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“A U.S. official says the gunman in the shootings in Tennessee has been identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. He was believed to have been born in Kuwait, and it was unclear whether he was a U.S. or Kuwaiti citizen. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing, sensitive investigation.” According to the New York Times, “Law enforcement officials said that Mr. Abdulazeez had not been under investigation by the F.B.I. but that analysts and agents were combing files for any possible evidence that he had ties to a foreign terrorist group.” He was reportedly shot and killed by a police officer . . .


Comments regarding the irony of the ‘no guns allowed’ sign in the photo above surrounded by bullet holes at one of the shooting scenes have been conspicuous by their absence in media coverage of what’s been termed a domestic terror attack.

How many more US servicemen and women will need to die in places like Fort Hood, the Washington Navy Yard and now at two retail recruiting locations in Anytown, USA before they’re allowed to carry sidearms and defend themselves? Or will this too be sloughed off as just another unfortunate instance of “workplace violence?”

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  1. another Muslim jihad assess self-proclaimed terrorist. piece of garbage! when they are they going to learn to let men and women on army bases military installations carry weapons? they have more training than most police officers and carry them in combat but yet when they’re at home there are unarmed. that makes no sense whatsoever!

    • And here is the DISGUSTING Second Amendment denial group “Violence Policy Center” cravenly using this terrorist attack to try and shred the Constitution:

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      Greg Bagby


      This makes me so sad… My City. #cha #ChattanoogaStrong



      9 minutes ago

      alex green


      We’re doing lots of digging, lots of researching and still more reporting on #Chattanooga shooting. Shooter ID’d. Prayer vigils to come.



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      Alison Gerber


      Obama: “I’d ask all Americans to pray for tHe families that are grief stricken.” #ChattanoogaShooting



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      Violence Policy Center Statement on Chattanooga Shooting

      Washington, DC — Following today’s shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee which left four U.S. Marines dead, Violence Policy Center (VPC) Executive Director Josh Sugarmann issued the following statement:
      “Another day in America, another mass shooting. While we are still learning the facts behind this latest mass murder, easy access to increasingly lethal firearms is the one factor that is almost constant in these attacks. Lives are lost, families are devastated, and communities are scarred, yet all too often we look for answers while ignoring the very tools that are commonly used to perpetrate these heinous acts. Until this changes, such horrific events are inevitable.”

      • easy access to increasingly lethal firearms is the one factor that is almost constant in these attacks

        Somebody should point out to him the one factor that is actually constant in these attacks: murderous intent.

        • Murderous intent is a foreign concept the media and our lemming population. It was a flag a month ago when an evil man killed 8 Christians in a church, and it will be the guns fault that an evil man killed four Marines.

          ISIS has killed more Marines in America than they have in the Middle east. Darn work place violence or is it going to be lonewolf gun man whose motive is undetermined, but it was probably because of the historical Southern Cross.

    • Most military extensive rifle training, but minimal pistol training. Pistols are only seen as mission essential for SOF and MP types. Even the “pistol qualified” personnel have likely only fired 40 rounds to qualify once in their career and will likely never qual again. The huge number of NDs with pistols compared to rifles or crew served weapons creates a huge distrust to issuing pistols.

      • Wrong answer my friend. Annual pistol training is a requirement for virtually all E6 and above and all officers in the USMC (50rds to qualify, roughly 250-300 building up to qualify). Also annual table 4 & 5 training on both rifle and sidearm in many units, with varying amounts of ammo but usually at least 100-200 for the M9.
        Finally, please cite your source on the ND statistics. I’ve been in the Corps for 15 years (6 tours to the sand box) and estimate twice the amount of ND’s with the M4/M16 platform than the M9 from those I’ve witnessed or have happened in my commands. This is probably a relatively meaningless statistic anyway, as everyone is issued a long gun but half or less get pistols.

        • The Marine KD (Table1) rifle qual is 50 rounds (5 points per shot for a total of 250). Tables 3&4 have been merged into the new Table 2 (132/15).
          Pistol qual is 40 rounds (not 50) with 10 points each for 400 points. The course got easier to score and drawing from the holster for every drill likely making for many more NDs.
          Battalion and Regimental Gunners claimed the ND stats and never asked for hard numbers out of respect for their expertise and experience.
          Many units don’t want to give up their E-6 and above to qual on pistol because they view it as poor use of time compared to planning training or conducting maintenance.
          Thank you for your service, but 6 deployments in 15 years makes you combat experienced, but does not provide sufficient stats for your ND claims.

