rayshard brooks shooting wendy's
Children take in the burned Wendy's location in Atlanta on Monday, June 15, 2020, outside which Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old black man, was fatally shot by a white Atlanta police officer Friday night. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)
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By Kate Brumback, AP

Atlanta’s mayor is vowing to change police use-of-force policies and require that officers receive continuous training in how to deescalate situations before the consequences become fatal.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced her plans after the police killing of another black man, Rayshard Brooks, outside a fast-food restaurant on Friday touched off more large protests in the city.

“I am often reminded of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — ‘There is a fierce urgency of now in our communities,'” the mayor said.

“It is clear that we do not have another day, another minute, another hour to waste,” she said.

The mayor said she’ll also require officers to intervene if they see a colleague using excessive force, saying “they are duty-bound to intercede.”

“It’s very clear that our police officers are to be guardians and not warriors within our communities,” the mayor said.

Other cities nationwide are taking similar steps, and police reform proposals are emerging in Congress. Republicans plan a bill with restrictions on police chokeholds and other practices, while a Democratic proposal would limit legal protections for police, create a national database of excessive-force encounters and ban chokeholds. The White House plans to announce executive actions Tuesday.

rayshard brooks shooting
Courtesy 11 Alive and YouTube

Pleading through tears on Monday, Brooks’ relatives demanded changes in the criminal justice system and called on protesters to refrain from violence as tensions remain high across the U.S. three weeks after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

An autopsy found that Brooks, 27, was shot twice in the back. Two white officers had responded to calls about a man who was asleep at the wheel in a Wendy’s drive-thru lane. Police video showed him cooperating until a breath test determined his blood-alcohol level was over the legal limit and one of the officers moved to handcuff him. The officers took him to the ground. Brooks broke free and took off with a stun gun; a white officer shot him as he tried to run away.

“When does it stop? We’re not only pleading for justice. We’re pleading for change,” said Chassidy Evans, Brooks’ niece.

Relatives described Brooks as a loving father of three daughters and a stepson who had a bright smile and a big heart and loved to dance. Evans said there was no reason for him “to be shot and killed like trash in the street for falling asleep in a drive-thru.”

Floyd’s death on May 25 after a white Minneapolis officer pressed his knee into the black man’s neck touched off demonstrations and scattered violence across the U.S., and Brooks’ killing rekindled those protests in Atlanta. The Wendy’s restaurant where Brooks was shot was burned down over the weekend.

Several Democratic lawmakers joined the protests and called for Georgia to repeal its citizen’s arrest and stand-your-ground laws, among a slate of other proposed reforms. State Republicans have pushed back against swift action on most of the Democratic agenda.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said he hopes to decide by midweek whether to bring charges in the Brooks case. Officer Garrett Rolfe, who fired the shots that killed Brooks, was fired, and the other officer at the scene, Devin Brosnan, was put on desk duty. Police Chief Erika Shields resigned.

Officials nationwide are responding to calls for reform while protests persist. The New York City Police Department is disbanding the type of plainclothes anti-crime units that were involved in the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner and have long been criticized for aggressive tactics, Commissioner Dermot Shea said Monday.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said a panel of residents, activists and one police official will review the Police Department’s policy on when officers can use force. Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mayor Tim Keller said he wants a new department of social workers and civilian professionals to provide another option when someone calls 911.

New Jersey’s attorney general ordered police to begin divulging names of officers who commit serious disciplinary violations.

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  1. He did more than take the stun gun. He fired it at the cop. This was a justified shooting. Why is there never any mention that the people being detained need to cooperate or how about just not punch the cops steal there weapons and fire them at the cops.

    • Because the democrat agenda doesn’t care about nuance. Whitey bad is all that needs to be said.

    • Yeah police need to change. They better get a lot tougher, otherwise we will have libturd fever forever

    • Additionally, a recent trial in the same city convicted a few cops of aggravated battery for using a taser on a traffic suspect. This sets local precedent for tasers being considered deadly weapons. (if the fact that people have died from having a taser used on them wasn’t enough)

    • Yeah and these Ghetto Garbage turned Political Frontmen for the Globalist Elite like Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms always forget the most important quote from MLK:

      “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”
      Martin Luther King, 1963

    • First of all, no bonuses for reaching arrest quotas. Next, stop the cuff’em all approach unless they are presenting a clear threat to the officers, the community, or themselves. And any assault on cuffed or restrained people and will result in disciplinary action. If the perp uses bad language, harden up and let it go. Unless they make specific threats, there is no reason to start with the nightstick, pepper spray, or taser.

    • Yep, he was not “shot and killed like trash in the street for falling asleep in a drive-thru.” For that he got only checked for BAC. For testing positive above the legal limit he would have gotten arrested and charged with DUI.
      He was shot and killed like trash in the street for attacking police officers with a taser.

