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Sara T. My daughter the gun lover

Waking up this morning was much like any other morning for me. I heard my son in his room begin to flip flop around in his bed at about 5:30. This is always when I shuffle out of bed to prevent future black eyes, as a week ago, he woke up, I decided to stay in bed, and he jumped on me “hugging me.” Black eye. As cute as that was, I have learned to just get up before he does . . .

As I shuffled around making my coffee still barely awake, I heard my daughter wake up. I made a fire because it was cold and snowing and noticed my little sweet pea wouldn’t stop rubbing her eye. I finally got a look at it, and realized she had pink eye.

So, at 5:30 AM, I fired up my laptop to research home remedies until I could call the doctor at 8. Of course, they had no appointments anyway and it is only pink eye, it’s keeping it contained that’s making me crazy.

I told her toward the end of the day, and right before I started dinner that I don’t like that her eye is inflamed. She said “I know you’re said my eye is pink, but I’ll be OK. You should shoot your gun, mommy.” I gave her a hug and said “That’s nice of you sweet pea, but your brother is hungry and it’s dark outside anyway.”

She said “I know.  Light the candles in the pumpkins and shoot them!  Bring in the pieces. Brother can eat the pumpkins.”  (The now moldy pumpkins that I will be shooting because I cannot stand pumpkin flavored anything.) It made me smile. I thought this kid knows me.

Later, she really shocked me. I wanted to get a drop of saline in her eye and she wouldn’t let me. After the first drop earlier, she really decided she hated it. So it was time to bribe. What she wanted shocked me. We made a deal that I would put a drop in her eye, and she would get a piece of candy and be allowed to post a gun photo on my Facebook wall.

Sara T. Photo of me by my daughter

Needless to say, she picked a photo that she actually took of me putting my gas block back on my barrel. I think I’m raising a cute little gun lover.

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  1. That was a cute story!
    My kids are allowed to shoot the M 1 carbine when they reach age 10.
    Once they demonstrate proficiency with that, they move on to the AR 15 and pistols.
    My youngest, age 8, still likes to help me clean them.
    Putting on gloves and getting oil over everything is great fun for her.
    And she is “helping” her daddy!
    They are all exasperated by my testing them about not touching any gun they may find and telling an adult.
    ” Mom, dad left a gun for us to find! Tell him to stop doing that”

  2. Can’t wait to start my granddaughter on shooting lessons.
    She’s got Eddie Eagle down pat, and really wants to hunt.

  3. My than toddler son sitting on my lap, did a head flip right into my nose at 5:30 or 0 dark thirty. Broke it and made for an interesting morning.
    Now he’s almost 21, 6’2″ 185lbs. Doesn’t do any of the stoopid stuff I did when I was his age, and swears he shoots better than I do.

    He can break down anything in the safe. Including Grampa’s 1891 Argentine Mauser Bolt. (Not that easy), he loves and respects firearms. Cherishes the company of friends and especially his female friends. Was raised as a gentleman, and sounds like your family is on the similar path. God Bless Them. And you.

  4. Oh my! All of you! Allowing your CHILDREN around GUNS! I think I’m getting the vapors!


    Keep up the good work y’all.

  5. And I wish one of my 3 girls was like THAT! All grown and moved out and never cared about firearms becuz of their mother. Sad!
    Envy of You is a mild understatement.
    I have a Ruger SR 22 with green Crimson Trace 206 under barrel laser and silencerco Sparrow can that is a big hit with little kids and the ladies when I go out to burn a couple of bricks. I dearly wish that I could bank roll a good time for Your daughter. Lots of cans on others, too.
    Hold her close. Everyday. In a blink they are grown and gone….Stay the Course!

  6. Dammit, you’re making me want to reproduce again… I’ve run out of kids to turn into responsible gun-loving adults, I need another!

  7. Really like your posts, this one was great and wish I could get my 31 year old daughter to go shoot with me. Still working on it.

  8. I’m curious about the shirt. It looks like it says ?SIN NASA, but with a red star in between the words, like it’s a soviet nasa or something. What does it say?

  9. ” It made me smile. I thought this kid knows me.”

    That will be a lot less cute when she gets to be a teenager…


  10. I’ve got a 12 year old young lady that is more interested in firearms than boys……………. thank goodness!

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