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"The notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb, pictured center, was taken to jail in handcuffs on Saturday after toting rifles around Leith, North Dakota and threatening citizens." (courtesy

“The notorious white supremacist Craig Cobb was taken to jail in handcuffs on Saturday after ‘patrolling’ around Leith, North Dakota with rifles and threatening citizens,” reports. “Resident Gregory Bruce and Leith City Councilman Lee Cook called 911 and took pictures of Cobb, 62, and his neo-Nazi associate Kynan Dutton, 29, after the men stood at the edge of Cook’s property with their fingers on the triggers of their weapons.” As a Jew, I’m not a huge fan of neo-Nazis. But I wonder where one draws the line between standing around on one’s own land, armed, and doing so in a threatening manner. I’m thinking muzzle direction would be a deciding factor. Anyway . . .

Still armed, the men then followed Leith resident, Miller Ferrie, to her house and exchanged words with her husband as she, in hysterics, called the sheriff whose deputies then arrived and took them into custody.”

Who knows what happened really. But this much I do know (courtesy

Open carry of long guns is generally permitted. Open carry of a loaded handgun is permitted only by individuals with a valid concealed weapons license. Non permit holders may carry one hour before sunrise till one hour after sunset provided the firearm is unloaded and in plain sight.

Generally, I want neo-Nazis behind bars. Specifically, after and only after they commit a crime.

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  1. This guy’s life is falling apart after people found out he’s 14% black. Now his own friends hate him.

        • He can be 14% black. 14% is basically 9/64.

          There are a variety of ways in which one could be 9/64 black. One way to make that happen would be if he had 2 black great-great-great grandparents and one that was 25% black. (In a simplified sense, 9 of his 64 great-great-great-great-great grandparents were black).

          I don’t know how that exact 9/64 makeup could be determined genetically (i am majoring in Biochemistry); 8/64 (1/8) seems more plausible.

      • It depends on how many of his ancestors were black, and how far back they were. If one parent is black you would be 50%, unless one of his parents parents was not 100% black, then that 50% would change. If you play with the numbers enough you can come up with 14%.

      • Ancestral make up. No one is “pure” except for Africans whose ancestors never left Africa all these years.

        • there is a lack of logic in your assessment. What about all the non-Africans that moved into Africa years ago that bred with the locals. Those locals were probably nomadic and bred with other nomads. There is no such thing as a pure race. No race has ever been that genetically isolated.

        • Tasmanians were pretty isolated for 8000 years; you can read about how that turned out for them (they have actually degraded, forgetting how to make the bone tools that they originally possessed, and switched back to rougher but easier to make stone tools).

      • Genetics become more complicated once you move past the Parents, where you are 50% of each. You may not have 25% of each grandparent, in fact you may not share any genes with one or more of your great grandparents. So 14% is possible

        • “you may not share any genes with one or more of your great grandparents”

          That is completely false. There are about 21,000 genes in the human genome, and there’s a 7/8 chance of NOT inheriting a particular gene from a particular great grandparent. Probability wise, (7/8)^21000*100% translates to a 10^(-1230)% probability of NOT inheriting any genes from a given great grandparent. In other words, you WILL inherit genes from all 8 grandparents, and in virtually EQUAL quantities. (with the exception of the Y chromosome if you are male, which causes a deviation in the statistic), you inherit exactly half of your genes from your mother and half from your father, 1/4 of your genes from each grandparent, and 1/8 from each great grandparent.

    • I heard he was also found to be 11% Jewish, but they didn’t want to tell him all the good news at once, for the sake of his health.

      • He’ll probably wind up having to leave his wife on account of her being a race traitor. Thank you, Dave Chappelle.

      • Now that’s funny!

        I think 14% is also easy to get to when you factor in the obvious inbreeding component.

    • The video of Cobb receiving the DNA test results on a talk show from the black hostess is making the rounds on the Internet 🙂

  2. There’s a lot of threatening in that photo. Open-toed tactical patrol sandals, and low speed, loooow drag bazooka boobs, would top the list over what looks like a Vepr 308 and whatever the hell beardo is carrying.

    • Maybe he learned about those tactical sandals from the Viet Cong. Perhaps he is just trying to be a Paddy Daddy.

      • Naw, them guys knew how to fight. This guy is a poser. For the record, Ho Chi Minh sandals made from truck tires and buffalo leather were comfortable and long lasting. Da bomb.