    • The instant before he fired that Taser an officer could have been justified in shooting him. After he fired and missed he ceased to be a threat. A discharged Taser is ZERO threat to two police officers. Possibly in the Drive-Stun Mode, a Taser against a single officer alone, without backup mere feet away, could still be endangered. But no way in hell are two officers in a live threatening situation against one drunk with no more “weapon” than a Taser that has expended its cartridge of darts and wires,

      Citizens are judged on their defensive gun use on a moment by moment, second by second analysis of the incident. Why are police given superior rights and allowances in their use of force to all other citizens?

    • Make DUI legal!
      If criminals break the law and resist arrest – just let them go!

      Let’s start a chant. LOL

    • I like how the left take turds, and make martyrs out of them.

      Like Floyd, he shouldn’t have been treated the way he was, but next thing you know. Millions of dollars raining down. Gold caskets. Gargantuan funerals. Speaker of the house folding up flags and handing them to the family. Celebrity eulogies.

      And who was Floyd? A turd. He was a home invader, a burglar. Armed assault in people’s homes. A drug dealer. An abandoner of his children. A committer of fraud. A turd.

      Likewise with this guy. Lets get drunk and pass out in the Wendy’s drive through. Let’s resist arrest, attack police, take their non lethal weapon and try to shoot them with it while running away. Another turd. Did he deserve to die, probably not. But a turd no less. But let’s make heroes of them.

    • So if a cop shoots at me with a taser, using it as a pain compliance device, I can shoot back with a real gun??

      The obvious answer is no for me. And its no for the cop.

      A taser is not a lethal threat, at least not when there are other officers around, like there was in this case.

      The cop should have to just “ride the lightning” like the perp he tried to tase. Let his partner take him down.

      My main point here is no special rules for cops. Shiny badges and fancy costumes don’t convey extra rights.

      Flame away . . .

      • If the the force the cop is using with the taser is justified then it’s legal. Using excessive force with a taser isn’t the Atlanta cop who was charged with aggravated assault for using excessive force when he tased the Morehouse student didn’t appear to be a justified use of force. Tasers are also available commercially.

    • that fact may weigh heavily here..after taking another look it does appear he was within taser range…that singular act is what cost him his life….

  2. You can only use force if….You were intentionally shot at least 3 times & the suspect is white….Else you be racist mo-fo cuz you know we didn’t do nothing.

  3. I was a cop for many years. I would never had shot a man in the back.

    For many years, we were told the taser isn’t lethal, it is a non lethal control device.

    So, how does it now equal lethal force? Once he fired the taser and didn’t hit anyone his was shot. No more danger. Some said, HE COULD HAVE TASED THE COP AND GOT HIS GUN if that happened, the partner could have shot, or if the man were on top of the gun. It did not. The man was running away and was shot in the back. I am sorry for all involved but I simply cannot see this. We had shootings, we had to shoot, we had fights, had to fight, most often bad boys on both side, we knew what could happen, and if many of these shootings in the news were justifiable hell we would have shot one every day instead of 3-4 a year in my agency.
    This makes it harder for the guy that does have to shoot, the ones that do the right thing, and have to fire.

    • when the kids in the car got tazed the press vilified the leos for having used lethal force. if those electrodes land in the right spot (directing signal across heart) on the wrong individual (infirm, heart condition) it can be fatal.
      sort of contradictory.

      • I don’t know about “vilified” but they were wrong for attacking that car. The occupants were doing exactly what the police told them to do, they had nothing to do with the protests or any rioting, they were trying to get out of the area. The officers swarmed the car, bashed windows and Tasered and beat the crap out of perfectly innocent citizens.

        And what’s this about a Taser being a “lethal weapon”? Yes in certain conditions a Taser can kill. Far less often than bullets do so, so it’s a real benefit in self defense when killing is what you don’t feel you need to be doing.

        • And what’s this about a Taser being a “lethal weapon”? Yes in certain conditions a Taser can kill.

          Hence the term “less lethal”. A Taser is still considered a potentially lethal weapon.

    • Massad Ayoob put out a video on such a scenario, and relayed an incident in which he was called as an expert witness for a court trial. Someone (I don’t recall if a LEO or non-sworn) had shot in alleged self defense, but the opponent – while armed – was facing away from him. The defendant testified that he genuinely believed the deceased victim – who had reached for his own gun in his waistband – was about to draw and shoot at him “reverse” style while facing away. The D.A. was making the case that a person can only effectively aim while facing toward an opponent.

      Ayoob then holstered a compact revolver in his waistband in a manner identical to the details of the case, and told someone near him to time his movement with a stopwatch.

      Ayoob drew, aimed behind him (without looking), and pulled the trigger in about half a second. According to him, the D.A. had to drop his strategy and rethink his argument.

      • Well, yeah but, Devil’s Advocate here, how many of us could pull off that trick shoot’n in that half a second or even longer?

        I don’t envy any officer in that scenario. But in this Atlanta case the officer knew the man was unarmed, as he had frisked him. And the stolen Taser is said to have been fired and missed. Most Taser’s being single shot and limited to 15 feet at that, once it’s popped it’s cork the usefulness is not very impressive.

        • I felt the same, and so I tried it myself in the comfort of my own home, with an empty gun. I did it in well under a second. Not **quite** as fast as Ayoob, but pretty much. I’ll be you can do it, too.

