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This is a somewhat unique pocket dump because it includes a Precision Small Arms pistol chambered in .25 ACP. These guns have 2.13-inch barrels with a 3.54-inch RH twist and a seven-round capacity.

You don’t see EDC pistols chambered in anything smaller than .380 ACP carried very often now – or do you? Do any of you guys carry mouse guns? If so, are they your main carry?

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    • North American minis work just as well…and are even smaller…my first handgun was a baby browning…and I still have it…but those mini-revolvers are the ultimate easy carry…

      • I love the NAA minis. when it is difficult to carry anything larger, a mini in 22 Mag is a comfort to have with you.

  1. The .25 ACP is definitely superior to the .22 Long Rifle in a “pocket pistol”. It is more reliable and penetrates far deeper than the .22 Long Rifle cartridge in the pistol.

    Any statement made to the contrary is in error.

    • depends on the bullet…most .25’s are full-jacketed…and will penetrate deeper…but with less fatal results…

    • Either one fired point blank into the face will suffice. Farther and less precise than that and each will be equally iffy.

      • point blank to the face just pissed ape hanger off. never saw the small latino again.
        i have no references to site here. real thing, happened at bedrocks on roscoe. bounced off cheekbone, exited near temple.
        and the strange moe that still to this day shoots pool at cary’s on devon has a similar face entrance/ exit tale to tell. two years since, complaints of headaches and nausea.

    • Too bad both Shooting the Bull and Paul Harrell haven proven your unsubstantiated statement wrong with empirical evidence and experiments. Go watch the videos.

  2. Made in Aspen… kinda cool. $800-$5500… not surprising for Aspen. Everything they make is the same basic size and chambered in .25 cal… that seems like a small market.

    • Which is strange, because everyone in Aspen is scared shitless of anything that goes bang.

      Price? Makes absolute sense. It has to be good because someone paid $5500 for it…

  3. I have owned and used a variety of .22 and .25 mouse guns over the years. Some very cheaply made and others that are better quality.

    It’s been a few years since I bought a gun. I have all I need and some that I don’t. But if I ever stumble across a Beretta tip barrel .25 again I’ll just buy it.

    • once saw a guy shot in the back with a .25….it lodged in his shoulder blade…after which the guy shot turned around and beat the crap out of the guy who shot him….

      • i call BS on this. nobody carries one round of 25. the only defensive shooting I am personally aware of was a cousin of mine was hit by a drunk driver and had major back problems . He had numerous surgeries and was in serious chronic pain. He had lots of pain killers at his home . he lived in a very rural area . An addict broke into his home looking for the drugs and cash. Beat my cousin down and began searching the house . my cousin got up and got the only gun he had , a raven 25. he shot his attacker one time in the chest and the attacker was killed. does it always work? certainly not . Think about your heart and lungs. they are protected by thin rib bones and skin. people are killed by wal mart 177 cal pellet guns every year because they are hit in the chest and the heart or lungs are damaged. all gun are dangerous. penetration are similar for the 380 and the 25, on is a 1/4″ hole and one is 3/8″ .

      • You would be amazed by what criminals put in their guns. If bad guys loaded their firearms properly murders would probably be a lot higher. If a gun can accept a ‘wrong’ caliber (i.e. not the correct one but it will fit in the chamber) it’s been tried. Ammo that is decades old and has been submerged a few times in a toilet? Tried. All sorts of different ammunition in one magazine? Sure. And some bad guys don’t seem to know how to load a gun at all and use the NY reload method… or just throw it and run after it runs out or jams.

        And since small guns are popular with gangs (not so much now, but especially back a couple of decades) it’s not impossible for me to imagine how someone could get shot with a .25 once.

        • I so. I assumed it was a defensive carry piece. but given that all of us who occasionally carry one , This is not a relevant example. It is well outside the bounds of this discussion.

  4. .25 acp will become popular one day, as people get weaker, fatter, and more intersectionalized, 9mm will be ruled too big for everyone with weak wrists, so everyone will switch to .380. As devolution continues .380 will abandoned as too much gun, and .25 acp will have its moment in the sun for a time.

    • No, no, no. You’ve got it all wrong, or half wrong. The results you describe will come to pass. But, it will not be a devolution resulting from weak wrists, etc. It will be a shift to .380 and .25 due to advances in bullet technology; with such advances not being realized in larger or more powerful calibers..

      • No, no, all of you have got it wrong. It will be when the left has taken control and we have European rules banning “military” calibers. All that will be left for mere us mortal civilians are .380 and .25 ACP, since the military have appropriated everything else (including .22 since 5.56 is just a .22).

