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There was a discussion on Reddit the other day about what makes someone a “mall ninja.” If you’re unfamiliar, that’s a derogatory term for someone who fancies themselves a “tactical operator,” dresses solely in tactical clothing and buys a lot of useless crap for their firearms. Some of the Reddit readers wanted to put a numerical limit on the number of attachments, like “anything more than three is a mall ninja” or some such. My argument is that it isn’t the number of attachments — it’s the quality. This pile of junk is exactly the example that proves my point. On a quality rifle with a real silencer, this would be a pretty good setup. But done on the cheap, this POS isn’t only the ugliest rifle I’ve seen in months, but also possibly the most illegal. The guy claims to have bought the oil can can through an FFL, but is it really registered, or did the FFL just sell him a thread adapter he picked up off the internet? Who knows. It’s available on ArmsList, and here’s the description . . .

I started with the barrel and receiver from a Mosin
I made the stock and machined a housing for the receiver threaded the barrel to 14-1 right hand modified the bolt put a tri rail on top and rail on the bottom it has a tactical green dot laser and a forward grip with a push button eject able bipod ammo pouch 2 inch but plate 4-16x50mm mill dot sniper scope
the oil filter adapter was purchased legally through a ffl dealer it is not home made and it ((does not)) go with the gun its not for sale the pic is an example of what the gun is set up for but you can put any adapter compensator flash suppressor etc… you wont on it
asking 1400 obo or trade call or text you will get me faster if you text ***-***-****
if your not interested in buying or trading for the gun do not contact me with your comments keep them in your head

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  1. I loved this part “if your not interested in buying or trading for the gun do not contact me with your comments keep them in your head” Sounds like he know’s it illegal. Dumbass.

      • He needs to get a sense of humor!

        I had a gratifying experience today. There was an old RG Saturday night special offered on Armslist this morning with a description giving the brand as “Real Gun”, and stating it was made by Ruger. When I cleared up the guy’s misapprehension, he actually thanked me instead of bitching. Gives one hope for the human race.

      • A stamp for the filter adapter AND filter as a unit. The filter is a component of the silencer, and has to be registered as such.

        Which is what sucks about these things. Even if you register a thread adapter and filter combo you still aren’t allowed to change out the filter portion yourself, defeating much of the value of this sort of setup.

        • If it’s not being used to filter oil, why would you need to change it?

          Question 2: Is it supposed to droop like that? 😉

        • Rich,
          The innards of an oil filter don’t stand up very well to muzzle blast. The oil filter is destroyed (internally at least) in a few rounds. To maintain any suppression, you need to replace the filter periodically – and as pointed out above, there’s the rub. Unless you’re licensed to manufacture suppressors, you can’t legally replace any of the parts (possible exception of wipes or other small parts, depending on the suppressor). Since the oil filter is a major component, you can’t replace it.

          • Well, I’m not advocating breaking any constitutional laws, but are oil filters serial numbered? <hint, hint>

        • We really need to remember these crazy as bat sheet laws/rules/regulations to use as ammo whenever an anti claims that we need some more ‘reasonable’ gun control laws…

        • Not quite – suppressors need one critical part to be serialized (and requires the NFA tax and paperwork), all other components can be engineered to be replaced as need (otherwise darn near all suppressor manufacturers are breaking the law). It’s similar to a regular gun that way – every single component doesn’t have to be serialized and require 4473 to purchase. Yet. In the case of the hill-billy suppressor oil-filter adapter, it’s a real part, is an NFA part, and is serialized. The filter (of your choosing) is just like the unserialized, serviceable parts on any other suppressor. The only props I’ll give Nagant guy is going with what looks like a K&N filter. 🙂

  2. I mean… really? I spent a few buck tweaking my mosin, but my rule was no one piece over $50 since it was a hundred dollar rifle.

    The single most expensive item was the ATI monte carlo stock. In addition I put a cheap scope on it. One of the buttstock ammo sleeves, cheep sling, cheap bi pod, plus I’m going to chop the barrel down a bit.

    I don’t know I have a hard time knocking the guy though. I like to to do things and gun smith on my stuff. Especially on a mosin since if I ruin it I won’t be out a crap load of money, or I can just go get another and resue the parts.

    But asking $1400 for a mosin though? Thats a tough sell.