        • Well I’d never claim to be any sort of pistolero. I can keep them in the appropriate center body mass target at reasonable defense distances. But then, I would never be pushing 0.108 on blood alcohol and trying to be a pistolero at the same time. For that matter, it’s likely over four decades or more since I’ve been young enough to get myself that polluted on drink.

          Sure, an officer can be justified shooting dead a suspect who makes that motion. Problem in this scene was the suspect had been frisked and was known to be unarmed.

          Bad shoot. Same as if it had been any common citizen doing the shooting.

    • Oh yeah? So an armed bank robber runs away towards a playground and you let him go grab a hostage?

      Some guy in a shootout with you turns around to get behind cover and you let him get to it because otherwise it’s not a fair fight?

      Another bad guy with a knife that he used to stab someone to death runs away from you and you let him go because you’d never shoot a man in the back?

      And you’ll let someone shoot you in the face with someone’s taser?


      • When I was about nine I was watching “From Here to Eternity” with my dad. He was a prewar regular so I asked him if he ever boxed when he was in the Army. His response was “hell no, why would I want to get into a fair fight?”

        “There is no runner up on the battlefield.”

        First attributed to General of the Army Omar Bradley.

        • Yup. Fair fights belong in the ring. I’ve never once sought to be in a ‘fair fight’ on the street. If someone wants one of those they better pay a lot better and have a referee there to step in if things get too heated.

          I’m not necessarily doubting that the poster above was in LE, as I’ve heard people I know to say the same sort of ridiculous thing about never shooting someone in the back. These are people who do not understand the law or do not understand fighting. If I’m in a gunfight I might very well turn my back to get from an open position to one behind cover… or to a better gun. If someone thinks I’m running away and stops shooting, all the better for me and all the worse for them. And the proof is in this video where the suspect runs away and then turns and fires before anyone can react.

      • This suspect was not a bank robber, was known to be unarmed because he had just been frisked. He had fired off the Taser cartridge and was instantly without that meager advantage. The officer who fired had backup and that backup was about to use his own Taser on the suspect.

        Making up imaginary scenarios may be fun and satisfying but it has nothing to do with this case.

        Same as any citizen who would could find himself standing before judge and jury following a defensive gun the moment by moment breakdown of the event will determine justification. We do not get to shoot someone the instant the threat is gone. The police shoot not have superior rights to us mere “civilians”.

        • Well actually they should since they have to apprehend bad guys while we only have to drive them away. It gives us a survival advantage because the perp has a getaway option with us that he doesn’t have with police so he would be less inclined to fight.

        • “This suspect was not a bank robber,”
          No, that was just one example. He was someone who had just committed the felony of assault on a police officer.

          “was known to be unarmed because he had just been frisked.”
          1) If you think someone who has been frisked is unarmed, you are sadly mistaken. A frisk is not a search.
          2) He was not unarmed you complete doofus, they KNEW he was armed because he had grabbed a taser

          “He had fired off the Taser cartridge and was instantly without that meager advantage.”
          You do realize that many Taser models have more than one cartridge, right? And since this isn’t a Dirty Harry movie, no one has time to count?

          “The officer who fired had backup and that backup was about to use his own Taser on the suspect.”
          Irrelevant. Once a suspect grabs an officer’s weapon, including a Taser, it is a deadly force scenario. This is trained because there is no time to talk it out and have a five minute discussion about what the best course of action is while someone is firing probes at you going 200fps.

          “Making up imaginary scenarios may be fun and satisfying but it has nothing to do with this case.”
          Those scenarios were in response to the absurd suggestion that a police officer cannot legally (or should not) shoot someone in the back.

          Same as any citizen who would could find himself standing before judge and jury following a defensive gun the moment by moment breakdown of the event will determine justification. We do not get to shoot someone the instant the threat is gone. The police shoot not have superior rights to us mere “civilians”.”

          I don’t police grammar that much- after all, it’s the internet- but this is incomprehensible.

          Are you suggesting that if someone is shooting a revolver at police in a gunfight fires six shots the police should cease fire because they (of course!) know he’s no longer a threat with that obviously unloaded weapon? And I’m using this ‘imaginary scenario’ to show the absurdity of your claims. It doesn’t matter when the ‘instant the threat is gone’ because it is impossible to know that instant while you are actually in the moment. That’s why the legal standard is whether it was “reasonable” to believe someone posed a threat of severe bodily harm. Because cops aren’t psychic. This is the same standard for non-cops as well, although your prosecutor might try and screw you- that’s a separate problem.

          If you don’t want the cops to shoot you try not punching them and shooting a taser at them.

    • So you would go manno u manmo, eh.

      Wyatt Earp disagrees. Maybe that’s why he was still around for the talkies.

    • They should have shot the fleeing felons in the back as they ran way from razing buildings to the ground.

    • WR – I’ve said for years, its either a pain compliance device or its a “less lethal” option. Less lethal is still lethal. That’s the argument you are going to hear.

      I’ll let the experts debate whether its “less than lethal” or “less lethal”. Bottom line is it can’t be BOTH.

