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Next Post has posted a fascinating interactive map showing which states adhere to “Ten Key State Laws That Curb Illegal Gun Trafficking.” Oh wait, did I say In fact, the site is run by . . . wait for it . . . the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). It’s the same gun control group behind the Kremlin-like Responsible Firearms Retail Partnership (detailed in the previous post). Anyway, the other maps show the expected alignment between MAIG’s gun control agenda and blue states. This illustration represents the most profound geographic split. I reckon the cops’ right to control concealed carry permits (licenses really) is the battleground in the ongoing fight for gun rights. Watch this space.

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  1. Robert if the headline was supposed to match the graphic it's got to be wrong. CO is a "Shall issue" state meaning that LE has no "discretion" in issuing a permit. If the applicant meets the qualifications and passes the background check, the sheriff is required to issue a permit. Ditto for Wyoming and Utah, so unless MAIG defines "discretion" in some peculiar manner, that chart is flat out wrong.

    It's actually a lot easier to list the states that are not "shall issue." AFAIK there are 10 of them, the other 40 states are "shall issue" states.

  2. Arkansas is shown as "discretionary" state on the map.

    In Arkansas, the "discretion" that LE has over the issuance of a permit is very small.

    Both the county sheriff's office and the local city police are notified when somebody in their jurisdiction applies for a permit (There around around 80,000 permit holders in Arkansas now, state pop around 2.8 million).

    The "discretion" that local LE has is if that person has been very recently arrested or held for something that's so recent, as to not yet in the system, and wouldn't show up on a state background check or the FBI fingerprint check.

    For example, if Billy Bob sent off his permit application, and then two weeks later he got arrested and charged for drunkenly shooting guns at parked cars in the neighborhood, his behavior would be so recent as to not be recorded in the system at the time his CCW permit application would be processed by the state police.

    Arkansas is a "shall issue" state. The discretion that local LE has is very, very small.

  3. Alabama is a "may issue" state. Although, nearly all the county Sheriffs will issue a permit if you pass the requirements. Effectively making it a "shall issue" state.


    I've gone over that site for the last few minutes and it makes my head hurt. The "export" bar seems to always be higher when the state doesn't have any of the "required laws". I really don't think there is a truthful bit of information to be found.

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