    • Quite a few years ago on the newsgroup “alt.guns” (IIRC) there was a regular who failed to post for quite a while. When he returned he told the following tale:
      He was a pawnbroker in FL and one day a ordinary looking man came to his shop and wanted to see a (real) Japanese katana he had for sale. He brought the man to the office and handed him the sword. The man proceeded to “run him through” with the sword (saving his life by using it as a penetrating weapon instead of a slashing weapon). He was in front of his desk and his 9mm was in a desk drawer on the other side of the desk. He had a .25 Auto in his pocket and he drew it and dispatched the perp before calling 911.

      When the SHTF, the firearm you have on your person is worth much more than the one (those) somewhere else.

  5. Little pistols can be fun for plinking, done a lot of that. in .22’s thru .32’s. but those just feel too little to me for any other purpose.

    My minimal for self defense is a Kel-Tec P3AT as a pocket piece, .380ACP. Wouldn’t care to go smaller than that. I carry it in a pocket holster as the only item in that pocket, no mixing of car keys or other clutter. Even when carrying a full size pistol on a belt, the .380 mouse gun is along for the ride too.

  6. Smallest I carried was a Colt Mustang Pockelite in 380.
    It was better than carrying nothing and this was around the suburbs of Detroit.

  7. Sometimes a sharp stick might be better then a $$1000 25cal. Nice piece of artwork though.
    Ive been hit with a hammer now that hurt!!!

  8. Owning both a similarly sized 25 acp and an LCP II I can say conclusively that the 380 isn’t any harder to conceal, and is substantially easier and more effective to shoot. The 25 is a lot of fun to shoot, but I wouldn’t ever consider it for primary carry.

  9. I carried a Seecamp .32 for a few years in a pocket holster in the People’s Republic of MA. (Gotta be careful in a “May issue” state.) Then I realized that a S&W .380 Bodyguard wasn’t much bigger than that. Well, a Ruger LC9 wasn’t much bigger than the Bodyguard, so I switched to that.

    • my identical twin brother in law has one in a safe deposit box since his kids were born. backward thinking to me.
      and he won’t sell it.

  10. When I started in law enforcement in the early 90s my old school captain carried a Smith Model 19. His hide out gun was a Colt Junior .25 that he carried in his left front pants pocket. He called it an ear gun – if anybody tried to get his .357 from his right hip, he was going to pull the .25 with his left hand and empty it in the bad guy’s ear. I don’t think that he ever tested the theory but it seemed like a good idea to me. So much so that I carried a Beretta 21A in the same way for a while. In those far off days there weren’t many small pistols around – just little .25s and a .22 mag over and under derringer by Hi Standard. To get a bigger bang you had to go to a PPK, Astra Constable (Spanish PPK clone), or J frame .38. I still have my Beretta although I haven’t shot it in years.

  11. There are many people that are dead because of the .25 round. While many of us agree that bigger is better for stopping power, there are many people dead because they were shot with .22, .25, or .32(which was/is a police round in many countries)

    • And how many of the dead from .25 ACP hurt or killed the person who shot the .25 ACP before expiring?
      When it comes to .25 ACP or any inadequate round, you are better off with pepper spray or MACE. At least MACE blinds the badguy so you can run away…but MACE does not give some people the Walter Mitty ego-boost…

  12. Just last week I bought a stainless steel .25 ACP baby Browning clone made by Bauer Firearms in Michigan back in the 1980’s. Looks exactly like the gun in the picture except silver in color. The price was right, and it was so cute, I just had to have it. I don’t know how many hours I have spent this week playing with it. I’m just fascinated with how small this is. It only has 32 parts. That would 32 tiny little parts. My paw like hands are way too big to attempt to totally disassemble it. I gotta get some ammo for this and do a little shooting.

  13. I’ve got a .380 that is light and compact enough that I can’t really imagine going with something smaller unless I’m looking for an assassination weapon.

    • For assassination weapons try a .22. That way you can get a GemTech Pillbottle silencer which is cool as hell.

    • The baby Browning is a lot smaller than that Russian pistol. The Browning is 4″ overall length x 2 3/4″ high

  14. I posted yesterday that imcarried a Bauer 25 in the 70s.

    I toyed with 22s by Jenning, Sterling, and even a Walther TPH but was never able to get a reliable feeding load for them.

    I would like to have a Beretta Inox model 21 as a pocket trail gun.

    I would never go below 32 ACP for an EDC defense gun. Probably stick with 380 as the smallest for me.

    The LCP is what we wanted all along….took technology a while to catch up.

  15. As to the EDC dump; No watch, LCP, Leek and a regular ball point.
    Had a .25 Bearcat. Loved it, couldn’t afford to shoot it. Sold it and bought a Sterling and some ammo. Back in the 70s .22 was better than .25 cost/round by a lot.

    • Had that Sterling .22 also (still do, actually). It still shoots, but not reliably enough to trust. It’s definitely a magazine problem, but those are rarer than hen’s teeth these days since Sterling got sued out of business years ago.