  4. At this point I think all of these PDs just walk away and let these Democrat run sh*tholes burn the f*ck down. Let ever single democrat run city turn into the ‘Autonomous Zone’ and see how well they do in the next election.

    • I agree! Cry Havok and unleash the Dogs of War… let them burn, put all police in sensitively training 50 miles away at callback overtime rates… hopefully Target, the Asian stores and the white folks with the jewelry stores do not rebuild in inbred Shithole Central. No more state or Federal Assistance for baby factories churning out damaged product.. fuck em, they can have their own burned out looted corners of Paradise. I’m sick of supporting their lazy unmotivated asses.

  5. There are two HUGE defects with police standards that this event exposes.

    Let us assume for this discussion that police have honorable and righteous goals in pursuit of justice and public welfare. Let us further assume that police have an honorable/legitimate reason to arrest someone for a non-urgent crime. In other words police are arresting someone who has been reasonably pleasant and cooperative up to this point for some crime that happened in the past and no one is in immediate danger.

    Police will often blurt out, “You are under arrest for XYZ now put your hands behind your back,” while simultaneously grabbing the person’s arm to force their arm/hand behind their back for handcuffing. This is problematic on two levels:

    First, under normal low-stress circumstances, it can easily take someone five seconds or longer to process what you just said. Under the stress of an encounter with police, that can take even longer yet. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect someone to immediately cooperate and then get ugly when they fail to immediately cooperate.

    Second, even allowing someone time to mentally process that police are going to arrest them, the person that police are arresting is almost never mentally ready for the police to firmly grab them and wrench their arm behind their back. It is a fairly natural reaction to suddenly try and pull your arm back. And depending on the person’s state of mind, that could easily trigger a fight-or-flight response.

    The solution is actually super simple. If police are going to arrest someone in a situation where this is no immediate danger to anyone, police must first inform the individual that they are going to arrest him/her AND VERIFY THAT THE SUSPECT UNDERSTANDS BEFORE PROCEEDING. Once police verify that the person understands that police are going to arrest them, the next thing they must do is explain that they are going to handcuff the person, that the person needs to put their hands behind their back, that police are going firmly grasp the individual’s hands in the process, AND VERIFY THAT THE SUSPECT UNDERSTAND THAT BEFORE PROCEEDING.

    Think about good physical therapists, nurses, and doctors when they are treating you. Do they suddenly blurt out that your symptoms require them to manipulate your arm while simultaneously, abruptly, and firmly wrenching your hand/arm? No, they do not. Why? Because, at best, patients will naturally recoil and pull away. And, at worst, patients might even strike back. What do good physical therapists, nurses, and doctors do when they are treating you? First, they explain that they have to manipulate you and why they have to manipulate you. Next, they explain how they are going to manipulate you. Finally, they verify that you understand and will comply before actually manipulating you. (That verification may be overtly vocal or it could be implicit through non-vocal methods such as facial expressions, nodding, and/or body language.)

    Our police should treat people that they are going to arrest the same way.

    • You already know before the cops if you are a criminal. So if you want to be treated like a buttercup don’t be a criminal…..Feel me!!!

      • American Patriot,

        I can easily imagine several people having no idea that they are criminals.

        Aside from that, the honorable thing to do is give a person — even a criminal — a simple chance to cooperate. And current practices deny that opportunity for many/most arrestees. If that was the difference between this man coming along quietly and ending up in the morgue, it would certainly be worth it. No one should end up dead for falling asleep drunk in the Wendy’s drive-thru line if a simple alternative exists that does not put the public at risk.

        • They do exist and failed multiple times here. Being reasonable failed. Restraining a combatant failed. Sometimes it’s not all textbook. Stun gun, failed.

          I just refuse to feel sorry for some idiot like this. Now if it was someone who didn’t deserve ANY altercation with police, sure. But when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. With or without a badge.

    • “First, under normal low-stress circumstances, it can easily take someone five seconds or longer to process what you just said. Under the stress of an encounter with police, that can take even longer yet. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect someone to immediately cooperate and then get ugly when they fail to immediately cooperate.”

      Similar to how a crash team serving a warrant at 0400 hours will “comply” with the need to announce their presence by yelling “Police, open up!” only one second before the battering ram is swung into the door’s lockset. Good luck on effectively hearing, understanding, and communicating that you’re coming to the door unarmed and will be cooperating with the terms of the warrant.

    • “Think about good physical therapists, nurses, and doctors when they are treating you. Do they suddenly blurt out that your symptoms require them to manipulate your arm while simultaneously, abruptly, and firmly wrenching your hand/arm? No, they do not. Why?”

      Because you have the right to refuse medical treatment.

      You do not have the right to resist a legal arrest.

      The reason police do it the way they do is because it works. That moment of confusion (ooda loop, etc) prevents the suspect from taking conscious detailed actions that they haven’t planned yet, to include running or drawing a weapon. But it’s situational. Sometimes you want to grab someone with two cops and immobilize them immediately (if you think they’re armed, etc). Other times, like here, it’s fairly laid back- until the suspect decides he’s not going to jail and would rather commit felony assault instead. He didn’t get shot for pulling away or even running. He took multiple conscious actions that led to his death. Perhaps if the police had been a little more careful from the beginning he wouldn’t have had a chance to grab someone’s taser. But he seemed cooperative so they weren’t in the most advantageous position.