        • Yes. They were excellent. You felt a spring in your step when you wore them, due to the curve of the tire rubber. I’ve long thought they were the inspiration for the rounded workout shoes on the market. The ones I grabbed didn’t have any buffalo leather: The straps were made from inner tube.

  3. Drama llama.

    The NN have every right to be small-minded bigots who open carry guns.

    Unfortunately, they are perpetuating stereotypes of small-minded, big-city liberal bigots.


  4. These assholes being relieved of their firearms would be the best outcome for the pro gun movement.

    These assholes being relieved of their gene pool membership would be the best outcome for the human race.

    We should petition to have some twitchy Jersey cops relocate to ND so they can have an ‘accident’ next time these guys pull this Neo Nazi John Wayne shit.

    • well, to get the NJ cops to shoot them, your best bet would probably be to have these neo-nazis get dressed up in a realistic dog costume.

    • Live and let live, that’s my credo. They should have been given a warning. Which they would probably have ignored, but that’s when you run ’em in.

      Here’s a guy would be flattered if you spray-painted a swastika on his front door.

      • Well, that symbol could mean he’s a Jainist, no? I think he would insist on a skull with his swastika. It would let people know that the movement he associates with is dead.

    • Soooo……the big punchline of your, what I’ll generously call a “joke”, is that serious violence should befall someone whom you dislike? How is that stance different from that held by neo-Nazis themseles?

  5. now every open carry rally with rifles will be linked to this Neo-nazi sumbiatch.

    The reality is that when most people see open carry of rifles, this is exactly what leaps to mind: militant extremist group. That’s why I think OC of rifles is detrimental. OC of handguns tho is fine.

    • I don’t think open carry of a rifle is detrimental and as long as the people of the gun stay split on the matter, we won’t be effective against the antis. Perhaps it’s a consequence of growing up in the great north woods in Maine where a person with a rifle over his shoulder is an everyday thing and no one bothers you as long as you stay out of Portland.

      However, what these Douches (with a capital D) are doing is NOT open carry. I slung rifle is open carry. Carrying low ready with your booger hook on the trigger is dangerous and they should be arrested for public endangerment

      • “as long as you stay out of Portland”

        You nailed it… stay out of Portland.

        I live in marylandstan and see people with rifles all the time, in suburban areas**, where there is hunting nearby. The camo says “not a threat.”

        Like it or not, however, in an urban environment, people see rifles and associate them with a militant group (we are not that far removed from the race riots so some older people remember militant groups of all stripes from that era). Perception and messaging is reality. Handguns say “self defense” rifles say “military.” I strongly support open carry… so long as it is not sending a counterproductive message that we are extremist militants.

        ** with a very large population of extremely progressive liberals I might add.

    • Newsflash – for the American leftist EVERY owner of a firearm is a Nazi (ignoring that the National SOCIALIST party/Nazis were the left)..

  6. How is “framing” (or whatever the technical term for placing ones index finger along the rifle) now being equal to “with finger on trigger”?

    • To be fair, the story doesn’t claim to depict that exact moment. Whether they actually ever had their fingers on the trigger? Who knows.

  7. I would not take away a mans, any mans, rights so easily. Gays. bigots and blacks ought all go armed as is their right to.

    If you would take away someones rights because you don’t like how they think or what they say then how would you object when someone finds your thoughts or words offensive?

    • When a person willingly aligns themselves with a violent and hateful organization that has a history of oppression and murder, and openly encourages genocide and murder against an innocent population, that person has shown himself not to be of sound and sane mind to own implements of death.

      We have a word for organizations that promote murder of innocent civilians. They are called terrorists. If arming yourself and stalking people you have openly admitted you want to kill is not terrorism, then I am not sure what is.

        • Where in the first amendment does it say I can accost someone on their own property with rifles? I must have missed that bit.

        • “As a Jew, I’m not a huge fan of neo-Nazis. But I wonder where one draws the line between standing around on one’s own land, armed, and doing so in a threatening manner.”

          from the article…. “standing around on one’s own land”

        • “Still armed, the men then followed Leith resident, Miller Ferrie, to her house and exchanged words with her husband as she, in hysterics, called the sheriff whose deputies then arrived and took them into custody.”

          Also in the article. Might want to read the whole thing next time.