        • Good catch on my pistol qual round count, you’re right. Drawing from the holster is more practical than the old antiquated range practice, and the amount of dry fire done before hand keeps it relatively safe and ND free. Also, the new targets are more life-like (old one was a bullseye), and increased realism in training makes for more effective execution (the book “On Killing” does a great job explaining). Neither of us have statistical evidence to back up the ND claims, so I’ll chalk that one up to a moot point, but I’d hardly characterize ND’s as a plague in any branch of the military (as risk-averse as our bras is, they’d shut down ranges if it were that bad). Nevertheless, your premise that relatively low pistol training in the military (as measured by round counts) as an argument why we shouldn’t be able to carry on base remains absurd. At what round count would you consider the average service member proficient enough to carry on base? Is that number higher or lower than would be sufficient for carrying in a combat zone? For me, I’d be comfortable with 1000 PFC’s (or any of you on this site, for that matter) locked and loaded around me any day of the week over having to rely on a few MPs that are minutes away to rescue me.

        • I could not reply to your reply. Philosophically, I agree with you about the 1000 PFCs (because they will practice more than the minimum required).
          My statement was about the state of current mentality which is more focused on negative effects of ND reports than the more remote possibility of self-defense.

        • Im Air Force and a medic. I do M9 annually. BUT! I will say if people were allowed to carry on and off. They would be more likely to practice on their own. Like my self and others in my pit we go to the range a good bit. I go weekly.

      • Dude, you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. As a Tank crewman my personal weapon was an M9 9mm pistol. I was required to re-qualify with it at least once a year. Maybe that “qualify once and never again” is SOP for the USAF/USN but I guarantee the ground combat branches take weapons qualification very seriously.

        • As a Tanker or Amtraker, you are one of the few who has the M9 as a T/O weapon. Most Battalions have only COs, SgtMajs, Corpsman, and few others that rate M9s because most rate only rifles.

        • Yeah, nanny-nanny boo-boo, can’t have the nice beanshooter pistol, have to make do with the machine gun.

    • Tell you what. You want to put all Muslims and Arabs into a package. Let’s include you worthless ammosexuals into the same package of losers.


      • @Dog

        I will accept that deal but your infallibility will be put to the test when the boxed up and pissed off Americans open up, pun intended.

        • Never going to happen. Time after time you ammosexuals make those threats and not once has anyone actually taken any action. Even when your hero Timothy McVeigh tried to start a revolution in this country the ammosexuals and super patriots just stood around with their thumbs up their asses. Like you will just stand around and take it, Slick.

        • What is your fetish with the term “ammosexual?”

          It’s not convincing anyone to your point of view. It just reveals that you are a lame troll trying to get a reaction.

          Your shtick isn’t having any impact on anything. meanwhile, our side keeps growing and winning court cases. For example, I love the fact that Chicago keeps having to pay court costs as they lose 2A cases.

  2. Or will this too be sloughed off as just another unfortunate instance of “workplace violence?” Why Yes, yes it will. The muslims are people of peace don’tchaknow. His royal self will undoubtedly label this as work place violence and call for more gun control.

    • NO !!! We can’t trust any American to have a fire arm . This was obviously a crazed right wing nut job and by his name I must assume he was Christian . When will we all learn that we must disarm all these crazy Christian conservative nut jobs . I can’t take it anymore , they’re going to kill all of us . YES !!! arm our military service personnel , NOW !!! Man we are upside down and wrong side up in this country . I don’t know if this stuff is fixable anymore . CRAZY >

  3. They keep saying that “automatic” fire was used. How long till they come out with another ban AR’s comes out. Also did you see this kids house? its huge with a pool and a nice manicured lawn.

  4. Geez! People! The FBI has been very clear on their projected dangerous groups we need to be concerned about are Americans that believe in small government, the right to KABA’s and the use terms like Molon Labe and fly the Gadsden Flag.

    There is not one mention of issues with potential terrorists that base there belief in Allah and his “Religion of Peace”.