      Interestingly, I know of some DAs who will not prosecute someone for resisting arrest unless a cop puts a hand on them first. Which makes sense, in a way, when you read the relevant statutes and caselaw for the definition of “arrest” in some areas.

  6. This is how it’s working out for me. It’s a drain on my bank account, and profit for my LGS. Sobeit. SSS.

  7. Perhaps Libertarians will get their wish. And DUI will be made legal in the city of Atlanta. You’ll be able to park in the middle of the road if you choose to pass out there.

    • Maybe they can make public urination legal like they did in NYC. I mean, why not, if you can’t ever enforce anything anyway.

      • Libertarians have been supporting the repeal of public urination laws for decades now. In fact Reason Magazine was very happy when the NYC decided to stop enforcing that law. That is why a man was photographed by the New York Post, pissing in the middle of the street last year. At 4pm.

        • Faux Libertarians are against all traffic laws including DUI. They obviously oppose any law that interferers with lifestyle choices including age of consent laws and they backed California’s decriminalization act which effectively decriminalized petty theft. Faux Libertarians don’t actually believe in your property rights, just theirs.

        • Libertarians also might have a problem with these freedoms they champion coming back to bite them. IT’s one thing to see it on TV, another in your house or yard.

        • to GS650G
          People in california have complained for decades about strangers relieving themselves on their front lawns. Libertarians don’t care. They don’t support private property ownership.

        • to tdiinva
          “Faux Libertarians don’t actually believe in your property rights, just theirs.”

          Honesty is very refreshing. This is one of many reason, why I say the things I say. About Libertarians.

    • You republicans support Romney and BLM. You republicans stand for gun control, socialized medicine, and special treatment for certain ethnicities. Republicans enacted the Hughes Amendment, the sporting purposes test, and the bump stock ban. You republicans are all anti gun and anti property rights.

      There. See how that works?

      • Yeah, “real” republican Romney for sure doesn’t speak for the Right. I thought he was a snake back in 2012 (along with Ryan), and he’s proven it over and over again since.

        • Religion is what got Romney into office in Utah. Not his political positions. He is a weak man. Except when it come to attacking Trump. He has never attacked Obama or any democrat the way he attacks President Trump.

    • That’s what I would suggest for any cop working there. The ‘community’ and politicians have decided that DUI isn’t worth killing anyone over. And since they don’t take into account how someone resists arrest and just use the narrative that “they killed a black man for being drunk!” that means it’s not worth arresting anyone over.

      Perhaps it is a greater good? Maybe it’s better to let people drunk drive than to have the perception of a police state. I’m just glad I don’t drive around there.

  8. “New Jersey’s attorney general ordered police to begin divulging names of officers who commit serious disciplinary violations”
    No need to do this.
    The Brick Township, Dover Townships, Seaside Heights and Seaside Park PDs have a looooong tradition (around 4 decades) of hiring LEOs that have been fired for excessive force from Camden, Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken……….the list goes on. Even some fired NJSP were hired into those PDs.
    The AssocPress investigated and reported on this issue (in the Ocean County Times Observer) back in the ’80s. The resident of the surrounding communities were rightly outraged by the total lack of vetting in the LEO hiring process.
    Everything old is new again.

  9. God it must suck living, let alone being a cop, in one of these Dem s*holes. I understand not liking cops, but at the same time, the general level of social cohesiveness has degenerated to almost absolute chaos. No sense of community purpose, just millions of individuals following where ever whim leads them.

    Food is far to easy to obtain.

    • Let em defund those zones. Easy targets. I could use some new shit. They want to purge? Sure, we can fuck.

  10. Aim a weapon at a cop, get shot. It’s really simple. There are enough examples of police misconduct that criminals dont need to be turned into folk heroes.
    Now Rayshard’s face will only be seen on t-shirts, because of his own actions.

    • …but then you have to factor in what the officer said…”got him”…and then walked up and kicked him…not a good look…

  11. My wife had a problem with them arresting this guy because he was not driving. The problem here is that if he did drive and kill somebody, the public would criticize the police. It is my understanding that the police were required to arrest this individual.

    This reminds me of a case my CCL instructor told us about. A guy made a sudden move and the police shot him. It was a bad shoot, but he still got shot. Comply with the police, fight it in court.

    I agree with “wr Roberts”, the Atlanta police officer should not have shot this guy after he fired the one-shot Taser. The suspect was no longer a lethal threat. But, it is easy to Monday morning quarterback from here. A very bad deal for all. We will lose thousands of good police officers who will quit because of this.

    • He did drive though. He moves his car from the point they found him, to the parking spot.

      Drunk. Driving.

    • As Montana says, he was drunk driving. His car didn’t magically teleport into a drive through, or out of one.

