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Did I miss this video out of celebrity indifference, or are TTAG’s servers about to be melted by fans of Herbie Fully Loaded (ain’t that the truth)? God I hope so. On both counts. Anyway, don’t point a gun at your face or head, even in jest, even if the gun’s been safety checked by some feckless toady and there’s fake blood splatter behind your head for a mock suicide snapshot for sensory-starved Schadenfreudenistas. Heads-up celebs! Cry for help this. It behooves you to set a good example to your admirers, who could well be just as drug-addled as you are, only playing around with a real gun and a cellphone camera. In fact, if you’re a household name who’s not some sort of videogame or cleaning product, please contact TTAG and we’ll devise a red hot sexy gun safety promotional campaign. No charge. Except to our advertisers, of course.

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  1. That was skanktastic! I’m sure she’s contemplating her gun handling faux pas right now as she moulders away in prison.

  2. Let’s play The Name Game!

    Name that celebutard: Lindsey Lohan, alleged former actress/singer and current crack whore.

    Name that gun: Is it a S&W 39-series, or its Hungarian knockoff?

    • Please let it be a knockoff. I won’t be able to look at a S&W the same way if it isn’t.

    • That’s just a holdover from her OTHER adventures involving two fingers at the sa… o.O …

      … I’m stopping myself riiiight there; consider myself edited for content and family-friendliness.. Carry on.

  3. You mean some crackpot from the shit-for-brains celebrity scene of California knows absolutely nothing about guns/is being a moron? HOLD THE FUCKING PRESSES. THIS IS AMAZE111

  4. Is it true? Did I just use up 1:14 of my life on this? Oh, well. At least I didn’t sit through the entire 7:08 clip.

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