusting after. Since it’s just a .9mm, I think we should adjust the price accordingly. Maybe $52.90?

  5. avatar Xaq Fixx says:

    It looks nice and at that size is REALLY easy to conceal, but have you tried finding those nonstandard cartridges? They are even harder to find then good leather.

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