      DUI has been made a HUGE enforcement issue at police departments and liberal politicians push it just as hard, if not harder, than conservatives. It was common for cops to have you park your car and take a cab… or maybe have to find your keys in a field when the sun came up in rural areas. Not anymore. Too much of a hot potato.

      But suddenly we have this guy “was shot for being drunk at Wendy’s” bullshit.

    • Unless he lived at the Wendys he drove drunk to get there. How many people were at risk because of it?

  12. alternate headline:
    “atlanta mayor promises less policing and more crime in the city of atlanta”
    that sucking sound you hear is the sound of another big blue city biting the dust

  13. “officers receive continuous training in how to deescalate situations”

    Yeah because they escalated the situation.

    • Yes, how dare they attempt to arrest him if didn’t want to be arrestef. Once he resisted arrest they should have let him go. Arrest is determined by the suspect.

      • Several years ago, a Nebraska state politician proposed that police be required to obtain a suspect’s permission in order to arrest him.

      • Other than padding the officer’s arrest tally, was arrest really necessary? Aren’t there “drunk tanks” were he could have been taken to and left to sober up?

        The event spiraled out of control at the point where the arrest was attempted.

        • There are more people killed by drunk drivers than murdered with firearms. The drunk tank is where you send the guy who is face down in the street. DUI is a serious offense and a threat to third parties.

        • How the fuck is the cop supposed to throw the guy in a drunk tank? No legitimate arrest? Just grab someone and deprive them of their rights without a lawful arrest of charges?

        • Maybe in other countries its’ done casually but even a trip to a “drunk tank” involves cuffs for the protection of the officers and at the station.

          This aint the 60s no more

    • You’re correct, once he resisted they should have let him go. Only people who are willing to submit to authority should be subject to it! Think about the incentives that produces.

      Or at least from this point forward that’s what they should do. That’s what the mayor wants, let her have it. The State and County police should stay entirely out of the city as well unless it’s for emergency mutual aid if APD needs help (i.e. officers under attack).

      Give them what they want.

      • Catch and release, just like CBP has to put up with.
        After 10 contacts they get a cup of coffee free.

        • cuffing is routine in these kind of situations…happened to a friend of mine…and he’s white

  14. Anyone watching the video of the drunk Rayshard could see the cop’s treated him with deference & respect. What does the leftard media expect after these 2 cop’s were assaulted by this IDIOT? Who was apparently drinking with another woman NOT his wife. Oh well-burn another dim run city. Anyone notice the chief of po-leece was a black gal??? And the city of Atlanta is run by black folks? As well as CHIRAQ?!? Jus sayin’…

    • Sad but true brother. Facts hurt. Especially when they want to make it about race, and guilt trip white people. This is how you create racism. By being racist. And because they are black, it’s acceptable? Fuck that. Tired of it.

  15. I bet if you polled the back community 75% of them would side with police on this. There is only a narrow slice of the population that is pushing the anti-police narrative. BLM, which is just a gang front, and white ANTIFA and faux Libertarians. Trayvon Martin’s mother wants more police not less. She is more typical of black America

    • Yep. See it all the time. Sensible people who don’t care about race. But it doesn’t fit their narrative and the elites are laughing their asses off how easily manipulated these low IQ protesters are.

    • Study after study shows that while black folks are more skeptical of police and the system they also want MORE police presence and almost none want less (around 10%).

      But they all keep voting for the same schmucks.

  16. I’m sick and tired of people tap dancing around the truth. Those officers did nothing wrong. That Mayor of Atlanta is a damn racist. What she did with that speech is send out a message keep resisting the police. She will have it like most cities are now doing. That is do NOTHING. That’s what they are striving for full immunity from arrest and prosecution when committing crimes.

  17. The police department needs to do a massive show of unity to shame this mayor…They need to call a very large meeting with her and then turn their back on her and walk out of the room…And have a zero confidence vote in her through the PBA or union..It might even shut her down as a vice presidential candidate..They need to take the initiative away from her because she is making a political spectacle of herself..

    • They should start job actions. The police chief already had to resign. Let’s see what the mayor does when the police “work to rule” and spend all their time writing property report forms for a found bus ticket and refuse to arrest anyone because it might violate some civil right that someone will imagine into existence tomorrow.

      • In Baltimore the slowdown was very pronounced. Murder and other crimes skyrocketed and the precious residents were no longer harassed by The Man. If They want that in Atlanta and MNSP they are going to get it.

  18. It’s all about blacks, blacks r no better then any other race of people, they are treated better and get by with a HELlem lot more then people of different origins, the officer’s need to be able to use what ever force is necessary to stop violet and Nick -pic criminals, small crimes only lead to bigger and more violent crimes, crime must be stopped before it starts, if lawman see their life is in danger, regardless of race or sex, they must be able to defend themselves at any cost, and with all this shi! Going on about black lives matters, that is true, but all lives matters, not just one color or race, they yell racist, decriminalization, well what are they doing, the very thing they are protesting about, not about voicing free speech they are interfering with people’s lives, causing lawabidding people to change their everyday routines, I believe they should be arrested and charged with trespassing and ostruction of justice ,racism, decriminalization, among other things, involving violence, remember, to prevent crime, you must use common sense, with that, u can meet it head on.