    So take a deep breath and ignore the multiple attacks made by those that scream Allahu Akbar as they murder alot of people.

  5. Did the shooter work there? If not, it’s not “workplace violence”.
    Maj. Hasan worked at Ft. Hood. Still not WPV, but being an inside job gave the Liberals that option.

    • You seem to still be under the delusion that words have fixed meanings. I’m sure the Ministry of Truth will be contacting you shortly to inform you of the error of your ways. Onii chan is watching.

  6. My guess for the weapon used is a hi-point carbine in .45. They seems like big holes in the glass.

  7. The sign is what caught my attention first. I guess the Progressives will claim that he shot through the door at the first crime scene out of frustration that he wasn’t allowed to enter the building with his gun.

    • That picture is worth a thousand words. ‘Utter futility’ and ‘criminal folly’ are four that quickly come to mind.

      • Please . If that sign were not there the carnage would have been much worse . Muzlems like to be lawful and if it wasn’t for the sign he would have gone in and killed more . Muzlems are actually peaceful and now we can see they are lawful .

  8. You’ll see the entire country of Iran convert to Judaism before the current administration calls this the “T” word.

    • “If I had had another son after the son that looked like trayvon, he would look like this fine young gentleman.”

      I am expecting a letter expressing the president’s condolences to the terrorist’s family. Which he might as well do. God knows he won’t write to the families of those four marines…

      • of course not. the family of Kate Steinle still hasn’t heard a word from anyone in obozo’s admin. why should this be different.

  9. If the Marines had had guns, they just would have shot each other and innocent bystanders. (sarcasm)

  10. Why not a no guns allowed sticker on the White House? Why not unarm Obama’s secret service? If its ok to put our military personal at risk by suck ignorance, they why is Obama any better. I’d rather it had been Obama shot today then these four Marines. Obama has been doing his best to flood this country with savages like this Abdula Ahole. Muslims can’t be trusted. Muslims won’t assimilate into our culture. Muslims want sharia law here. What more reasons do we need to decide its time to put up a new sign. No Muslims Allow in America.

    • 1. The us has extremely strict immigration policies from the Middle East
      2. Muslims are the highest earning group in the us behind Jews
      3. If every muslim was a militant you do realize that there is a six million strong militant army inside the us by your logic? A full scale civil war would have happened
      4. The majority of people being killed by muslim terrorists in foreign countries, and the majority of people fighting Islamic extremists are other Muslims
      5. Shariah law is debated and many popular versions are basically the same as the us constitution
      6. You’re an xenophobic prick who has no knowledge of cultures outside your small home town.

  11. I’d ask my Arabic speaking kid about this but he never tells me anything(and he had a very low opinion of kuwait-eeze)…of course these guys should be armed-but I doubt much will change-oh yeah once again you suck waco/willy/gawd…

  12. Is arguing about the weapon or weapons used really important right now? Innocent people died for no real reason because yet another mental defective had problems coping with the real world.

    • No they died because this bastards religion not only condones but expects Sharia law for all. They died because soldiers can be armed on duty overseas but not in the U.S. they died because they are a symbol of Democracy and because there were not any armed citizens around. If he had tried this anywhere in Israel or Kuwait he would have known what real full auto-fire is. It’s time the chief Muslim in D.C. stepped down. We need mandatory military service, which conversely would weed out a lot of nut jobs.

      Prayers to the victim’s & families. and I hope he’s 1 of the Virgins and gets a gay Muslim couple. Plus deport his parents and siblings or apply good old testament too them. An Eye for An Eye.

  13. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez? Obviously, he’s a Presbyterian. They’re very dangerous, y’know, what with their white privilege and all.

    It’s just too bad that the recruiting centers weren’t gun free zones. A few signs would have fixed everything.

  14. Can’t you see that the sign worked just fine? I don’t see any holes in the sign itself, just, you know, everywhere around it. Seems to me that if the sign was a bit bigger, say the size of the entire door, this wouldn’t even be an issue. \sarc

  15. During the last 10 days of Ramadan , bonus points of followers may be earned by extra prayer / acts ? ” night of power ” or ” night of destiny ” – Carry , and stay alert.

  16. Some people here must really be afraid. Why?
    Because it’s easier to blame all of a group then deal with the fringe. It’s just too simple. If I mention Christians then folks say oh that was centuries ago. If I mention Timothy McVeigh, “why did you bring him up?”

