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The Husseini Islamic Center of Sanford, FL invited Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar to speak at their Mosque. Dr. Sekaleshfar says the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do. In a 2013 speech Sheikh Sekaleshfar said this regarding gays, “Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this, death is the sentence … We have to have that compassion for people, with homosexuals, it’s the same, out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.”

Also disturbing to some was the response to this call for killing gays from Rev. Bryan Fulwider of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida.

Rev. Fulwider said, “These issues around homosexuality and the decrying of it or denouncing of it by religion takes away, often, from our really important task of helping our community to be a better community … and wishes congregations would focus more on helping the homeless, poor , and abused instead of persecuting a group that can take care of itself.”

This tepid response from Rev. Fulwider is problematic because he refuses to denounce the Husseini Islamic Center Mosque for promoting a speaker who calls for the murder of homosexuals.  Rev. Fulwider can’t even say that calling for the murder of gays is wrong.  Fulwider concludes by adding insult to injury,  saying don’t worry about the gays they can take care of themselves.

Equally as troubling is the leadership at the Husseini Islamic Center Mosque never condemn or disagree with the words spoken by their speaker about the killing of gays – silence is consent.

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    • You do know that a lot of people who call themselves Christian in this country advocate the death of homosexuals too, right?

      • If you are talking about the so called Westboro Baptists, they are not christians. Period. They will answer to God Almighty for their crimes.

      • Please show me a Christian region where gays are regularly thrown from rooftops.

        I called it as soon as I saw the headline this morning. It’s a Jihadi.

        Once again, Trump was right.

      • Christianity was just as barbaric as Islam, about 500 years ago… You look a bit foolish when you equate the two today.

        • Alexander,

          Where is your evidence that “Christianity was just as barbaric as Islam 500 years ago”? Are you referring to the Crusades which were a response to the Muslim invasion of Europe? (Refer to the seige of Vienna, Austria in 1529.)

          And even if Christianity was “just as barbaric as Islam 500 years ago”, why is it that Islam is just as, if not more barbaric today while Christianity is far less “barbaric” than 500 years ago?

          • Burning disbelievers alive back then is exactly what Islam does today. And I was clear that today, the two are not comparable. There’s no need to put words in my mouth.

        • Uh, what the heck, US? The crusades were around 1200 CE. Your invasion of Europe examples — which you claim the Crusades were a response to — are over three centuries later.

          The Crusades were largely a response to Islam, to be sure–Islam invaded Christian territory in the 700s and the Church wanted Jerusalem back–but they weren’t a response to that invasion of Europe.

          • “Uh, what the heck, US? The crusades were around 1200 CE. Your invasion of Europe examples — which you claim the Crusades were a response to — are over three centuries later.” If this is a response to my comment (sometimes they get mixed up on the site), I was not referring to the Crusades. I was referring to a millennium of the Church systematically eradicating any dissenting thought (not just deeds, but thought), which devolved European civilization about a thousand years back. The methods used for that eradication were quite similar to Islamic methods today (and through the entire history of Islam). The difference, of course, is that starting with the Renaissance the Church’s methods became more and more humane, and today’s all major denominations of Christianity, although promising eternal hell and suffering for the disbelievers, leave the promised punishment in the hands of God, when as Muslims consider killing in the name of Allah their sacred duty. Personally, I am fine with not being loved by either, but would certainly prefer to postpone my inevitable punishment.

        • The funny thing is, Christianity has done something in those 500 years Islam hasn’t- changed with the times.

          • “The funny thing is, Christianity has done something in those 500 years Islam hasn’t- changed with the times.” —
            Precisely. There are those that advocate waiting for Islam to change… Of course, if more human sacrifices can speed that process up, I’m not against those that advocate it volunteering…

        • “The funny thing is, Christianity has done something in those 500 years Islam hasn’t- changed with the times.”

          Exactly. The men profiting from it saw a threat to their livelihood, and reinvented the religion. Not the first time, most likely not the last. But, if god changed its mind, wouldn’t it have advised all of us, at once?

      • “… a lot of people who call themselves Christian in this country advocate the death of homosexuals too …”

        A lot? What constitutes a lot? Declared policy of the pan-national leaders of a religion, de facto or de jour policy of nations of 10’s of millions, that seems to be a lot. Heads of state making speeches about: “We got no homosexuality here in our Islamic Republic.” seems … telling.

        “A lot … in this country.” Who and where are these people? The occasional ravings of some apocalyptic cult whack-jobs does not a culture make.