        • If they’re going to open carry rifles in town, the guns should be slung, stay slung, and have a flower in the barrel. This incident simply shows neo-nazis attempting to play on the idea of rights, when they have no respect for rights. ND law provides for self-defense, as does the constitution. Neither provides for “I know I’m going to be aggravating as hell so I better have my gun in both hands.”

          It doesn’t take a degree in advanced logic to draw the distinction.

    • he bought 14 properties with the intent to take over the town, posted racial slurs, and specifically targeted at least one of the townspeople who was tracking the Neo Nazi group. Walking around town with a rifle for self protection, you are traveling from point A to point B, thats ok. Walking around town following people and standing outside their property is intimidation. I get off the bus before intimidation. I dont think his rights are being taken away because someone does not agree, I think his rights are taken away because he is stalking and intimidating people, which is borderline assault

    • Words are not the issue. Combining words with threatening posture with firearms is the issue. Carrying firearms openly, marching right up to a Jewish persons property line and making with the bad words from the Nazi handbook is cause for concern in any civilised nation.

        • Actually, my company car is a surplus police cruiser. Cop brakes, cop motor and still with the backseat cage.

        • 🙂 The first car I bought was a used 1976 Plymouth Fury III in a medium-dark blue and white top. It was actually pretty close to the blues mobile. Always wanted to mount a huge speaker on the roof… Oh well…

    • Almost everything you folks have said about these people someone on the left has said about the Teaparty.

      Calling minorities racial slurs…check.
      Carrying guns in a threatening posture…check.

      • It would be nice if you provided citations. I haven’t seen tea party people doing either of the things you allege.

    • The Nazis came for the Jews and I said nothing because I was not a Jew…
      The Nazis came for the gypsies and I said nothing because I was not a gypsy…
      Then the Nazis came for me and I shot their ass.
      Now I wish I had supported RKBA for Jews and Gypsies.

    • Finally. I have been waiting a long time to hear from a real patriot who understands that “rights” are for everybody, not just the ones you happen to agree with. Its the unpopular speech, like these guys, that needs protection. There’s no need to protect popular speech, its protected by the fact that the majority likes it. These guys have every right to fly whatever flags or banners they like on their own property, no matter how many people hate it. That’s what freedom is all about. Freedom for ALL, even the ones that are unpopular. Just so long as they don’t interfere with the freedoms of others. They DON’T have their fingers on the triggers, and they AREN’T pointing them anywhere but the ground and sky, both safe directions. So if they continue that, they shouldn’t be arrested, no matter how nazi they act. Not unless they directly restrict someone else’s liberties. That’s what freedom is, like it or not.

  8. He looks like the crazy preacher from the movie Red State, is the movie based on this Craig Cobb weirdo? That would be a hoot (as his backwards ass would probably say)! The 2nd Amendment protects everyone just like the 1st. I don’t like the views, thoughts, or mindsets of these types. I don’t like the fact that they can own guns either. I’m an american mutt with American Indian, Jewish, and Irish blood. I’m sure he would hate my guts. That’s the thing though, I don’t have to like it. They are rights, not options. If this wack-a-doo was threatening people then lock his crazy ass up. If he wasn’t doing anything wrong then just wait, these types are always into something else like meth cooking or such.

  9. He can carry his rifle openly as is his right. In a just world though, first sign of ANY aggression would get this racist shitbag served with 7.62mm of “fuck you” right in the trachea.

    So please Mr. Cobb, do show some aggression. Give anyone decent a reason.

  10. “Still armed, the men then followed Leith resident, Miller Ferrie, to her house and exchanged words with her husband . . . ”

    I’m sorry but if an armed, known neo-Nazi follows my wife home and sets foot onto my property looking like they do in that photo, somebody’s leaving in a body bag.

    • I agree. If you wanna come in MY hutch and “exchange words”, you better lay down the guns at the property line, or bullets will fly.

      • Damn, William, we actually agree on something. Come to my house with anger in your heart and a gun in your hand and you better be ready to go all the way. Sucks to be you if you’re just bluffing.

  11. Right’s should not be taken away, but at the same time a moron is a moron and should be treated as such.

    He has every right to have those firearms in the picture and I don’t see a problem with it. But what I do have a problem with his him causing problems with said firearms and casting a bad light on all of the responsible gun owners out their. If he wants to walk around his property with them and its legal and not threatening anyone whatever, leave him be. But if he starts to confront a neighbor well that changes things…

    Political leanings and firearms ownership in my mind are not connected. Everyone has the right to bear arms according to the 2A and not just certain groups. I dislike Nazi’s, but they have every right to own guns just like anyone else.