  19. You dumb f*cks, totally justified shooting. Blacks just can’t quit committing crimes. I really hope they defund the police departments nationwide. It will take about a month or two with the animals running wild, raping, burglarizing and killing before decent people take a stand and terminate them. Crime will stop. Thieves will be having their hands chopped off and violent criminals will be tracked down and terminated. Problem solved. Please prove me wrong. Do your research first.

  20. I was in the PD before TASER was even born. When it finally made it into police work, it was NEVER considered “Non-lethal” but always considered to be in the”Less-Lethal” category in the USE OF FORCE CONTINUUM.

    “Less-Lethal” COULD be lethal depending on the situation which includes the totality of the circumstances, just like Chemical Agents and Impact Weapons, and the Carotid Restraint. Sometimes these tools/techniques are very effective, sometimes not at all, and sometimes overly effective. It all depends, and in too many ways to list right now.

    I was also a State certified Use of Force instructor for many years, which covered all levels of the continuum. This covered various equipment, kinesthetics as well as ground fighting, AC/DT, weapon retention, force options, policies and procedures, and legal aspects.

    One thing we were always concerned about on the street, was the quickness in which suspects immediately “Turn It On”. Sometimes precursor indicators are detected to allow some officer reaction time, sometimes not at all. There are scores of actual video footage of officers severely injured or killed right there, on camera, when suddenly and brutally overtaken by surprise.

    As a student and instructor, those visions have been permanently branded into my psychy. The average Joe has little to no concept of time, distance, intensity, psycho-physiological vs physio-psychological affects, adrenal dump fight or flight, tunnel vision, auditory exclusion, legal aspects or case law involving police use of force. However ignorant or limited in their knowledge, it’s all too common for critics to opine on issues they know little or nothing about and condemn all police.

    The video I saw, appears that everything was mellow until the very last second that the suspect knew the cuffs were going on. Then, boom! He turned it on with brutal intensity. This changes EVERYTHING from that point forward. So, let’s see how this plays out in the emotional aftermath. My guess, he’s justified. Regardless, the mob will never be satisfied. Let’s see what happens.

    BTW, TASER made many different models. Some strictly for LE only, and different types for the civilian market. Over time, technology improves. From what I recall, TASER makes at least 2 different two-shot LE models that were an upgrade to the one-shot model. Not sure what Atlanta PD uses, but I’m sure all this can be verified.

    • Oh, regardless of how many times you can fire electrical darts from a distance, TASERS also have the capability to be used as a Stun Gun with direct contact via the muzzle.

    • Justified or not the cop needs to go into witness protection. He’s over. He’ll never be a cop and might not be able to live anywhere without a new identity

  21. Bottoms is the bottom of the barrel and not much different than Lightfoot. APD cops are the worst and APD only gets the ones that can’t make it elsewhere. They may as well hire Karens after this. Criminals will move in to take advantage of this situation as you would expect. The shooter, cop, will eventually walk if he has a good lawyer b/c he was within the law even though being a candy a$$ cop for not just clubbing the guy at a minimum. The drunk would be alive albeit with a knot on his head. So many whiners, libs, on here cry me a river.

  22. “It’s very clear that our police officers are to be guardians and not warriors within our communities,” the mayor said.

    Clear to everyone, outside of some law enforcement & governments who are intent on reversing that paradigm. My own county last I looked, had one of the largest, entirely outside the scope of all proportion, disbursement of lend-lease military hardware in the country.

    Rectify & reconcile her statement with that fact. One of the standing armies our forefathers warned us of.

  23. Brooks will never commit another crime.

    Good by me.

    I don’t give a crap about race. Two violent strikes your dead. No matter where you came from. Don’t want you in a parking lot with my wife, don’t want to pay for your food, don’t want to house you. Don’t want you sentenced to 40 years and serving 7. F’ you!

    Don’t want to be targeted by the police? Don’t act like a criminal. Don’t want to be shot? Don’t commit crime, don’t fight with, don’t run from the police.

    I don’t see murder here. It’s ridiculous.

  24. I am absolutely baffled how police with misconduct remain employed, or get fired and find employment as a police officer elsewhere.

  25. Just listened to Atlanta press conference. I suggest a nationwide blue out; all police officers should go on strike pending the political powers in each City, County, and State adopting clear, practical standards by which they will be evaluated after an incident involving the death or serious injury of a suspect. Wait, that’s an impossible task for a politician who is not a leader; just stay on strike until they scream for your return.

  26. Now, some of, the truth about Brooks comes out.


    He was a former jail bird and by getting a DUI would be going back to prison. That’s in part why he resisted arrest, did stupid cheit like grabbing the taser and trying to use it against the APD cop, and ran. With this new information it becomes even more likely that the cop, shooter, will, after the election, walk, or else get off on much lesser charges[due to how it is according to GA law].

    But also, as expected, the widow, not using the last name Brooks, has her lawyer, in concert with others, to look at videos and talk to biased witnesses and then hold a trial of the cop in the media.

