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According to, you’re looking at three Benelli shotguns linked to a webcam in a system that “allows the guns to be fired via an internet connection.” But wait! There’s more! “A second, identical system was found on the other side of the [power company’s] right-of-way, for a total of six shotguns.” As you’d expect, the unnamed owner fitted the guns with extended magazine tubes, increasing their capacity to eight shells. As you’d hope, the¬†Office of Homeland Security had a little look see at this rig. Turns out it was aimed at a “food plot” in an area known to be infested with feral hogs.” Lazy bastard. And no Ted didn’t really say that. He only did something vaguely similar on his hunting show. For which he was rightly prosecuted. FYI.

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  1. Ha! “Illegal hunting activity”? Not one to split hairs, but you are either a hunter or a poacher. If it’s illegal, then most hunters I know, myself included, would not appreciate the word hunting involved what-so-ever.

  2. Since feral hogs aren’t subject to hunting laws, who gives a damn how he hunts them? Feral hogs are a pest and most states pretty much don’t care what you do to them. I’d love to go hog hunting with Bill Wilson on his ranch with his silenced AR-15s in .300Blackout and night vision scopes. The videos make it look like fun.

  3. Why is this illegal? Does GA require a license to hunt feral hogs? I’ll bet GA has no statute to cover online hunting.

  4. This looks like the ultimate home protection system. You can watch the badguys on your IPHONE and using a speaker system, you can order them to give up or you will open fire.

      • As a former Windows Mobile hostage, all I can say is ditch that thing. Doesn’t matter if you go iPhone or Android – just do yourself a favor and back away from the Windows phone. Do it for yourself…or the ones you love.

  5. Uncle Ted, also uses a similar setup to help Wounded Warriors, and disabled, terminally ill children, that have lost limbs or extremities, become paralyzed, or are tragically disabled, to hunt, shoot, and does it all at “his” expense.

    I think it’s pretty cool.

  6. By feral hogs you mean an intrusive alien species of no redeeming value, such as rats, lice, pigeons, etc. So, we can poison rats, which is quite unsporting, but can’t shoot their fat destructive cousins via the internet?

  7. I’m more interested in the technical side of the thing. Surely he has some kind of system lag from the connection. Since feral hogs are an invasive pest as long as he can guarantee it won’t be hacked I think it is a pretty awesome thing.

    Thought I guess they could get him because the guns could easily be stolen by anyone finding his turret.

  8. Hunting as a sport is barbaric, PERIOD.
    You don’t need to hunt for food anymore, you live in 2011 not 1711 and you are NOT a caveman, advance yourself for God’s sake.

    Would you hunt your wife and kids? How would you feel if someone was? Would you hunt your family dog? Don’t all animals FEEL and THINK as your family pets do?
    They do possess a CNS central nervous system just as we do; therefore feel pain just as we do.
    It’s called evolution people, so EVOLVE!

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