    Grow a pair and realize that if you say “all” then you’re missing the point. It is also a Tactical Error.

    • I haven’t detected any fear here at all , a lot of sarcasm , frustration and animosity , but not fear . I also notice that you didn’t call anyone out . You should be calling out your own and standing up in your mosque and speaking out against those in your ranks that are going to bring destruction upon you . We ARE talking about today and not centuries ago . Today , Muslims are blowing up babies on video , group drowning Christians ( Nazarenes ) on video , crucifying children on video , cutting off groups of Christians heads on video , kidnapping non Sunni women and girls and using them as sex slaves , probably on video and on and on and you bring up Tim McVeigh , I do wish you were here .

    • You must be new here. Xenophobia of Muslims is pretty ingrained to the right-right conservatives. Of course it’s ok to lay blame to an entire group that is different, but it’s wrong when done to a group they belong to. Blame Muslims for a terrorist attack? A-ok. Blame gun owners for a mass shooting? Not ok. Cognitive dissonance.

      • Are all Christians to blame when a homosexual is bashed? Are are Christians to blame when the Christian klu klux klan burns a cross or hangs a black person as they use to do on a weekly basis?

        Not all Muslims are terrorists. But all terrorists are muslims. The terrorists call themselves muslim. That is good enough for me. Growing up in California we use to say not all white Christians were klansmen. But all klansmen were christians. They called themselves christians. And that is good enough for me.

        The Muslim terrorists have a Muslim support system in the west. The KKK no longer has a Christian support system that it did have at one time.
        When muslims stop giving support then these attacks will stop. You can define support any way you wish.

        • There is no support system you ignoramus. The vast majority of people who are killed by muslim extremists and people in armies fighting muslim extremists are OTHER MUSLIMS. What more do you want?

    • McVeigh wasn’t a Christian and this Mohammed wasn’t part of a fringe. He may have been a small segment of the Muslim population but his beliefs and actions are well within the norm for Islam. You ought to read Samuel Huntington’s chapter on Islam in “The Clash of Civilizations.” It’s called “The Bloody Borders of Islam” Whereever Muslims come in contact with other civilizations wars result. It doesn’t matter whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, animists or athiests.

      And for your information Muslims are not upset about the Crusades. They won.

        • We had German, Italian and Japanese American all serving in the US military in WW2 and your point is?

        • One of my NCOICs for my first deployment was Muslim. Albanian Muslim though, so he still drank and womanized to no shame.

          Still didn’t eat pork though.

  17. WACO , I also wish you were here , I have something for you . I think you may be expecting it . Well any way , hope to see you soon . In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ , God bless !

    • The shooter did obey the signs as instructed, he did not take a gun into the no gun zone but there isn’t any sign whatsoever that prevented his firing on full automatic into the zone which he obviously did. He had two places he shoot up, had people been allow to carry he would of or could have been stopped and four Marines would still be alive. Has there been anything said from the White House yet?

  18. Sometimes the obvious is right so on the first thread I was wrong.

    This proves we need universal background checks. (/sarc for those who can’t figure it out)

      • Funny you mention nashville. The last recruiting station attack, the Muslim killer came from a nashville mosque.

  19. We are at war in our homeland and the ISIS targets are our unarmed military and police. Instead of choosing to arm Syrian rebels Mr. Presudent , why are you not arming our own military to defend themselves?????

  20. Since the Marines were on the job, Obuma, aka Barry Soetoro, will no doubt call it “workplace violence.”

  21. Yet AGAIN:
    Soldiers unarmed, Why? Notice the the “NO GUNS ALLOWED” sticker on bullet riddled door? Again the criminals and criminally insane don’t obey the law.
    I find it absolutely ABSURD that at 18 years of age the military will arm a soldier with anything from a knife to a fully automatic rifle to an M1 Abrams and send them all over the world but not let them be armed at home? HYPOCRISY !

  22. Timothy McVeigh killed white people and innocent children. What was his message?
    It’s obvious ISIS is at war with modern civilization. I know they and Boko Haram have committed horrible acts. Just thought you wouldn’t paint all Muslims with such a wide brush. Cheney was hugging Saddam, Bush holding hands with the Saudis. All Germans weren’t Nazis. Just too small of a vision. Thought if I mentioned it you’d go, “oh yeah.”

