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From Gun Rights America:

NAGR’s new SuperPAC, Gun Rights America, made its debut with a TV commercial warning Kentucky Republicans about attorney Todd McMurtry’s anti-gun record as he tries to defeat pro-gun hero Congressman Thomas Massie.

The ad exposes McMurtry for running as a Republican, despite his long record of donating to radical anti-gun Democrat organizations such as ActBlue, a fundraising arm for gun control group Everytown. McMurtry also donated to Democrat Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and the Democrat Party of Kentucky.

“McMurtry is better suited to the new Kentucky Democrat party, where he would be a willing dupe for Michael Bloomberg’s gun control machine,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights and Chairman of Gun Rights America SuperPAC. “McMurtry’s stance on the Second Amendment couldn’t be further from Thomas Massie’s, who’s been America’s backbone for gun rights since entering Congress in 2013.”

Thomas Massie Dudley Brown
Courtesy Gun Rights America

Gun Rights America SuperPAC was formed just weeks ago, says Brown, largely prompted by the primary in Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District. Brown claims his SuperPAC is the nation’s first – and only – federal SuperPAC created solely to protect the Second Amendment, and is unique in its role.

“Gun owners need a way to play real hardball with anti-gun politicians,” said Brown, whose organization is based in Colorado. “Our supporters demanded we take the gloves off and expose knuckleheads like McMurtry.”

Though there have been many federal PACs focused on the Second Amendment, there has never been a SuperPAC (independent expenditure committee) that directly acts for or against candidates for office based solely on firearms issues.

Unlike regular Political Action Committees, SuperPAC’s like Gun Rights America are allowed to raise an unlimited amount of money from individuals and corporations to fund hard-hitting programs for — or against — candidates for federal office. There is no limit on how much a SuperPAC can spend in support of its mission.

“For too long, we’ve been told to ‘play nice’ with politicians, said Brown. “Well, Gun Rights America takes the opposite approach, and its job is simple: defeat any candidate who advocates against our gun rights. It’s one more — huge — weapon in the arsenal of freedom.”

In addition to television commercials, Gun Rights America is running a full-court program against McMurtry, including direct mail, phone calls, digital ads, and radio ads to pro-gun activists and voters across the district.

“But we’re not stopping there,” says Brown. “Gun Rights America is going to take on Nancy Pelosi in the House and ensure that her vulnerable anti-gun members face serious challengers from true pro-gun allies.”


The National Association for Gun Rights is the nation’s largest “no-compromise” pro-gun organization, with 4.5 million members and supporters nationwide.

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      • I have no knowledge of the individual, or any of the associated organizations. However, any action to push back on government is a good thing.

  1. NAGR has a PAC? How can they find time to manage a PAC, I would have figured managing their mailing list takes up most of their time.

    • It is interesting that a group who seems to like attacking other guns rights organizations would find the time to attack a potential politician. Must be a way they can get more funds .Donate now and you might win a Springfield arms package!

      • Yep. Only reason I read the article was to see who NAGR is trying to smear a d how they are going to screw Colorado out of 30 round mags.

        I guess that already happened but maybe this article is legit.

  2. 4.5MILLION member’s??? Seriously. They should have more “influence” than they do. Which ain’t much as far as I can tell. I wish the NRA was better…almost feel like reuppung!

      • “4.5MILLION member’s??? ”

        Obviously a bogus number that they couldn’t come close to substantiate. Put money into their coffers and you’re helping pay for Dud’s mortgage or Suburban. Ditto the Dorrtard network of “organizations”…

  3. I’m three miles from Massei’s district and believe me I’d be voting for him if I could. He is a great guy and totally Second Amendment supportive. If you are in his district please vote for him.
    Why is it that I always click on save my name and it never works.

    • “I’m three miles from Massei’s district and believe me I’d be voting for him if I could.” Yeah, too bad Massie isn’t a democrap, then I’m sure you still could regardless of where you live…

  4. I am somewhat stunned that TTAG would run this. No one in Kentucky thinks Massie, whose fame has amplified 10000% since the fake stimulus, is in danger from McMurtry. Dudley Do-Right is a known political hack who does NOTHING in the courts and has no real political savvy or nuance, and therefore ONLY makes money off running ads on Facebook and collecting “membership” dues for his big house out in Windsor, Colorado. He knows Massie is famous and very pro-gun, and also knows that Massie will win – and so he will claim that his “SuperPAC,” lol, which is a way to raise himself a very large amount of money, “won” this race. It’s hackery times ten and TTAG should be embarrassed for backing it.


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