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As does Gayle Trotter, to be fair. If they can’t be bothered, they can click here for an AR-15 defensive gun use from January 24. Dan’s doing one from yesterday. Also, “massacre weapons”? Let’s hope that one doesn’t find purchase in the mainstream media.

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  1. I just couldn’t bring myself to click on the 11 minute video of these guys. Life is too short.

    • Yeah, I think I like Gayle Trotter, but I’m just not interested what O’Donnell or that smug bastard from Baltimore have to say, and I don’t know that other guy. Can someone who watched it sum it up for me, or at least give me timestamps to the important parts?

      • Three ass hat bullies gang up on poor little girl. O’Donnell gets my prick of the day award. Unfortunately she can’t argue back that well.

    • I can’t do it, either. Maybe not even with Eric Holder holding an M-16 to my head. Which he would love to d- er, love one of his minions to do.

  2. So I can pull up a story where a cop successfully subdues a criminal with pepper spray. Clearly, this proves there is no other case in the entire world that a cop would need a gun, so why do they have them?

        • Mike the problem is that libs and gun grabbers like yourself have demonstrated in words (“bitter clingers”) and deeds (“under the radar” followed by the “ninety %” lie followed by F&F that no honest rational informed citizen trusts you. Or federal agencies under the control of your ilk…when you see a retied FBI SAC and Dem speak up about the proposed ATF

        • sorry too slow on the edit…
          the point is despite the propaganda machine (msnbc…tpm…huffpo etc) even liberal sourced polls like pew find Majorities or large percentage of All Americans dem indep repub dont trust the govt…

        • And your ad hominem attacks and silly specious arguments and insults betray who you are as well.

          • To many of you I’m the voice of your conscience. That’s why you’re so hostile towards me, you know what I have to say makes sense – most of the time.

        • Thats the problem with evil libtards like you, Mikey.
          You actually think you KNOW whats going on in our heads (voice of conscience) regardless of what we directly say to you.
          Maybe you are on this forum to self justify your America destroying thoughts.
          Psychology……or psychosis?

        • Evil, as in ‘road to hell is paved with good intentions’ (assuming your merely ignorant, and not a leftist anarchist).

  3. So I guess Constitutionally protected rights given to us by our Creator are “alienable” after all?

    Robert – this is what happens when we try to adopt the tactics of the other camp. If a gov. entity does not have the right to disarm us it does not matter if there is or is not one instance where someone has used a rifle (even rifles w/ scary adjectives) to defend one’s life. We need to frame the argument this way not pulling on heart-strings. For those who do not love freedom, a moving target will always be presented. Go for philosophy they want stats – go for stats they challenge them and go for anecdotes – go for anecdotes they get philosophical.

    And for the record – there are loads of cases of people defending life & limb w/ military hardware against bad guys and even wild animals, no shortage there even if those instances were not brought up . . . and we know that bugs the crap out of you 🙂

    • This is what I’ve been trying to say. We keep throwing around statistics because they support us, but what if the statistics didn’t support us? What if guns were the leading cause of death? Would that change what the 2nd Amendment says? And we’ve changed it into an argument over defense against a home intruder. That’s not what it is about. I have a right to a full auto m4a1 as a civilian because that’s what the gubment has. It’s crazy to think that our founders didn’t trust government enough to write a Constitution limiting what they could do, but that they envisioned a government that would have unlimited firepower that its subjects couldn’t have

      • Very good point. It would not change a thing. Using logic is not changing a thing. I am starting to think we need to march – not on our state capitols only, but on Washington and THAT Capitol, as well.

        HI. WE ARE HERE.

    • +100 This is a good point about tactics – DONT WASTE TIME ON PROPAGANDA OUTLETS LIKE MSNBC. And instead present facts and rational discussion where swing voters are seeking education like Ttag and networking and spreading the word to more. The message is getting out per Forbes article today. Read Army of Davids by Instapundits Glenn Reynolds. And money talks and you know what walks so give to those orgs that matter to your legislators and can fund the legal challenges that ARE working alredy. Use ever tool – call write march and above all dont be complacent- look at the 2012 election. if you think obamas money machine and mentors are walking away from gun control you would be ignoring history.

