to Launch January 1, 2019 National Gun Trader
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The People of the Gun have been bemoaning the lack of a large scale, professional online marketplace for firearms and gear. We’ve been clamoring for someone to step in and fill an obvious void in the marketplace, thanks to so many retail outlets and financial institutions who’ve made it difficult or impossible for retailers and consumers to do business.

Of course, such a marketplace, if it is to be effective, is by no means easy or inexpensive to create. You have to have some online retail and distribution experience, have significant financial backing, and, above all, believe in the Second Amendment and support free and fair commerce. There just aren’t a whole lot of organizations that check off of those boxes. aims to be the first.

I use several different online marketplaces regularly. I’ve had good experiences, and very bad experiences. I’ve had guns that never arrived at my FFL, sellers disappear, people who never arrived to buy, the wrong guns delivered to my FFL, and every other problem imaginable. I’ve also spent way too much time finding, or not finding, what I was looking for. seeks to change that by providing the first multi-merchant platform in the industry. The goal is to allow multiple direct-to-consumer businesses to sell and advertise their brand on one large platform. provides a marketplace-based community that connects consumers with firearm and other outdoor retailers, merchants, distributors and Federal Firearm Licensees. has a launch date of New Year’s Day, 2019, but you can take a look at their website and see some of the vendors they have already.

If you’re a vendor, you can find out more and start the on-boarding process by visiting

From the look of their site, it’s impressive. Vendors are able to set up vendor-specific URLs and import videos on their products. There will also be a review and comment section for customer input.

“We wanted to build a platform that is user friendly and familiar to prospective buyers and businesses while also being innovative and unique. is a place where sportsmen, shooters and gun enthusiasts can interact and transact with companies who support hunting, recreational shooting and the Second Amendment. Unlike other platforms in our space, our users can rest assured that the rug will never be slipped out from under them by arbitrary or politically motivated product bans.” said Bill Voss, President and CEO of

There’s more than one bottom line for this business. Beyond just filling the gap in the market, they’re using a portion of the proceeds from to help several non-profit organizations. Those current beneficiaries include: The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Project ChildSafe, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

We’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’ve known the guys who started this and have hunted with them in the past. They’re hard-core patriots, avid hunters and Second Amendment advocates. They’ve already been successful in other online retail businesses, and is bringing some of that same enthusiastic but seasoned team together here.

These may just be the people to make this whole thing work. My hat’s off to them, and I look forward to their great success.

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  1. Good going guys! You know of course that every left wing anti-gun group is going to make you target number one on their “destroy at all costs” list.

    • Name one thing involving guns that isn’t on the lefts list to destroy. Hell, at this point, anything that isn’t blatantly liberal is a target to them.

  2. What is that saying ? … ONE SHOT ONE KILL . Mueller will shut down the entire site for all the vendors by sending in one red headed Russian babe.

  3. Armslist is a pain in the ass to find what you’re looking for. Gunbroker has the same issue as eBay where it’s hard to personalize a listing’s page and the fact its set up like an auction classified even when you just want to buy/sell something flat price.

    We’ve been in need in something like this and I hope it takes off.

    • With GunBroker, it depends on what you are looking for, whether as a general search or as an individual firearm. I can usually get it down to a few pages to scan if looking for a particular firearm as opposed to a class.

        • I would just observe that it has to be light-years better than the current platforms, or there will be no migration, only (perhaps) tourists.

          Humans have a tendency to stick with the devil they know, rather than learn yet another platform that’s headed for the digital dustbin.

          How many “better” eBays have there been again? I wish them the best and all, but they’d better have deeeep pockets to survive until they turn the proverbial corner.

  4. So can you only sell stuff related to guns, hunting and the outdoors? I mean I hate to be a downer but to compete I hope they allow the sale of anything as long as it is legal. Create a marketplace. We don’t really need a gun ebay we need a regular one that supports gun rights, freespeech and all of that. I will be interested if it can be used in more ways than that.

    • From the intro website, multiple uses of the phrase “outdoor and shooting sports” would seem to indicate that they are looking for at least a broader market than just firearms.

      • Please remind NGTdotcom to provide good deals. When I want to pay full retail or more I always have Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shop/DICKS/etc.

        Make no mistake, the ETA of another online full retail site is DOA ASAP. We the people of the gun are as loyal to gun stores as we are to ambulance companies.

      • Problem is , it’s still called National GUN Trader. Nobody is gonna be going there looking for tents and ATVs. Pigeonholing yourself into a small niche is not the way build a widely accepted business that will actually compete with anyone. We don’t need gun ebay. We just need an ebay that doesn’t hate guns.

        All you need to do is say “We’re not like those other hacks. We don’t care what you sell as long as it’s legal”

  5. What we could really use is something better than Armslist and GB for used sales.

    The description of NGT makes it appear to be all about vendors hawking retail items, not maing it easier for consumers who buy and trade used stuff.

