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From MTM Case-Gard . . .

MTM Case-Gard, the first name in innovative polymer-based solutions for shooting and hunting enthusiasts, expands its shooting support system offerings for 2023 with The Bull rifle rest.

Built similar in design to the company’s popular K-Zone shooting rest, The Bull is sized to accommodate full-length rifles and shotguns. The adjustable frame can be shortened or lengthened between 18.3 and 26 inches to achieve proper forearm and buttstock support on any shooting bench. The wide stance delivers optimal stability for all long arm platform while rubber feet at the four corners prevent slipping.

Keeping the firearm in place while allowing for subtle alignment adjustments are non-marring rubber shooting pads secured to the front and rear yokes. To quickly adjust elevation, The Bull features a screw-style yoke tower that raises or lowers via an easy-to-operate hand wheel. These yolks can be locked into place via the screw tightening mechanism.

Engineered and manufactured in America, The Bull is a highly portable and affordable range companion that delivers rock-solid performance for zeroing and ammo testing.

To learn more about this and other innovative hunting and shooting equipment solutions, visit

MSRP = $42.99

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    • It is, possum. Tell you guys what I’d like to see again. The Midway USA Range Box. Add a little of this and that and you were ready to roll. Marketed in the 90s. If I hadn’t had a young son I’d probably have most of mine today. If anyone has a complete set they would part with please let me know.

      • Very plastic-y, I have the red one, KSR30 I think. It’s good to clean and work on a rifle in the shop, pretty useless out on the range, to me, anyway. Too lightweight for anything more than a .22. The one featured here looks a little sturdier, but still plastic.
        I use a heavy-ass Lead Sled that I keep out on my back 40 range under a tarp, and a Stinger I carry back and forth for the ARs and some rifles. Lots of bags and rests for whatever.

  1. I like their products and was poised to buy, but their shipping charges are half the cost of the item. That gave me second thoughts–and I did not purchase although I could use something like this.

    • on Amazon you can get their MTM K-Zone Shooting Rest KSR-30 Rifle Pistol Handgun Shooters Rest for Ranges Red

      which is basically the same thing for the same price and free shipping from Amazon if you have prime. if you don’t have prime sign for it and you get 30 days free. then order and get the free shipping and when it arrives cancel prime.

  2. I’ve been happy with Caldwell’s equivalent device. This has an adjustable frame. To adjust the Caldwell, you remove the middle section a d space the Yoke and tail section as needed. Not sure which approach is better.

  3. friends
    dont let friends
    1 put bushnell red dots on their rifles
    2 mount it like that
    3 put the rear sight on backwards
    4 administratively handle the firearm for a photo session with a magazine inserted and the safety off

  4. It definitely looks like a $40 part…

    Hard pass. Get the good stuff that will actually hold a various amount of rifles.

    • I’ve not seen this item but MTM has good stuff. And value priced. (Compared to Real Avid where, while having some innovative items, is 100% chicom/PLA)

      • MTM is ‘Made in USA” (‘Made in America’ means the same thing) – but what it is made from originated in China.

        The ‘Made in USA” legal standard, according to the FTC is:

        Marketers and manufacturers that promote their products as Made in USA must meet the “all or virtually all” standard.

        The “all or virtually all” standard is that “all or virtually all” the materials (components) must be of “U.S. origin”.

        The standard does not require (strictly) that “U.S. origin” be actually made in the U.S. and this is the loop hole in that word ‘origin’. ‘Materials’ and even whole assemblies can be imported by a source in the U.S. then the company marketing the final product as their own can still claim ‘Made in U.S.A.” because the ‘materials’ (or sometimes whole assembly) were sourced from the company that imported them thus became “U.S. origin” as long as they did ‘something’ to make the final product ready for marketing.

        This is how, for example, all red dot sights claimed to be ‘Made in USA’ are either made in China (or elsewhere outside the U.S.) or contain components (sometimes 100%) can claim to be ‘Made in USA’. (note: all red dot sights from any manufacturer, yes ones like EoTech and Vertex and all of them, uses components that originated in China either in whole assemblies.

        For example, almost the whole thing branded for the company then a final assembly with completing it by snapping on or inserting a part (also made in China) (e.g. well known company brand that starts with the letter ‘V’ for some of their products) or mostly (as in, for example, components) to ready it to be marketed.

        There are very few things in the firearms world, especially ‘accessories’, that are actually factually ‘Made in USA’, its legally true they are ‘Made in USA’ if branded/touted as such but its not ‘actually physically materials or assembly factually true’.

        Basically, in this aspect, the only things that can’t be legally branded/touted as ‘Made in USA’ by these companies is a whole complete product ready to go to market when imported. Its a pretty sure thing that every one of you with a firearm saying you would only buy ‘Made in USA’ have things for or in your firearms that originated in China even if you bought them from a company that advertises their products are ‘Made in USA’.

        • correction for: ….uses components that originated in China either in whole assemblies.”

          should have been …

          …uses components that originated in China either in whole assemblies or components.

        • That was a very interesting and informative soliloquy .40, and I thank for sharing it. Which I suppose disqualifies it from being said soliloquy, but I thought “diatribe” had a negative connotation, and I did not wish to impart that.

        • When it comes to electronic components, resistors, capacitors, diodes, IC chips, LEDs and so on, the vast majority are made overseas. Very little of those components are still made in the US anymore.
          I used to do Circuit Board Rebuilds for large Industrial Power Sources, and it was rare to see a component come in that wasn’t a PacRim import.
          Sadly, we did it to ourselves with the public’s insistence on inexpensive products.

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