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There’s no subject too complicated for the NBC Nightly News that it can’t be wrapped up in a 3:30 package with kindergarten-level graphics, sensational video and overly-earnest left leaning commentary. The Mexican drug wars are no exception. Click here to view the result, aired last Sunday. After enduring the Swiffer ad, fast-forward to 2:45, where we’re told that “most of the killings here are done with assault rifles and .50 caliber machine guns, bought over the counter in the United States where gun laws are among the most relaxed in the world.” As opposed to NBC’s fact checking standards? [hat tip to TTACer]

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  1. This report is absolutly fraught with uncited inaccuracies and gross oversimplifications.

    Where did the grenades used against the Police station in Monterey come from; certainly not "over the counter" in the U.S.

    If "most" of the guns these cartels are indeed using "assualt weapons" and ".50 cal. rifles" (really? .50 cal.?) purchased over the counter here, that means AT LEAST 51% of all gun murders related to the Mexican drug trade are committed with such guns. An interesting "stat" when even the ATF doesn't seem clear on the number.

    Then there's the whole "America's Burden" angle they tried at the end. This is all (again) our fault for creating the market. Never mind that it takes two to tango. Just because there is a black market here in the States deosn't mean the inept Mexican Feds had to allow their country to fill Columbia's role of the '80's. Moreover, even if the demand in America was eliminated, I hardly think these cartels would just pack up and go home. There will always be easy markets for drugs and sex.

  2. Finally, doesn't it seem abundantly clear that erecting a 10ft. concrete wall along the entire border would stifle, slow or eliminate many of these problems. If the map showing the cartels' concentrations is to be believed, they're camped on both sides of the border. Why do you suppose that is? Seal it off and make it VERY didficult to get any contraband (guns, drugs, violence, illegals) across in EITHER direction. If the Mexican Government truly believes we're as complicite in all this as they say, they'd agree instead of fighting such a proposal.

  3. They also seem misinformed as to what a "cartel" is. Makes absolutely no sense to say there are seven main cartels.

  4. From wiki:
    "A cartel is a formal (explicit) agreement among competing firms"

    Learn something new everyday.

  5. a cartel is a confederation of separate parties that agree to not to compete with each other to avoid the costs of competition. They agree to production quotas and fix prices. A cartel is like a union; imagine there was 7 autoworker unions that all competed with each other bidding at lower and lower wages and benefits, it would be completely counter to their interests. Like OPEC, OPEC is a cartel. the members don't fight with each other.

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