    If Bloomberg was correct all 18-25 year old white males need to be incarcerated. 🙂 Seems like they do most of our mass shootings. Makes sense but isn’t a wide enough view.
    Do you want your guns confiscated because the actions of those people? Why not? You’re not like that.

    • I think we all know here what this will lead to and what it won’t lead to ,
      It will lead to the MSM talking about more gun control and it won’t lead to our recruiters and on base military personal being armed so they can protect themselves and it won’t lead to anyone from the white house talking about Islamic domestic terrorism so all we can do is vent . See you soon WECO , wish you were here .

    • H. I can’t tell where you are going or where you have been . You confuse me . Sorry if I’m taking you wrong , but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around your comments . Just when I think I’ve got it you lose me again , sorry .

    • If Bloomberg was correct all 18-25 year old white males need to be incarcerated. 🙂 Seems like they do most of our mass shootings.

      Huh? bloomberg said black males are 95% of shooters. and black males commit more mass shootings per capita than white males do

  23. So, the good guys without guns were shot up by a bad guy with a gun, who was stopped and taken down … when good guys with guns showed up.

    I wonder. Maybe letting the good guys have guns more places would be useful. And maybe we want to trust the good judgment of individuals directly on hand vs. the remote judgment of commanding officials, directing “groups” regarding “situations.”

    I am not OK with any good, decent person knowingly facing their end with only courage and resolve, when had we but let the, they could have done otherwise. I suspect US Marines would likely have been able to do better than most, had we but let them.

  24. Doesn’t fit the media narative. Everyone ignore this and go back to tearing down Confederate flags and toppling statues, just like ISI…I mean, just like good citizens.

  25. Fringe. Mainstream. Majority. Minority. DOESN’T MATTER … none of it is relevant.

    Because islam is not a religion. It’s a POLITICAL MOVEMENT populated by an overabundance of mentally deficient inbreds disguising their warped lives’ choices as a religion founded in the 7th century B.C by a genocidal mass murderer…..

  26. Another senseless act of violence that I’m weeping at that you gunophile terrorists caused.

    The bodies are still warm and you freaks continue to dance on them while promoting a bullcrap holier than thou garbage.

    This is what you get when there is no common sense gun control due to the acts of the NRA, The gun lobby and the deluded Gun sheeple that believe having some fully automatic killing machine will make them “safe”.

    Who needs fear from our enemies when the real terrorist called the NRA and the gun lobby terrorize the population all in the name of fear and money.

    Fear sells gun sheeple.

    Yeah, Screw the civilized innocent population, Your need to own the latest machines of death is more important than the safety and lives of innocent people.

    • Your comment makes no sense. US gun murder is down more than 60% sales gun sales have skyrocketed.

      It is not fear that sells guns, but rationality. Estimates run form 500,000 to three million murders, rapes, assaults and other crimes prevented by gun owners each year.

      In fact that is why, if you are not a prior criminal or in a gang, owning a gun makes you and your family about 25% safer from violence than unarmed homes

      • Ah the myth of the “DGU”.

        The myth of guns stop “2.5 million crimes” per years.

        Sorry, That myth was heavily disproved many times.

        “DGUs” against criminals are no more than less than one hundred shootings.

        Studies show a gun in the home is more likely to kill you or a loved one than protect you from imaginary threats.

        And I’m still here grieving that these same individuals who fought to protect us from people like you lost their loves because some NRA-affiliated nut decided to test his new death machine on the innocent populace.

        What a red herring that you terrorists are promoting such as the NRA sponsored myth of the “DGU”.

        And now I’m slightly brimming and grieving with anger that you gunophiles are saying the bullcrap “gun free zones” are blame to this. No, Your lack of laws that caused this are to blame for this.

        Your easy access to deadly weapons are to blame for this.

        Again gun-nuts, how come europe, australia and japan don’t have these problems?

        What kind of twisted 3rd world Orwellian nightmare are these countries?

        But nah, you’d given me some word salad pseudo intellectual comments about how “dangerous” they are.

        Please spare me your lies gun-nuts.

        Innocent people are dead because of you people and all you care about is fearing that you won’t be able to buy your death machines.