      • Dev, you are COMPLETELY wrong. I know of NO Christians that call for murdering homosexuals (and I’m a lifelong Evangelical/Fundamentalist who knows a ton of Christians – Reformed, Orthodox, Catholic, Pentacostal, Baptist etc.). Christians will tell you that homosexual activity is sinful, but the Church exists to proclaim the message of salvation in Christ, and to call all people to faith and repentance in Christ.

        The Church does not exist to try to create a theocracy (like Islam does – and somewhat similarly Old Testament Israel).

        Yes, Leviticus called for capital punishment for all sorts of moral infractions (under the Israelite theocracy). The Moral Law of Leviticus has not changed, but the consequences have (when Christ died for us).

        Now, grace, forgiveness, faith, and repentance are proclaimed. We all deserve condemnation, but Christ bore it for us.

        I am judge of no man. Likewise, the Church has no authority to judge men or establish a theocracy. Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world, or this age.

        Still, Christ will someday return, to save all who trust in Him, and to destroy all His enemies. Eternity is a theocracy (but it will be implimented by Christ Himself, not any of us – read Revelation 19).

        Islam is profoundly “of this world”, and it logically requires a present theocracy.

    • … and people get offended when Trump wants to ban muslim immigration and keep an eye on the ones already here…

      Well, I get offended when your pet goat molesters go off and shoot a community center or night club full of people.

    • islam is not a religion its an idealogy,where all non muslums the unbelievers or the infidels,or to be beheaded/killed.forget about the lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias,they run interference for ovomit/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the white house,and his unconstitituional adminstration,do what we do be your own medias.and keep sending out and exposing everyday about islam not being a religion and hillary clintons asst huma abedin is along with her father and brother,part of the muslum brotherhood terrorists,also ovomit/satan allowing the cair groups to remain in the usa,the cair groups our fronts for the muslum brotherhood terrorists.and valeria jarret is a muslum who wants to make the usa look like a muslum country.and that ovomit allowed janet napalitano to put a muslum terrorists in homeland security,when janet ran it his name is elibearry he,s part of the muslum brotherhood terrorists.add there our multiple muslum terrorists training camps in dearborn michigan and upatate ny near hancock,and in dallas and in irving where clock boy lives,the muslum kid who brought a suitcase to school with what looked like a bomb,and nothing is done to him because he.s a muslum in fact even ovomit/satan invited him to the wh.there suppose to be for peace,prove it muslums .don,t trust any muslums fight them at ever the books the muslum mafia and heretic,also 13 hours. god bless all legal american veterans/citizens go trump everyone we know is voting for you,and has your back don,t let any muslums or ovomit/satan and his treasonous government try to jam anything unconstitituional down your throat. everyone we know is here for you.

  1. A religion or group of morons calling themselves religous and doing thes things. They need to be ended with no compassion or humanity. Just like they treat there victims. Really sad part is some many people killed and hurt first thing that happens is political bullshit to further your cause. Not worring about victims yep just made choice on who to vote for alot easier

  2. Debating religions is like debating who would win in a fight between the Easter bunny and Santa clause. What’s funny is some people get all excited about it like they can actually win an argument, and it’s weird they always argue for there favorite cult

  3. What would happen if a gay leader advocated for the “compassionate” killing of Muslims? The world would end right there.

  4. Hate speech charges coming in 10…..9….,,,,, 0 ,,,,,,-43675

    aw forget it and don’t hold your breath…..

    • Yeah, and a whole lot of other groups are less productive citizens and less fun at parties.

  5. Perhaps the “Sheik” should be deported, via Guantanamo Bay.

    The title “Sheik” is not formal. There is no qualification to pass. It is supposed to imply a person of learning and culture. Today it means two or more idiots think pearls of wisdom pass via your rectal passage.

    • I think that being compassionate to the sheik, in his kind of way, is the right thing to do.

  6. If this guy I’d not an American citizen he should be put on a slow boat back to his country of origin.

  7. The reason for no one rejecting the interpretation of Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar is theologically he is correct in all streams of Islam. It is consistent with the Quran, Hadith, 21st and 20th Century Interpretations and Fatwas. Al Zahar University the most prestigious center for Islamic though definitely agrees. Research All of what I’ve said. At most it will take an hour. A religion is what it is and not a Democracy that the People will change by protests like in the US. In Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Iran (Shia) the death sentence for LGBT is carried out without a second thought. The US says nothing because they know State will not change Islam and how LGBT is universally punished in all 57 Islamic countries,

  8. It is like watching 7th century peasants living by their ‘book’… “It says in my book, mumbo jumbo bullshit”.

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