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The initial statement issued by the White House this morning on the Orlando gay nightclub massacre was the usual thoughts-and-prayers boilerplate. You can bet your bottom round of .22LR, though, that the President will be out with more deep thoughts on the matter before the day is done. Does anyone want to lay any cash on the tenor of the CinC’s remarks after what’s being described as the worst mass shooting in American history?

With a reported 50 dead and another 50+ injured, every effort will be made to frame this not as an act of jihadi murder of more infidels on their own soil, but as another example of America’s sick gun culture run amok. In fact there’s probably no need to bother his speechwriters on a weekend when he can easily recycle so much of what he said in December of 2014.

I offered Governor (Scott) my condolences on behalf of the nation, and made it clear he will have every single resource that he needs to investigate this heinous crime, care for the victims, counsel their families. …

We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years.  And each time I learn the news I react not as a President, but as anybody else would — as (an American).  And that was especially true today.  I know there’s not a (person) in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.

As a country, we have been through this too many times.  Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods….

After acknowledging the obvious horror of what happened, look for the emphasis of his carefully curated outrage to be on the tools that Omar Mateen used, rather than the noxious ideology that motivated him to mow down a crowd of infidels…almost all of whom were members of a group that radical Islamists find even more vile than your typical, garden variety decadent American.

So Obama’s focus will be on Mateen’s guns. As you can be sure candidate Clinton’s will be as well. Never mind that such an attack is exactly the kind of eventuality that moves so many Americans to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights, no matter how low their odds of being victimized. Never mind that as the leader of the most prominent orgainization of armed LGBT Americans has cautioned against another knee-jerk call for civilian disarmament.

“This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence. At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging fruit of blaming the killer’s guns. Let us stay focused on the fact that someone hated gay people so much they were ready to kill or injure so many. A human being did this. The human being’s tools are unimportant when compared to the bleakness of that person’s soul. I say again, GUNS did not do this. A human being did this, a dead human being. Our job now is not to demonize the man’s tools, but to condemn his acts and work to prevent such acts in the future.”

Instead, just as after Newton, they’ll try to turn Orlando into a rallying cry to replicate here what happened in Australia after Port Arthur. That would seem to be more than a little problematic in an election year, not that such inconveniences will give them any pause. They can’t let an opportunity like this pass when it presents itself. Never let a crisis go to waste.

They’re nothing if not predictable.





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  1. Not enough people are making the point that it is currently Ramadan, or as I call it, Bombadan.

    It’s Islam people.

    We just heard Senator Bill Nelson tell us this is linked to ISIL.

    It’s all linked, we already know this.

    This is nothing to do with Newtown. They are playing this for one reason only and we all know what that is.

    People need to ignore this idiocy, wake up and understand; Islam is at war with us.

  2. Expect the official narrative to reveal that the suspect was on the terrorist watch list, since that is one of the biggest “common sense” talking points right now.

  3. We could stop importing unvetted, third world people from a radically incompatible and intolerant culture…

    You know what they don’t have in the Middle East – gay bars.

    Sherlock Holmes would call that fun, little fact a clue. But, everyone else would just call it being bigoted and racist on my part.

    Yay, Marxism!

  4. What is going to happen is that the Progressives on the Florida Supreme Court will, even more so, never allow open carry despite the obvious unconstituionality of the OC Ban. 50 people lose their lives because of progressive agenda and we lose our 2A protected rights.

  5. It will be tough to sell this as another Newtown when it looks like another Paris and I am sure that Donald Trump will be sure to make that point. The Democrats may try to turn this into a guns thing but it isn’t going tri work as the facts trickle out about his extremist ties. Just like San Bernardino, the Islam factor will displace the gun angle.

    And it is nothing like Newtown. This was a political act not the act of single isolated individual.

    • I’m guessing it *may* expand police powers for the duration of the emergency.

      Perhaps like Boston did after the Marathon bombing.

      Just a guess, mind you…

  6. I have been giving full time to Bernie, but the killings in Florida require an absolute pause in political activism.

    Another person who legally owned guns, removed the first right of people for at least 50 non-threatening souls. This is the point that always gets lost….a person’s natural, civil right to life is superior to all other rights. If the right to life is inferior to any other natural, civil right, then the other rights are meaningless, because you need to be living in order to enjoy or defend other rights.

