Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Black Rifle Edition

When Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology student Christopher Boise saw two intruders — one armed — in his apartment, he screamed. That was all it took for his roomy, Raymond, to reach for his rifle. And it wasn’t just any rifle, it was an AR-15! The burglars were apparently well-versed on the latest gun control industry mantra that ARs are only good for one thing . . .

“By the time I had it out and ready, one of the men came at my door, slowly opened it, saw that there was a barrel on the other side and from there backed out,” Raymond said. The two men fled the apartment. Nothing was taken and no shots were fired.

It’s a good thing the burglars beat feet at the sight of the scary black rifle as Raymond didn’t have time to load his gun before his door began to open.

Without that gun that day, things could have gone differently.

Tell it, Raymond. And what does Boise have to say about the indecent?

“I’m happy he saved my life. I was very thankful he had his (gun),”

Governor Cuomo could not be reached for comment.