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Reader Ben from VT writes:

There’s been a lot of discussion since the election about the prospects for the passage of a national reciprocity bill. That would allow anyone licensed by one state to carry a firearm to carry in any other state, no matter the local laws. The most politically palatable solution, though, for national concealed reciprocity may be a federally issued concealed carry permit. A federal permit would supersede any state laws and gun-free zones. Guns still wouldn’t be allowed in federal buildings or on planes, but would be allowed everywhere else.

My concept of a “FCP” permit would allow the permit holder to carry any gun allowable under federal law, even if it’s illegal in a state to which he or she travels. It would not allow a permit holder to purchase and carry a weapon that’s not allowed by their home state.

An FCP would protect travelers who live in states that have more constitutional laws (i.e., someone from Utah will be able to carry his Walther CCP while visiting his family in California) when they’re in more restrictive states. The background check process would be similar to an NFA background check; fingerprint and photo, etc. It would also include a system to alert a carrier’s home state law enforcement in the event that a permit holder commits a crime.

With this federal permit, the holder will be able to purchase handguns and long guns without undergoing a background check each time. Less work for he ATF. They could also purchase NFA items by simply registering them. They’d be able to purchase the NFA item and walk out the door that day with the proper paperwork and tax stamp payment.

Some will consider this too restrictive a solution. But the ant-gun left has a point regarding the differences in laws between the states. Some are more lenient in issuing concealed carry permits (some possibly too lenient), and others perhaps too restrictive. I don’t like the restrictiveness of this either, but realize that there are too many people that shouldn’t have access to firearms.


I want this country to be a safer place and the only way I see is for more of the public to be responsibly armed and able to defend themselves. I live in Vermont, and as in most rural parts of the country, the state police could be as much as an hour away. In no way can or should law enforcement take responsibility for the well-being of every member of society.

I might also add that this permit system should not do away with state concealed carry permits, this should be viewed as a second level permit. My state is well known for our concealed carry laws, and it works well for us. But every time I travel outside of Vermont I have to leave my concealed firearms at home, and after years of carrying, this leaves me feeling vulnerable and unprotected.

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  1. I disagree. Giving this right to the feds takes it away from the states and in the future a anti gun president can work his black magic to stop ccw at the federal level and we will never get it back. We need laws that force other states to reconize ccws, but superceeding them federally is not the right way to go about it.

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