    No surprise that he’s declared guilty of 1st degree murder and they want the cop to get life in prison or, preferably, the death penalty. It’s all just what you would expect in this environment in this election year.

    Objectives, $$$ for the widow and her lawyer from the city of ATL, but ATL is bankrupt; rile up the natives to cause marches and protests; bring in antifa and other Soros operatives from other states to join those already in state from the Arbury incident; and, most of all, for additional fodder for BLM and the left to use in the drive to get as much of the black vote as possible in November; and to of course blame Trump and accuse every whitey, involved directly or not, to be raciss if they don’t agree that the ATL cop is guilty of 1st degree murder and should be, in effect, hanged. It’s all very predictable and expected by now isn’t it.

    A nation wide order has come down from the DOJ for all cops to, in effect, stand down, certainly from now through election day, as predicted; however, the media has not covered this or mentioned this much; the criminals know it well and will take full advantage of it. Everybody is own their own and have mostly just their guns to protect themselves, their families and their property.

  27. Now it’s open season on all ATL cops too, as I just heard somebody say. But no hope to fire Bottoms because ATL is a black town and has been run by blacks, blacks only for the most part, for decades. The list of incompetent and corrupt ATL mayors and APD police officials is long going back 50 years or more. Martin Luther King center for non-violent social change, Ebenezier Babtist Church, Southern Cristian Leadership Conference, and others, there as well… Here comes Sharpton and all of the other race pimps; they make a good living and do well, very well indeed, from what they do. Before it’s over many will believe that Brooks was a saint and was another ‘gentle giant’.

    The first officer to respond the 911 call that resulted in the death of Rayshard Brooks considered just letting the incident go but decided to check one more time on the man whom he found drunk.


    Some cops play softball and play after hours and weekends, so by having a softball bat in the trunk of their police cars, so what it’s no big deal right. Even not actually intended for such use, it can come in handy in situations like what went down with Brooks. A suspect gets rowdy or resists arrest and runs, not much problem to chase a suspect down to ‘knee cap’ or other the suspect. It’s much better than counting on a taser or shooting a suspect. Suspect may end up with an arm or leg in a cast, may need minor knee surgery, or have a knot on the head, but will live and will be alright – eventually. Good if a softball bat is black to not be so visible or flashy after dark, but aluminum bats should not be in the trunk. A Louisville Slugger or similar wood bat is good enough. There are some smart cops out there that know where I’m coming from. A pity that the two ATL cops were not very smart. Just me, seems like I always have a wood bat in a vehicle – that I forgot to take out. Just an oversight that I have not taken it out and it’s in a canvas bag with a glove and some softballs.

  28. Don’t know if this story is true yet, but it looks bad with the photo of the cop, Rolfe, kicking Brooks. This is looking as bad or worse than the Floyd case right now. Garrett Rolfe seems like another bad cop, and worse than the cop in the Floyd case. Rioting in ATL seems very likely now.


    Devin Brosnan, 26, has turned state witness and has agreed to testify against Rolfe;
    [Brosnan’s attorney disputes this …]

    Rolfe, 27, has also been charged on several counts of aggravated assault, seven violations of oath each carrying sentences of 1-5 years and an eight count for kicking Brooks as he lay dying; NBA star Dwight Howard was present inside the courtroom while the charges against the Atlanta officers were read/As well as his colleague’s testimony, Howard said that his office had used Rolfe’s own words against him; He said that they had based their view that his response was ‘excessive’ on what he called ‘an excited utterance, ‘ – the unfiltered statement picked up by audio in the immediate aftermath of the shooting when Rolfe said, ‘I got him.’

    He said that such utterances were considered, ‘highly reliable in law,’ precisely because they were said before a person had time to think or consider their words.
    It’s been revealed that Rolfe had allegedly tried to cover up a previous shooting involving another black man in 2015; the former cop was one of three officers involved in the shooting of Jackie Jermaine Harris in August 2015; Harris, who had been driving a stolen truck, survived the incident but was treated in the hospital for a collapsed lung. He later pleaded guilty to a slew of charges.

    He said that such utterances were considered, ‘highly reliable in law,’ precisely because they were said before a person had time to think or consider their words.

  29. Atlanta Police Walk Out


    Officers have reportedly stopped answering 911 calls, turned in their keys and failed to show up to their shifts.

    Text from APD officer: “I can confirm the walk-off is real. Whole shifts have left and overnight shifts are refusing to come in”

    Source confirms Atlanta PD zones 3 & 6 (southeast area) already have 20 – 30 cops walk out That’s HALF an entire shift

    County and city police surrounding Atlanta are refusing to supplement the manpower exodus unless it’s a cop requiring emergency assistance. This will soon take place nationwide.
    — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) June 18, 2020

    Report: Jurisdictions to the N of ATL have informed APD they will only respond to “officer down” or “major tactical incident”
    — Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) June 18, 2020

    It looks like the Atlanta Police Dept may actually defund itself with police walking off the job. Great job, Democrats! Please don’t expect the rest of us to pay to rebuild your city after it is burned down by the mob.
    — thebradfordfile™ (@thebradfordfile) June 17, 2020

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