    Still I don’t think that qualifies him as a mall ninja. He did make a stock from scratch. Mall ninjas buy ar-15’s and put things on them just because they think it makes them a more operationally, operative, operator, operating in operative operations.

    • I agree. 2×4 stock, aluminum bar stock from Home Depot scope mount, oil filter suppressor? This isn’t mall ninja at all, it’s another fine firearm brought to you by Bubba the gunsmith and his legendary Dremel tool.

      • there is nothing wrong with using a Dremel tool, I’ve used mine to fit repair parts to my 90+ year old Ithica Flues double barrel.

      • The fun part is that oil can suppressor is going to be more effective than most commercial models out there.

        Looks like shit, but there isn’t really anything technically wrong with it. Now, on non-technical issues, a mosin is never going to be a tactical sniper rifle no matter how ugly you make it.

        And if you make something like this.. don’t try to sell it. It only makes you look foolish.

      • I made a really smooth trigger on my Mosin with a dremel tool, and still passes the bump test. But you are right, this is a fine piece of craftsmanship from Bubba.

      • I kinda like the modular 2×4 stock. If he’d built it up from marine grade plywood, it would really be a thing of beauty.

        The whole assemblage kind of looks like a knockoff of an AI chassis. Maybe he could claim it was built by Inaccuracy International?

  3. LOL, check out the picture thread, I think there may be a few posts on ruined guns. I’ve seen worse, this isnt too bad.

  4. Surprisingly not the most Bubbaed up Mosin I’ve ever seen. Close, but I’ve seen worse. Even if it’s a “just a Mosin” I still cringe when people modify antique firearms. Also, how do you transfer an oil filter through an FFL? And does that actually work on a m91/30?!

    • Nobody said capitalism is rational. Maybe there’s some desperate, rich brat who can drop daddy’s cash for clunkers. “Good luck ” to him.

    • Thats the problem. Why the heck would you buy K&N only to shoot holes in it. Buy the cheapest Master Mechanic or something like that. You can buy those thread adapters on Amazon. They are just an adapter used for nonfirearm purposes.

      • If you’re the least bit handy, you could make an adapter with a piece of steel, a drill press, and a couple of taps.

    • Why did you report it? What was wrong with it? Other than being ugly, he said the bubba-gunsmith oil filter silencer doesn’t come with it, so what was the problem?

    • Am I to assume you reported because of the oil-filter-adapter suppressor? That’s a real part, and goes through NFA paperwork + $200 tax stamp like anything else NFA. Do you also report any adult you see with a child, just in case they kdnapped them? Maybe every car you see drive by – may be stolen. Now, if you reported them for classlessly butchering a Mosin and trying to pawn it off for $1400, then …. OK.

  5. This makes me sad.

    There are gajillions of Mosins around but they still don’t deserve this kind of treatment!

  6. I love Mosins, so in the name of all that is holy, please find me a cutting torch and a bonfire so we can humanely euthanize that abomination and give it a decent burial.

    On a more serious note, I have a very hard time believing that ANYONE ignorant enough to assemble such an item as this would possess either the funds, intellect, or patience to legally purchase a suppressor. Sadly, we’ll probably never know about the ATF raid that puts and end to his brilliant scheme.

    • Apparently oil filter adapters (called “solvent trap adapters” for this purpose) are legal for use during gun cleaning. The idea is that you can spray fluids into the barrel from the breech and you can run patches through and keep the muzzle pointed down and the oil filter catches all of the chemicals. And you can store it muzzle down to catch drips long-term. This is their stated purpose. Only if you use it as a suppressor or intend to use it as such are you violating the NFA. As-is, it’s just a cleaning tool.

  7. I don’t know . . . until I read the posting, I admired the redneck ingenuity on display. I think if he’d have stuck with that theme, say for instance using a discarded VHS camera as a scope, and not been trying to sell it, then I’d guess this was a guy I could share a few beers with.

    To me, the sad part is the mix of mall ninja and redneck. I guess I’m a puritan.

    • However, for the world you describe to be truly sane, it would have to be acceptable to smack this guy upside the head for building such a thing. Actions have consequences.

  8. While I admire the fact he did mill the stock himself, it is a horrible looking rifle. Not to mention….. the “can”……. bad idea. And how is the bolt handle clearing the scope?

    • > Not to mention….. the “can”……. bad idea.

