The Desert News reports that Utah lawmakers are continuing to push firearms-related legislative boundaries. Last time we checked-in on The Beehive State, they were looking to usurp the feds’ power to regulate firearms made in Utah. This time ’round, the pols are pushing to offer Utah business owners legal immunity, should one of their pistol-packing customers do something stupid or, indeed, heroic. “The Utah House passed a bill that would encourage businesses to allow concealed firearms onto their property. HB380 would grant businesses immunity if a concealed firearm permit holder fires a gun.” Of course, there are caveats: “the exemption from liability does not apply if the property owner solicits, requests, commands, encourages, or intentionally aids the permit holder in discharging the firearm while on the owner’s property.” So you can’t yell “shoot him!” at a hostage taker, for example. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, said the measure is designed to prevent mass shootings, such as the one at Trolley Square in 2007, by encouraging more “law-abiding” gun owners to carry guns into stores and other businesses.” Just in case you thought this was one of the Kennesaw deals, the News helpfully points out that “Under the proposal, businesses would not be required to allow guns.”


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