    • I second this comment.

      I have tried to purchase used firearms on Armslist. The primary problem, I send a message through Armslist to the seller and the sellers never contact me. My only successful interchange on Armslist was when the seller included their cell phone number in their firearm listing — which enabled me to bypass Armslist’s messaging feature and communicate directly with the seller.

      • I have had just the opposite. My messages on Armslist have usually been answered by both individuals and by dealers. I have bought through Armslist, Gunbroker, and GunDeals and had good results. The only problem was a shop that sent the gun initially to the incorrect receiving FFL. It delayed the transaction but the shop absorbed the shipping charge. Still got a good deal. Other transactions, whether with individuals or shops went without a hitch. Nonetheless, I am very happy to see that another party is stepping into the market. Armslist is now dominated by pawn shops posting every item in inventory. I realize Armslist has to make a dollar, but the manner in which they do it is alienating us as users.

  6. Now all we need is:
    “FreeTube” (A youtube alternative without tyrant leftists)
    “Fritter” (A twitter alternative without censorship)
    “FacePlant” (A facebook alternative without censorship)
    “PayBuddy” (A Paypal alternative without censorship)
    “VISANOT” (A VISA alternative to credit cards)
    “United States International Bank of Real People” (A banking alternative made for people in touch with reality (not leftists) that will allow uncensored transactions for places like defense distributed, or Hatreon (not that I necessarily agree with them).
    “Hatreon” (A current patreon alternative, killed by the banks, to be revived by a uncensored banking institution.
    “BitCoin” (A current alternative uncontrolled unlike the dollar bill. Currently repressed by paypal and other institutions that purposely make it difficult to change currencies. To be revived by the bank of real people, visanot, and paybuddy.
    “Black rifle coffee” (An alternative to leftist weirdo starbucks – to be expanded to retail stores everywhere)
    “University of Real People Researching the Objective – URPRO” (An alternative university that doesn’t extend childhood an additional 4 to 5 years and putting people 100k in debt for lesbian dance theory that will ensure they never find a position in any career. Also requires students get out of their “safe space” and undertake an endless slew of “microagressions.” Lastly, researching “real” things, and seeks the “objective” – not the postmodernist subjective nonsensical insanity, and has courses in gun training and a shooting range.

      • They are very good. Only brand of cofveve I can drink straight without feeling as though I’m chugging a mug of hot cat urine. Lil expensive for coffee but very good stuff. If you order I recommend Caffeinated As F*ck unless you have gastritus or a sensitive stomach, then I recommend Silencer Smooth.

  7. Ummm…OK. Hey silly me I’ve never bought anything gun related off the interwebz. I buy pretty much all my ammo at Cabela’s. Last gun at a pawnshop because I have a great relationship with the owner. I’ll check this out but it looks pretty ordinary to my old jaded eyes.

    • If you buy your ammo exclusively at Cabelas, you’re paying way too much for ammo. They occasionally have decent deals for 9mm and .223, but I order .45ACP and 40S&W online for half what Cabelas charges.

  8. So far nothing here to impress me. Lots of big promises is all. I’ve long used GunBroker, Cabelas, Bass Pro, CDNN and numerous others on the internet with good results. Local gun shops too, absolutely. So this new outfit will have to prove itself superior to all that, a steep hill to climb!

    First thing though is to begin by not telling fibs. They are not the first or the biggest. Right now they are the latest promotion. So they have already told me a lie, puts them in the negative before they even start.

    Guess what? I only respond to promotions (advertising) that show me hard dollar and cents savings. Not promises, not trick pricing or sneaky bidding schemes. Advertising is crap without the price with shipping and any other charges all adding up smaller than the next outfit’s offer.

    • The site is not a bidding site all. It is not aiming to be another gun broker. It’s a multi merchant platform similar to what Amazon has created so yes it is a first in the industry that is not a lie. The sites you mentioned are stores with one seller, think amazon multi merchant not Cabelas.

  9. I tried five times to sign up for the Gun Trader program buy your asinine sign in system will not let me. “I’m not a robot”. What the hell is that all about. Then they show stupid pictures that are dark and shadowy that you can’t decifer. Y’all need to get a grip on life. That is BS. You had me but now you don’t.

  10. My Gun People – I’m pretty sure this is NOT a GunBroker (AUCTION) model…It seems to be more of an Amazon Community-Focused model…single product page, multiple merchants – there’s a HUGE difference. I’m glad to see something like this finally brought to market!

  11. Cool. However, for millions of us LEGAL LAW-ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS, stuck in commie states like kalifornia, does little good.

  12. Every pro gun patriot needs an online resource where we can buy/sell and seek information. These guys have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into developing a platform we needed years ago – and just in time as it seems others are getting wiped out. Awesome.

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