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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took to the House floor following the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and four others during a GOP team baseball practice this morning. During her remarks she made a point of thanking the security guards — Crystal Griner and David Bailey — who were on the scene to protect the House Majority Whip and engaged the shooter before he could do even more damage.

So our hopes and prayers – and I said to the Speaker, ‘I’ll be asking you every five minutes, how is Steve coming along?’  And also for Zack Barth, in Congressman Roger Williams’ office, and Matt Mika, who was a former staffer, and of course, as the Speaker acknowledged, Krystal (sic) Griner and David Bailey.

In acknowledging their sacrifice and how fortunate we were that they were on the scene because their lives would have probably been lost.

I want us to remember that every single day the Capitol Police protects all of us, takes risk for us and while a day like this is a time where we can focus on it so sadly, it doesn’t mean that other days aren’t as challenging.

The two officers returned fire when unhinged Bernie-bot James Hodgkinson opened fire on the unarmed Republican congresspeople and staffers. Griner was reportedly wounded and Bailey was injured while fighting him off. Had they not been present, Hodgkinson would likely have murdered many of those on the field this morning.

It’s heartening to see the former Speaker, until now a staunch opponent of the individual right to keep and bear arms, acknowledge the inherent truth behind NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre’s comments following the Sandy Hook massacre. It turns out that it truly does take a good guy with a gun (or, as it did this morning, two of them) to stop a bad guy with a gun.

Wayne’s comments weren’t really greeted with universal approval at the time. We feel sure that LaPierre must be thrilled to have such a prominent Democrat as Pelosi finally see the light and come over to his side of the gun debate. After all, given that we’re losing 93 million per day to gun violence, something clearly must be done.

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  1. I remember him saying a few other things after sandy hook that were not so well recieved by the POTG. Fuckin fudd that he is.

    • That’s an overreach. The NRA came out and campaigned hard for Trump, knowing full well that the two biggest pieces of firearms legislation that would be on the agenda were national reciprocity and de-listing of suppressors from the NFA. Neither of those objectives is embraced by the FUDD constituency.

  2. Man, the tr0lls are out in force today.

    Sorry, EXPLETIVE DELETED, but your boy James Hodgkinson is as dead as your movement, and as big a failure.

  3. Let us not fall too far from the point, Pelosi thanked the capitol police, she thanked the individuals as heroes, NOT their use of guns to protect the privileged Capitol elites. This ability to slide away from naming the object that protects her and the rest of the lost in DC from bad peeps is at the heart of the gun grabbin vortex.

    Live under their protection by carving loopholes to their gun grabbin laws and DENY the rest of us access to them, because, the childrenssssses. Disingenuous praise temporarily covering the inherent vehemence under that turkey skin suit, I mean under her words.

    • Not to nitpick but the object doesn’t protect unless it’s a form of armor, which a gun isn’t.

      It’s the hard motherfucker behind the gun willing to go up against a nut that’s armed with a rifle that provides the protection.

      Guns don’t *do* anything other than function mechanically. People use the for good or for ill.

      • Agreed, but it is the gun that they detest while enjoying the protection provided by men and women ARMED WITH GUNS not bad words no matter how hard a bastard they are. It is the gun that they bloviate endlessly about, kind of like what I’m doing now. The GUN protects them, and the hard bastards, in these incidents they show temporary gratitude FOR that protection and go RIGHT BACK to denying Americans the unfettered access to whatever firearm they can afford in whatever style they CHOOSE. It is the gun they always talk about and it is the gun that we must raise above their arguments to show them, as you so correctly state, can be used for good or ill.

        • 100% agreed.

          I wasn’t trying to jump down your throat. I just feel we need to be careful about slipping into careless language that the antis can point to.

  4. This woman is a demagogue of the likes of Ian Paisley like has not been seen before in the U.S…….. 🙂

  5. I wonder what “Nattering Nancy” would have said if the individual who took out that scumbag had been “Joe Citizen” who was carrying legally. Would she have been as laudatory? I sincerely doubt it. I say this in all due respect to the U.S. Capitol officers who did their duty in the finest tradition of all who wear a badge and are sworn “To Serve and Protect”.

  6. I want us to remember that every single day the Capitol Police protects all of us, takes risk for us

    Because you refuse to protect yourself. Sleep in the bed you made and quit whining.

  7. A statist wanting more cops, who saw that coming? Wishful thinking on the part of TTAG that Pelosi would agree with and support the NRA.

    Honestly TTAG, you guys are starting to suck really bad.

  8. I, for one am pleased to see The Botox Bandit coming around.

    Now, if she’d just be willing to afford school kids the same protection she has, or poor people who can’t afford guards the ability to protect themselves.

    Lots of people would be heroes in an instant if that’s what it took. I am sorry that her word-salad-ness has such a dim impression of the rest uf us: not willing to step up, able to judge when, or worth protecting.

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