      Oil can suppressors can work quite well, actually, as a suppressor. The goal of the suppressor is to cool down and slow down gasses before they are vented to the outside air. Due to the paper filter and massive interior volume they do a very good job of that and are effective.

      The downside is that they are a terrible shape and any sane sighting system would have a hard time being useful and the opening will probably affect the trajectory of the bullet.

      > And how is the bolt handle clearing the scope?

      It appears that the straight bolt has been bent or replaced with a aftermarket bolt-on model.

  9. re: the oil can suppressor it’s perfectly possible to buy a fully legal tax-stamped one. I mean, you could also just buy one from ebay if you know what to look for and illegally use it, but it’s possible he got the legit one. And I don’t see a problem with someone who doesn’t have the money for a ‘real’ can being able to get something semi-useful…

  10. The filter is not an illegal suppressor until it is fired and their is a hole on the bottom/back where there was not one originally, until then it’s just a filter connect to the barrel as a solvent trap.

  11. That “oil filter” suppressor is actually a real product called the Econo-Can. As long as all of the NFA rules are followed, it is legal. However, from an aesthetics standpoint, tremendously ugly!!

  12. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder I guess, not my style. but bonus points for a DIY job with ingenuity and for trying something different, he can make his gun the way he wants it to beif someone wants to pay the $1400 for it more power to ’em…… HOPEFULLY the action wasn’t abused and can be dropped into a real stock again… I’m sure the tax was paid for the Can/filter, can….

  13. I seem to recall a recent posting here showing a Savage action mounted to a 2×4 with duct tape….with the stock nailed to a “nonpod” made out of stack of 1×1 lumber…

  14. Mosin Nagants are actually decent rifles…not the best, but they are accurate and sturdy. I’ve heard you can get the thread attachment registered and then just replace the oil can…. And if you did do it illegally, why would you take a picture of it???

    I am, however, more of a fan of a mosin nagant in it’s natural form…this one is a little overkill…

  15. The only crime i give two shits about here is the one against humanity for doing that to a classic rifle.

    I’m anti-scope mount, so needless to say these things make me borderline apoplectic.

  16. A moment of silence for that poor Mosin. And people are wasting time and resources trying to save useless things like trees and dolphins.

    • Save the whales, kill the people… I acutally like my Mosin… I have used it fo deer a couple years running and found it a hoot in shooting. It’s not perfect but with a butter smooth action and matching 30-06 or .308 knock-down power you cannot go wrong. I would not spend a lot of money on one or spend a lot making it into a hunting rifle but: for going out with a military type rifle on a hunt the stock rifle is pretty good. I have used a 1903 Springfield, a Garand and a Trapdoor over the years and find the Mosin their equal for hunting. I sometimes just love to take an old rifle for deer or elk. Regards

  17. How is it ugly?
    I have yet to understand why “ugly guns” are ugly. Every piece has a purpose. Maybe I’m just not fashionable.

  18. He’s got both rings attached to the fore end of the scope… I’m assuming that means it holds zero twice as well?

    • The rail is attached in place of rear sight. It is too far from eye for a scope with regular eye relief. Short of using scout scope this was the only way he could get the eyepiece close enough to shooter to see anything.

  19. I see a lot of this kind of bashing in our community, and it kind of worries me. It seems the same as the antis’ twisted thought process. They seem to think something along the lines of, “I don’t understand why anyone would want a gun, so I’m going to ridicule gun owners, and say they have small penises”. We mock that, and then go off and say “I don’t understand why anyone would want _that_ gun, so I’m going to ridicule _that_ gun owner, and say he’s a (insert random derogatory term)”. Yes, I think that gun is ugly. But it sounds like the owner spent a lot of time on it. I’m guessing it made him happy. Why would we mock that? I don’t see what there is to gain.

  20. I still don’t understand why it was flagged. I agree its ugly as sin but I don’t think there is anything wrong with him trying to sell it on armslist. You don’t get to choose what other people sell because you don’t like it. Giving him the benefit of the doubt (which I hope we would all do for each other) it does not appear he broke any laws.

  21. ‘Murica. Because he can. Because f-you. Though anyone buying it at $1400…deserves what they’re getting, now that I think of it.