    There will be the usual screeds demanding everyone get a gun, but the inescapable fact on the ground is that if law-abiding citizens do not have any firearms, mass shootings by law-abiding citizens do not happen. Yes, of course, there will be illegal guns, and criminals with guns. Fact is, few mass shootings are committed by criminals, gangers and other people prohibited from having firearms. (My definition of mass shooting is not “official” because I describe mass shootings as those with 10 or more casualties in a single incident, and dead shooters do not count).

    The murders in Florida present non-gun activists with a dilemma: the last two mass killings were conducted by a protected group, Muslims. Yet we hate the idea that just about anyone can pass a background check and “go postal”.

    I know of no other religion that commands death to gay people, but I do know a bunch of white, good ol’ boys who are not disturbed by the killing of gay people. It will be hard to distance the shooter in Florida from religion, but it is troublesome that a follower of a favored religion may have acted in accordance with that religion, because he just may have been of a mind that gays deserve to die, period. And don’t try to deny that people other than Muslims think killing gays is a proper administration of justice.

    You have a natural and civil right to own guns. I have a natural and civil right to life. Your job is to ensure that people with a gun do not use that gun to murder innocents. But, if you don’t want to accept your responsibility, then we have the will of the people, the assistance of politicians, and the drive to end private ownership of firearms. You will earn your reward. Anti-gun people are not the root cause of mass shootings.

    Thankfully, TTAG let me have my say. Now I will get our of your way, and go back to helping Bernie become the next President of The United States. Because, guns.

    • “I have been giving full time to Bernie…” – You have already scored your own IQ test in the single digits; no need to go further.

      • 2Asux is a rare anti troll.

        He will actually engage is somewhat honest debate on the subject, rather than just spout clip-and-paste drivel.

        IMO, he is a good way to hone 2A debate skills…

        • Yes, I’ve seen his posts and you are correct – sometimes he does show a modicum of intelligence. But advertising his Bernie love (and essentially admitting that he’s unemployed and not really looking for paid and gainful employment), while thinking (I’m stretching that word) that the world owes him something (or a lot), was a bit too much. Even reading a few lines of his comment is risking losing a few neurons.

    • Your natural right to life is usually going to be trumped by a nutjob with a gun. Your right to own a gun and carry it might just trump his life when he targets you, allowing you to retain your right to life (even if it is a 1% increase in my chances of survival, I will take it). This proves that unless you can magically erase all guns, having one yourself is key to self-preservation.

    • Aww, you don’t wanna stay and respond to our retorts?
      Having the right to life doesn’t necessarily trump every other right, even though it is arguably the most important. For example: if you need a million dollars to pay for cancer treatments, you can’t deny my right to property and take $1m from me.
      With that said, what will you do to people’s right to self defense when you ban their tools of self defense? Seems to me that terrorists like this guy will always find something to kill us with. Don’t disallow us the best means to kill them right back.
      If just 10% of the club’s patrons were allowed to carry, things surely would’ve turned out different. And no, I’m not referring to Hollywood-style crossfire where they all miss and kill each other instead.

    • “I have been giving full time to Bernie…”

      You’ll soon find yourself unemployed– figuratively, as I assume you’re literally unemployed – Hillary is going to be your candidate, friend.

      The fix is in, she has all the paid delegates, I mean, super delegates.

    • ah reckon ah know a few of them good ol’ boys yer talkin’ ’bout. not people ah wanna get crossways with.

    • No we dont cheer at the deaths of the gays.

      Gays exist for a legit, biological reason.

      A gay person’s heterosexual siblings are more attractive/attracted to others of the gay’s sex. (Jim is gay, who is attracted/attractive to other men. His sister Jane is more attractive/attracted to men as well cuz the genes run in the family). And thus, back before we had ways to give gays children, Jane’s extra reproduction would cover the amount that Jim would not.

      It’s just a different means of achieving genetical immortality.

      So no, we dont necessary LIKE gays, but we sure as hell dont want/need them dead.

      • ah doan see nuthin where anybody said anythin bout wantin gays dead. the comment talks bout knowin folks who feel like that. knowin someone who is OK with killin certain people jes becuz, ain’t a crime. knowin an’ hangin with someone is differnt.

    • “I know of no other religion that commands death to gay people, but I do know a bunch of white, good ol’ boys who are not disturbed by the killing of gay people.”

      If you do, your are hanging out with the wrong people. But, even if you do know people who wouldn’t mind seeing others die because of their sexual orientation, so what? Did they kill 50 innocent people this morning? Have they been hanging, burning, or throwing gays from buildings continuously in other countries? Your sick attempt at some kind of false moral equivalence is abhorrent. Shame on you.

