NC Congressional Candidate Holds “Machine Gun Social”

The unintentionally ironically named shares the mainstream media’s belief that the Tea Party movement and gun nuts make for regular bedfellows. And they want you to know it (as in see it their way). So when Republican North Carolina congressional candidate Tim D’Annunzio held a fundraiser at a gun rental range, the paper made editorial hay while the proverbial sun shined. “By adding $25 to D’Annunzio’s campaign kitty, supporters got the opportunity to fire an Uzi or an MP-5 submachine gun. “I was so good the first time,” said 56-year-old Victoria Schott of Charlotte, “I’m going to do it again.” In keeping with the traditional political fundraiser, supporters could also help themselves to a plate of fresh-cooked pork barbecue with all the trimmings.” Pork politics, geddit? Needless to say, the gun pun-heavy article ends with a quote from someone who thinks that gun ownership equals delusional fanaticism. “Not everyone was happy with this bullets for bucks benefit. Three members representing Fayetteville Peace With Justice dropped by and had a bite to eat. Afterward, the group’s spokeswoman, Wendy Michener, shot from the hip: “It says more about us than it does about him (D’Annunzio). … There’s a good part of this country that would think this would be a really good idea.”

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