  22. Stupid is as stupid does (Forrest Gump). I’m sure K&N is not a sponsor and is not happy about this display. I’ve got a Mosin and Why Screw with a perfectly good rifle. You’re not going to supress a 30-06 duplicate caliber weapon (by that I mean the 7.62 x 54mm rimmed) is a high velocity high pressure round. This was a great rifle and a great rilfe round. I have a couple and dare you to dance around at 200 meters! The muzzle blast and pressure will probably shread the oil filter. The Mosin was such a nice rilfe I had mine re-blued the trigger tuned and refinished the stock. Use for deer a couple of time just to prove I could. Nice sights and a 3lb trigger the deer never had a chance.

  23. Listen to yourselves,
    The stupid part is while this rifle is/was cheap, so were sks, so were AK clone/family rifles, so were M1 Garands, so were M1 Carbines, So were CETMEs,so were _____ and ………. How about all those $70 Enfields? Touched one for under $300 that wasn’t a beaten to sh*t trashed out rifle lately? I don’t mean because of panic market buying prices. Care to sell yous for $100.00 USA dollars that would be over a 40% return rate?

    Quit destroying quality firearms just because they are cheap and plentiful. How many great historical rifles and hand guns that would cost a thousand plus could be on the market today, if they weren’t viewed as cheap out dated junk by the big bad shooters of their day?

    TL;DR =Part of the problem is in the mirror for most people.

    When the source dries up for the rifles and the price shoots up to several hundred dollars or climbs up even more to a thousand plus ( hint you’re seeing the old Mosin Nagant 79.99 rifle selling for $130+ and that is almost double in price in how many few short years?) like the old grease guns and other surplus guns…The good days don’t last and we should be restoring gunsmith specials, take a long production rigger 10/22 if you want a rifle to modify, or build something without destroying parts from guns that could be made whole again. WW2 was a long time ago and everything from it and the models carried up through the 1960’s by the 1st world countries are now cycling out of 3rd world countries. Seen how many are getting destroyed in mass piles?

    That means in the last century learned from veteran shooters, who care about firearms and the sport, not just making a buck on F**king over the ignorant newbie(although the wish the bought a bunch to flip and are probably doing that now), was a sad fact.
    That most firearms that were all cheap by the barrel, all day, everyday, no limit, buy as many as you want….. until they ran out. While you laugh and “customize them because “you aren’t out much if you screw up”. You steal from future generations. Future shooters, perhaps your own kids or grandkids. Who will look back and wonder why the hell you were such self entitled A**holes destroying such expensive pieces of history. Crying about all the great firearms lost because no one cared because the brainics of the day used the flawed logic “the supply seemed endless and they were cheap ” .

    Name me one older firearm that has been through the marketplace and isn’t available as readily now surplus rifle, that is still cheap. Let’s look at your short attention span focus ability with just a few years old & on the market, the Mosin Nagant pistols that were a $90 (advertised not discounted C&R or FFL bulk rates pricing) and now are $300.00 and climbing. If you can find one, no one will sell you one at just double their money for $160.00 which is a hell of investment return, sadly most sit in sock drawers and in safes not being shot . How much trashed was talked about them and how many destroyed in “I wanna be a gunsmith” but don’t know hoe to make my open parts without destroying history and piece of war that is a reflection of the men and women who went through hell on scale we haven’t seen since. While every death is tragedy and destroys worlds, we aren’t bring up thousands ever boat/plain load from war.

    So in dealing with the distinguished gun owners community, they have an automatic low opinion until the price climes up high on any affordable firearm. That the “working mans affordable” firearms are being destroyed bought by people with many motivations than helping people to shot or building a collection of the various types. Low income people, you know the one you bash regularily, falsely claim living like millionaires on you piss ant tax withholding…. Which most live in a ghetto and need a gun for protection from robbery unlike most in the sport & hobby. They have the right to shoot and enjoy guns and you/we need their votes, cut them out of the sport and watch them not care what happens to all the rich snobs, preview, look at the NFA laws and no one that isn’t into NFA really cares because its Rich man’s game and they’ll never own one to own and shoot. If you want an expensive high performance rifle buy one if you want a rifle that is affordable and can be used to feed a family than do so but quit destroying history. Enough surviving examples isn’t an excuse or look at the NFA market and how many are lost from ownership…..

    Everyone looks down and forgets there are people that this is the best rifle they can collect. The rifle is a very good rifle and in time will become very desirable. Listen to the old timers who kick themselves for chopping up the cheap guns…

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