  16. I like that pistol and most mouse guns.
    I know it has limited use, but you don’t always have the right rocks for the right Philistines anyway.
    I knew 3 cops working fugitive recovery armed with Sig 220’s with 230 grain HST’s.
    Bad guy didn’t go quietly and fought his way to his truck. Cops threw everything they had at him and the Ram and both kept going despite being shot to hell.

  17. Hey guys,
    That’s my pocket dump. I actually bought that “$1,000” .25 for $225 in unfired condition. Not really a carry piece since baby Browning’s are not very safe carried with a round in the chamber. I bought it for deep concealment where any gun is better than no gun.

    Funny enough I just sold that gun for a handsome profit to fund something else…

  18. I pocket carry a Beretta 21a while at work. No one knows I’ve been doing for five years now. I practice with it all the time.

  19. An acquaintance of mine shot himself in the head ( girlfriend troubles, go figure, with. 25 acp, brain damage, death three days. A .25 Titan gt saved my ass in a car jacking, threat of gun to his head. I carry that Titan gt occasionally as a primary, but usually it’s a back up carried in my left pocket. In one of my post I told a story of me and a fast shooting fellow. I had a 44 Blackhawk 10-1/2 bbl. and he a .45 Gold Cup in a speed draw holster. Bet him I could get off a shot faster and on the word go pulled the trigger on the .25 in my pocket. What’s that got to do with what. Surprise is better then speed in a up close gunfight, and little guns can surprise.FMJ vs HP in these small calibers, I’d take the penatration over the iffy limited expansion. I’d think its better to have a small hole to then a bigger hole almost. Would I carry one as a primary, no.

  20. Like the watch and the flashlight. The smallest I’ll carry is my Taurus 738. Not much bigger than the gun pictured, but more capable and a helluva lot cheaper.

  21. I have an NAA 5-shot 22 LR Revolver. I can fit it in any pocket, or my belt buckle (and I have made it past “security” wearing the belt buckle setup).

    The inherent problem of a failure to ignite a rimfire in a semi-auto is obviated by a revolver – if you get a dud, switch to the next chamber since you’re not relying on firing a round to cycle the action.

    Is this my primary carry? Hell no.

  22. The first pistol I purchased was in Cali, the Raven MP-25 in 1985.

    Still have that little bugger, rides the bedroom side table, and gets fired once every couple of years.
    It was also the first firearm I dual-fisted, as a buddy had one in Chrome! It’s much better with a
    pair of 1911’s, lemme tell ya!

    If you go to Wikipedia and search for “Saturday Night Special,” you will see it’s twin on the lower right…

  23. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon every day.
    It’s always useful to read through articles from other writers and practice something from their web sites.

  24. in regards to the leek, an excellent toothpick. just pick another pocket for something with a little more spine. the kershaw opening assist springs (sort of a convoluted paper clip) do break regularly if you succumb to it’s fidget factor. the factory will supply some multiples gratis if you call them. if you can reassemble a mark ll, you can replace a speedsafe device.
    watch for the laminated d2/ sandvik version.
    (rip ttak).

  25. I used to carry a colt .25 but then I stopped when one day while shooting I took a shot at an old piece of automobile at the side. The bullet did not penetrate the metal. (this was from an older vehicle from the ’50’s)

    At that point, I started carrying a .38 revolver.

  26. Way back in the 80’s (19, not 18) I picked up a used, domestic knock-off of a CZ pocket pistol in 25 acp. It was made by a company in FL, but I can’t remember the name. I know it was in FL because I had to send it to them when it broke. They replaced several parts, included a second pair of grips, and sent it back in working order for no charge! I believe it was DAO, but not drop safe with a chambered round. I sold it a couple of years later and put the money towards a NAA 22 magnum mini. The 25 was an interesting piece, but I’ll take the 22 magnum mousegun any day. In the trivia department, James Bond originally carried a Beretta 25, sometimes fitted with a suppressor. He wasn’t happy when M forced him to change to a PPK chambered in 32 acp which, according to Q, hit “like a brick through a plate glass window”.

  27. I see very few firearms companies making the .25 acp handguns anymore. Its a shame as they are so convenient to carry you sometimes have to remind yourself you are armed. Its a gun I never leave home without because its so comfortable to carry.

    I have read of plenty of people who are alive today because they blew away the bad guy with one and he had no idea they were armed because the pistol was so small and concealable. I remember the lady cab driver that was kidnapped and taken to a remote spot to be raped and murdered and the nut case even took her glasses so she could not see very well but at close range she pulled out a .25 acp and blew him away at the last minute. Or about the man existing a bar and was attacked by 3 street thugs and he blew all of the away with this .25 auto pistol. I guess real life incidents seem to refute all of the Gun writer morons who claim that shooting a person with a; .25 acp only makes them mad. Either that or they buried these 4 criminals while they were still alive.

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