        Like I said that what you gun-nuts believe, Screw the civilized innocent public, Your need to own deadly weapons trumps the lives of innocent people who just want the madness to stop.

        • wow. I just have no response for you. You’re so full of anger and… I don’t know what it’s called, maybe “Righteous Ignorance”?

          Whatever skippy.

        • (QUOTE) “And I’m still here grieving that these same individuals who fought to protect us from people like you lost their loves because some NRA-affiliated nut decided to test his new death machine on the innocent populace.”

          All I can say is, you are an Idiot Willy (hey, isn’t willy another name for man parts?..that explains a lot)

          So you are saying this radicalized muslum, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, did this because he was NRA-affiliated? Yea…he probably had his NRA membership card stuck in his Qur’an as a place holder.

          and I noticed that you keep saying “YOUR”

          “Your lack of laws that caused this are to blame for this.”

          “Your easy access to deadly weapons are to blame for this.”

          sounds like you are a bit afraid of of our 2nd amendment …….Where exactly are you from part?….

  27. I encourage everyone here to email your senators and demand legislation be put forth to remove the gun free zones from military installations. This is absolute lunacy that out military men and women have to be disarmed at any time to be able to serve our country!

  28. The world has a Muslim problem. I know many hate reading this. But the truth hurts. It hurts even more when marines are killed.

    • Actually no, the world has an extremist problem. There are six million Muslims in the USA, many of them have high paying high ranked jobs in Government and other large industries. If we had a “muslim problem” we’d be undergoing a civil war right now. The majority of soldiers fighting extremist Muslims are OTHER MUSLIMS.

  29. Multiple LEO sources say he had an AK style rifle and multiple 30 round mags which was why he initially held off the police when confronted.

    Here we go…

    • Yeah. Lots of ink given to the “30 round magazine” fact now… Not sure if this is a ‘here we go’ but it might be, depends on how “terrorist” it ends up being (to the media).

      As far as the “AK 47” claim, I’ve seen that as well but who knows in actuality, media outlets have called pretty much every scary looking rifle an AR-15 or AK-47, often interchangeably.

  30. Please contact your representatives and tell them we need to allow military members to carry on federally leased land.

  31. President Obama, YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS:
    You failed to take responsible action following the mass murder of our unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood, and now four of our Marines have fallen to a known terrorist threat because they were not given the means to protect themselves. I hope you can sleep at night because the American people who elected you no loner can!

  32. “Gun Free Zones” are really just “Easy Victim Zones”.

    Geez, we trust servicemembers to fly combat aircraft, drive nuclear subs, etc. If ya find a troop who can’t be trusted to be armed, that troop shouldn’t be in the service in the first place.

    Granted, I had a few troubled Soldiers under my command who couldn’t be trusted to do anything, much less be trusted to be armed all the time. I chaptered thise guys out of the Army as fast as I could.

  33. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of our Marines…

    May you see God’s light on the path ahead
    When the road you walk is dark.
    May you always hear,
    Even in your hour of sorrow,
    The gentle singing of the lark.
    When times are hard may hardness
    Never turn your heart to stone,
    May you always remember
    when the shadows fall –
    You do not walk alone

  34. Getcha a gallon of milk and a glass.

    I would say kill ’em all, but it’s safer to hang back and take names of everyone that doesnt tell me to. You could say that’s contradictory. To which I would say fu stupid you really don’t give a sh_t.

  35. Full auto weapons used?
    Legal purcase?
    Tax stamp?

    Was he just an ignorant POS MUSLIM, or was he a POS (D) too?

    Colorado shooter was both.

  36. In the last month so many Trolls, Communists, Anti-American loonies have appeared. It’s like whatever social engineering group was formed to replace acorn is passing out I-pad instead of malt liquor & cigarettes.
    Between the internet lawyers & the Muslims I for one give up. Not having my inbox flooded with anymore anti constitution rhetoric than, I already receive from the White House and DHS & FEMA. Unsubscribed from TTAG I would like to see a gun related review once in awhile. Used to be honest reviews now it’s I don’t know what.
    Apologies to the 2 I know are attorneys.

    FYI In addition to free phones for welfare recipients they now are able to get free internet & wireless broadband at that. $120 a month for me, need to go on welfare.


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