    • Racists have a right to own firearms, right up until they are arming themselves and confronting people at their own doorsteps. At the very best, its harassment. At the worst its domestic terrorism.

      • “As a Jew, I’m not a huge fan of neo-Nazis. But I wonder where one draws the line between standing around on one’s own land, armed, and doing so in a threatening manner.”

        from the article…. “standing around on one’s own land”

        • “Still armed, the men then followed Leith resident, Miller Ferrie, to her house and exchanged words with her husband as she, in hysterics, called the sheriff whose deputies then arrived and took them into custody.”

          Also in the article. Might want to read the whole thing next time.

        • A man, “standing around with a rifle on his own property” can still be a threat to anyone within a mile or more radius. It all comes down to actions and intent, not where you are standing.

          If I am walking down the street and someone comes onto their own front porch waiving a gun at me the outcome is going to be noisy and messy.

  12. I really have a feeling that this guy is a phony product of the Southern Poverty Law Center or some similar entity. Too much of a sideshow.

    I got involved with a “free speech” forum when Obama was first running for President that tolerated white nationalists. They were keen on pointing out how deeply penetrated their “movements” were, threatening and mocking perceived snitches and traitors. In many cases they presented solid evidence of collaboration with the feds.

    There is no real white nationalist, white supremacist movement in the United States. There are white trash gangs and most of the KKK organizations are copy cats. The original Klan gave preferential access to Scottish Rite Masons. They’re definitely still around, but they have kept up with the times.

    Remember Kramer from Seinfeld, Michael Richards? His racist outburst? He is a high degree Scottish Rite Mason, Southern Jurisdiction. Look it up. He is in the same lodge as the late General Albert Pike, the only Confederate general to be pardoned by the Union and a documented war criminal. There is a statue of that son of a bitch in Washington DC, outside the Masonic library.

    This guy Craig Cobb guy just has fake written all over him. I especially like little Adolf with the big Vepr, someone should congratulate Morris Dees for that one. Oh, and those sandals… WTF!?

    • I know several Jews who are Master Masons in the Scottish Rite. None of them were Klansmen or bigots and none of them ruled the world. Oh, and I know black Masons, too.

      You might as well accuse the Oddfellows or Lions of being terrorists. It would make just as much sense.

    • When the “real” KKK tried to stop Tom Scott, president of the Pennsylvania Railroad, from constructing an unobstructed single rail line southward to New Orleans after the civil war (for which Scott provided the Union logistics brain), Scott invited them all to a luxurious dinner. At the dinner he told these leaders of local klans he would give them all jobs if they’d stop obstructing his plan. A day later it was over. They accepted jobs and he got his through-line which he hoped to to run south, then west to Texas. It’s all about the Benjamins. Freud was flat out wrong. It ain’t all about sex. It’s about the Benjamins. Sex is about Benjamins. Race is about Benjamins. Everything.

    • The VEPR, the tails-out under jacket, etc.: He’s actually dressed in a sort of hipster-rebel stylish way. The actual Nazis were big into cool uniforms and insignia. Is the whole thing just some sort of Ralph Lauren’ish style thing gone wrong? Sort of “prep but my parents couldn’t afford it”? I expect these guys to eventually send me a mail-order catalog featuring black leather trench coats for $4,899.

      There’s already an all-white community in North Dakota, chumps. It’s called the fracking business. Slow learners, I guess.

  13. His intent to intimidate is readily inferable from two factors–the fact that the county provides sheriffs deputies, and the absence of any apparent reason to suspect that this dead little town in nowheresville Dakota has a need for citizen foot patrols to deter criminals. Kind of reminds me of High Plaints Drifter. In sandals.

  14. ****ing racist publicity-seeking yahoos. You can tell they’re all bluster when they have a land whale with a camera walking behind them and recording their nonsense.

    I’m disappointed the bureaucrats called the cops on them. I think it’s more appropriate to show strength and a display of greater force in the face of these jackasses.

    I think coming out to talk to these morons with a FAL at the low ready would do the trick. Bring a friend or two, too.

    They step over the property line, they get ventilated.