  4. I agree that pushing the self defense angle is not a winning argument. You either “get it” or you don’t, and in my experience it’s pretty much a matter of either having been in a position to need to defend yourself, or not. If you don’t get it, then all the explanations of police response time and whatever else just sound like a lot of mall ninjary. No, it’s not fair, but there it is.

    Gun owners need to a) get newbies out to the range, b) talk up all the competition shooting events that nobody outside the community knows about, c) remind people that “need” isn’t the standard for whether you can have something (use examples like sports cars, surfboards, skis etc) and finally d) explain calmly but firmly that this is a natural and Constitutional right, that the majority can’t just vote away, and that there’s a reason for that state of affairs.

    • Except I need to get some newbies to get ME to the range. But I’m buying the ammo. Hi. Let’s go shoot!

      I must say, though, I much prefer shooting in the great outdoors, killing cans and pans, but it’s SO far, such a long trip.

  5. Why hasn’t anyone yet defended against these clowns with facts like how the VT shooter used a 22 and killed even more people. How a shotgun (which they say is fine and not an “assault weapon”) injured more people in Aurora. How a 100 round drum magazine saved lives in that movie theater being that it jammed, and are prone to jamming. How ridding the world of AR-15s wouldn’t stop gun violence or the amount of people being killed by guns. These fools are so uneducated it’s a crime that they should be debating guns. They don’t understand that grandpa’s 870 turkey gun, and a couple of 6 shooters can carry out the same horrific massacre. Why is it so hard for these thick headed morons to get to the true causes of gun violence, and stop picking on gun cosmetics?

    • It’s tricky – a lot of your arguments are good arguments for banning all semi-auto firearms of all kind.

      • Yeah, the “BETA drums make the world safer because they jam” argument is particularly susceptible to “well if it’s so unreliable, then you agree that it’s OK to take that off the market, right?”

        • I figured you guys would say that. The truth is I’m only saying that because they keep coming to the argument with a magazine that no law-abiding person uses for self defense. They’re essentially a range toy, and something for the movies. At the same time, we shouldn’t have to give up our range toys.

  6. Google search results are tailored to the user’s past search profile, so googling “AR-15 self-defense” might not bring up any incidents if searched through an anti’s google account. Google figured out that there is more money in preserving the ego bubble.

  7. Clearly Lawrence did not what the hearings. The Korean shop owners that defended their shops during the LA riots where talked about.

  8. What has always bugged me is that these supposed “mass killing” machines are only suitable for use by the military or LEOs. So it’s OK for them to mow innocent people down, since that is the “only purpose” of these weapons?

  9. Why bother listening to those fascist on MSNBC we should boycott MSNBC over there direct lies on gun owners little one there other lies.

  10. I don’t understand

    (a) Why Second Amendment advocates on these shows let people get away with controlling the language and using phony terms like “assault weapons,” or asserting that AR15s are not “traditional” firearms.

    (b) Why they 2A advocates do not keep some examples in mind of AR15s used in self defense, as that subject keeps coming up and those examples are pretty easy to find.

  11. OMG. O’Donnell is a PoS! I didn’t think I could despise a talking head more that Piers Morgan, but there you have it.

  12. People like Trotter need to come prepared and when I asked a specific question like O’Donnell did be able to say “why yes Larry here are several examples.” and then date, location and the media the story appeared in.

  13. I thought he made a good point about her fantasy of a mother defending herself against five attackers. That was pretty stupid of Gayle.

    It reminded me of the way Wayne La Pierre and the Sheriff of Milwaukee could not answer the question about background checks. Evasion, avoidance and waffling is what you guys do when the camera is on ya.

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