      “Your job is to ensure that people with a gun do not use that gun to murder innocents.”

      Because you say it is? I own a car, but I do not drive drunk and I am not responsible for those who do. I own matches, cigarette lighters, and various flammable household compounds, but I do not commit arson and I am not responsible for those who do. I own a number of knives, but I do not stab people and I am not responsible for those who do. I am responsible for my own conduct, to a lesser extent the conduct of my children, and I am responsible from protecting myself and my family from those who would do the things listed above. You cannot place responsibility for the actions of others on me or anyone else by decree. Go pound sand.

      “But, if you don’t want to accept your responsibility, then we have the will of the people, the assistance of politicians, and the drive to end private ownership of firearms. You will earn your reward.”

      And there it is. You have explicitly threatened me and millions of other Americans with violence if we do not comply with your wishes. In the face of a terror attack by a radical Islamist, you are threatening your own countrymen (I assume; perhaps you are not American even technically speaking). The fact that you would use proxies to commit violence on your behalf is irrelevant. I find your point of view dangerously insane.

      • I’ve never heard an acquaintance state that gay people should die. Such bull$hit on numerous levels.

    • You have right to life. I have right to keep and bear arms including guns. So do you, btw. But it is not our job to make sure some nut is not going to misuse his right to guns and kill you. That’s your job. You and you alone are responsible for your safety.

      Do you honestly believe that if general population was forbidden to own guns this muslim asshole would decide not to kill anyone and to go to see a movie instead? Even in unlikely case of gun controll working 100% and all guns disappeared in puff of smoke, you think he would not use some other tool like a bomb, fire, big truck or machete to murder infidels?
      Guns can be used to murder. Even mass murder. But they can be (and are many times more often) used to defend innocent lives.

    • Not likely. This is an Islamist attack. The gun control theater will follow, of course (it’s already going), but everything about this incident is counter to current leftist narratives.

    • I wonder if Obama’s importation of Muslims program is sort of like Fast and Furious. If only 100 of the thousands of Syrians admitted to the US are IISIS soldiers then maybe the public can be stampeded into gun confiscation after a few Paris-like attacks.

      • Very possible, and of course many argue that this is what is going on in Europe. It’s an MO about as old as statecraft. Foment chaos, then use the chaos as an excuse to seize more power. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  7. This will be a rallying call for Trump and Clinton. Trump who will point out that it was another GFZ and an act of Islamic terror. Hillary will say we need to go full UK and Australia. Either way it’s going to get rough.

  8. There is a simple salient fact about these terror attacks, unless the people who are the victims of these terrorists are inches from a police officer, they will die. LEO’s cannot be where they are needed at the moment a crime is committed instantaneously, physics denies such movements through space, so why restrict the ability and right to self-defense, and the defense of others when if the left just compromised a little and allowed concealed carry in all 50 states?

    From all of the people of the gun I have met, each one would love a 50 state mandate to carry concealed, which the left could and would attach a for pay training regime at “approved” ranges under supervision, and they would look forward to learning/training more in order to carry concealed.

    There is such a way to do so now, that would allow more people to respond to these attacks and stop them.
    And for those who worry that this results in a nightmare scenario where an attack is stopped but the CCW holders won’t stop shooting each other, that is simply asinine. It would allow those who carry to protect those who don’t, few I imagine would run toward the fire, but instead protect those around them. This would go a long way to proving the validity of concealed carry, and strengthen civilian firearms ownership as a real advantage to the nation.

    What we need to break is the fear instilled in the minds of the vast majority of the American people by the media that guns are scary scary things that need to be burnt in a fire, and instead instill the realization that they are simple machines that if respected at all times, and only used with a real understanding of the responsibility of their ownership, are not to be feared, but respected and handled thusly.

    • “What we need to break is the fear instilled in the minds of the vast majority of the American people…” – the vast majority of the American people, just like the vast majority of all people, are sheeple. They think and do what they are told. Their safety is not important – there are 300 million of them; they are expendable and replaceable. A few hundred or a few thousand killed is irrelevant to the powers in control. To them, the important issue is their own safety; and the biggest threat to their safety are the masses, for one can never know when the masses may rise, or when a charismatic leader comes along who will direct the masses. Assuring that the masses are disarmed and impotent (including keeping them uneducated) has always been the goal of all despots, tyrants and tyrannical governments, since the dawn of history. Achieving this goal is a little more problematic in America because of one pesky antique piece of paper (which the great majority of Americans never read), but they’re working on it.


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