    • Low ready? I’m thinking high ready. As in looking through the sights. One inch over the line, and they’re going out tits up.

    • I recall back in the late 1960s a fellow who looked a lot like that showed up one afternoon in a bar on St. Joe in Rapid City, SD, and began trash-mouthing the locals. Later the state cops pieced together the story that ensued: The guys in the bar decided he smelled a bit ripe. One got a rope, and another got his truck. They marched him to the truck, tied him to the back, and ran him out of town. They found a gully that had some water. One of the guys produced a wire brush, and they scrubbed him down. Someone else found him by the side of the road and called the cops. No charges were ever brought, and he never came back.

      People in the Dakotas didn’t used to put up with too much guff. “…after the men stood at the edge of Cook’s property with their fingers on the triggers of their weapons.” That would have had the boys staring down the muzzle of a very large weapon. If they even twitched, their bodies would be found the following Spring. Maybe.

  15. It’s one thing to be a moron on your own property.
    Arming yourself and going on to someone else’s land to threaten them… well, don’t expect any sympathy from me.

  16. Hitler was part Jewish, it never stopped him from murdering millions upon millions of non-Jews.
    What the readership is missing here is that Nazis pursued the same policies that American and British Progressives expoused for decades before he showed up.
    In other words, this NN is simply another Leftist and he’ll be the 1st in line to shoot FOWGs and their families, probably burning them in their churches, a favorite of Socialists everywhere

  17. I thought anyone open carrying long guns was a Neo_Nazi . . . in that what Pussy Morgan told us?

    ***Sarcasm Warning***

  18. Cobb is angling for a reality show, has 2 Hollyweird production companies courting him right now for the rights. The guy is not as dumb as he looks, he is looking at the $$$ at the end of the rainbow, and the whole neo Nazi thing is probably contrived anyway like a poster above said, he might even be on Mark Potoks payroll, after all the SPLC needs somebody to tear their chests over.

    As far as his gun handling, even with this guys stupid antics, EVERY gun owner should be concerned about being set up for brandishing charges by a neighbor or such who doesnt like them and “feels terrorized.” Its real easy to set somebody up for gun charges with anti gun cops and DA’s. The whole open carry thing will probably be a thing of the past eventually as gun owners are forced to hide even long guns from public view, or face false arrests, trumped up charges and long expensive legal battles. Don’t say it cant happen to you.

  19. There’s a little more detail included in the local news:

    Funny thing is, these idiots are pulling this shit 30 miles from an Indian reservation and the tribe is pissed. They’re likely to find themselves disappeared. I don’t think the sheriff will spend too much taxpayer money looking for them when they do.

    My heart breaks for the kids involved. Hope they find good foster parents when dad ends up incarcerated or missing.

  20. North Dakota looks nice…

    P.S. if you and your impressionable dickbag apprentice wanna look tough, leave the sandals and crocs at the nazi retard compound. I’d probably hate a lot of people too if I had that manatee following me around, by the way.

  21. if theyre pictured, where i come from thats not “carrying” thats brandishing and grounds for jailtime

  22. When he finally injures someone, or at least presents a reasonable threat to someone specific, then charge him. Until then, he’s just another angry loser exercising his rights with no awareness of what it’s all about. You know, “…..likes to shoot his guns, but he don’t know what it means….” and all that.

    Here in America, you’re perfectly free to hate whomever you want for whatever, or not any, reason you want. In fact, this nation is awash in immigrants and their offspring from every hate soaked, war torn, blood drenched patch of Earth. Yet, you don’t see the massive, whole-population purges and genocides in modern times here because we have the rule of law (-ish, and for a while longer, anyway.) It’s only when one’s hatred no longer satisfies, and violence is pursued, that there is a problem. You might even say that the freedom to hate has largely kept leashed the urge to purge.

    Although, it’s all rather silly, don’t you find, this idea of mass hatred? After all, there are almost always numerous perfectly good reasons to hate someone on an individual basis, without lumping folks into broad categories. I don’t know, guess that’s just how I was raised.

  23. Open-carrying is NOT the same as wielding a firearm in your hand, regardless of muzzle awareness and trigger discipline. If its not slung/holstered on your hip or shoulder, its not open carry.

  24. It’s people like this that shouldn’t have legal access to any type of firearm, and we all know that the legality issue would not stop them…Threaten me with a gun, and I’ll end you, simple as that…

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