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Sahm Rod Ghassemloian Hampton

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. Not to be a jerk, but by “liberal Democrat” I’m assuming that means “I voted for every one of these SOB’s pushing gun control”?

    • Just because someone is a self-described Liberal Democrat does not mean that they vote straight party or agree with their party on all issues. I welcome anyone who supports our gun rights.

        • no, they most certainly are not. there have been plenty on the right pushing for gun control, it’s just not convenient for most republicans to remember that.

        • We are talking about ‘the modern age’. Man bites dog is of no statistical interest. Some blacks voted for Mitt, big effing deal. Dont play silly games with me or the other thinking people on this forum. The libtards have a problem with guns, and the sooner it is corrected, the better.

    • I fully support your right to exercise all your rights and I understand that sometimes one may choose to vote a certain way based on more than just one of those rights.

      • And if you choose to vote against a right, then you have no grounds to complain when the politician you voted for wishes to take away or limit that right.

        Actions have consequences.

        • This should be a non-partisan issue. We need to welcome anyone from the other side of the aisle willing to stick up for 2A. We need to get more of the pols on the other side to agree.

        • I thought the whole point of the last several months of demonstrating, letter writing, and raising awareness was to change minds? It doesn’t do much good if someone who generally might vote the other way takes your side of an argument only to be shouted down.
          We’re all entitled to our political views and I can’t help but respect the man for being willing to take a stand against those that share his views on a borader sense when he feels they stepped out of line. That takes a lot more courage than a Conservative Republican shouting down a liberal. That division was already there to begin with.

        • Totenglocke, I assume then that you vote Republican/Consevative and have NEVER complained about anything the Republicans/conservatives have ever done.

        • But, understand that ALL the anti-gun nutters are liberal. We must understand the defect in the libtard mind. This includes the few liberals that get the gun thing in that they must talk the nutters out of their way of thinking from within their circle of leftist friends.

    • We already went over this under Wendy’s picture. There are a large number of us liberal gun owners here. Simply being liberal does not necessarily mean a vote for gun grabbers. Many of us weigh multiple issues when selecting candidates.

      For me, gun policy has always been at or near the top of how I vote (even before ever owning a gun), but I also take into account civil liberties, privacy, and the environment.

      Even in the case where someone does vote for a turd politician, it doesn’t mean the end of the world – these are the people that have more pull when contacting their representatives. I think it is incumbent upon anyone who votes for a turd to do penance in the form of writing or calling your representatives each week this month, and whenever a new bill hits the floor.

      In the final case, for those that think we are wasting our votes when we vote for a third party candidate – I disagree. While in the short term immediate issue you may have a point, we who vote for third parties are looking at the long term game. As our numbers increase, the system will either 1. tweak their candidates to recapture us, or 2. change the rules to allow ranked-order voting (or some other instant-runoff type election).

      By the way, WELCOME Sahm, glad you’re with us!

    • Phrase: “Not to be a jerk, but…”

      Translation: “I like to think I’m not a jerk, but I’m going to go ahead and be a gigantic jerk right now.”

  2. Outstanding. I think people forget that the right to self protection cuts across all cultures, religions, social class, etc. Thank you for standing up.

  3. The more these politicians see that there base is part of that which they’d like to ban the better.

  4. In response to DBeans:

    They don’t care, because 9 times out of 10 the banners’ constituency agrees with them. Liberal gun owners, especially liberal “assault weapons” owners are considered an anomaly in the more oppressive parts of the US. They’re likely to one day considered enemies of the state and turned on by their ideological brethren for their unorthodoxy, too.

    Those left-of-center here should keep that in mind. If a politician wants to throw you in prison and turn you into a felon for something you own, they are not your friend.

  5. Welcome Sahm, thanks for being here and supporting our rights. Thank you for being an Appleseed Instructor, truely a great program for many new/young shooters

  6. Sorry, I’m gonna have to side with Totenglocke on this one.

    I don’t see how you can vote for people who are viciously anti-gun, then turn around and say you support gun rights.

    It’s like being a Republican and saying you respect people’s personal freedom, but you would rather see gays rot and burn in hell than to let them get married.

  7. We really need to get crossed the party lines more. The defense of a person’s self and family and the means to do so is a civil right.

    Democrats hold that a persons body is their own. Rapists, muggers, murderers, and robbers do not respect that, they do not care about your person, property, or life. Having the means and the legal ability to defend yourself should you determine not to be a victim rather than being forced to wait for help that will almost certainly arrive only after a person has been violated, killed, or denied their property is an essential individual right. Many democrats are beginning to realize this.

    When the party lines fall on this issue, it will become much easier for us to retain our 2nd amendment rights.

    • +1

      Just like slavery or women voting is no longer an acceptable platform in either party, owning a gun to protect one’s self and one’s family should not be a party issue either.

  8. Thank you for speaking out, Mr. Hampton. Regardless of our political, social, or religious views, we should all stand together on this issue as Constitution Abiding Americans. I come to notice people who are alike and different from myself agreeing on the Second Amendment, and I will stand hand in hand with every single one of them.

  9. @Kvjavs ‘whom i clicked to reply to but replied to the thread?’
    You are saying that everyone should be a single issue voter, and also inferring that you cannot be Pro-Gun and Pr0-Human rights simultaneously?
    Blanket statements about entire political parties, races, genders, or sexual orientations DO NOTHING to further our cause. We should be united, we should be tolerant, and we should all share a mutual resolve. In regards to the last election Romney was just as dangerous in regard to gun control & Gary Johnson was a throw away vote.
    Soo… what was your point again? Other than to attempt to divide us and show weakness to our adversary?

    • You can be pro gun rights and pro human rights. I am. I voted for Gary Johnson.

      I laugh at people like you who have the attitude “Gary Johnson was a throw away vote”. If that’s how you think, then you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

      Vote for whoever you want, but calling another candidate a throw away vote just shows how ignorant you truly are.

      Oh, and before Gary Johnson I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries. And I would have voted for him too if he was on the ballot. I also voted for all of his delegates. I bet you voted for the man who had the most corporate money behind them, huh?

      • Well maybe if the ‘Libertarians’ had some actual foreign policy ideas that didn’t resemble the business model of south parks Underpants Gnomes, they could get somewhere. The world is getting smaller, not larger and every single libertarian candidate fails to see that, and the fact that basically dealing with anything outside of our own borders runs amok of the parties core beliefs will continue to make there ballots printed on charmin.
        You sir are a single issue voter, and therefore not worth any more of my time or brain power.

        • And that’s why you’re part of the problem. Let me guess, you support both large party foreign policy of “let’s continue to bomb the hell out of other countries and wonder why they don’t like us”?

          “You sir are a single issue voter”. Just goes to show your ignorance.

          I voted for Gary Johnson because I support gun rights. I voted for him because I support gay marriage. I voted for him because I think the government should keep their hands off my hard earned money. I voted for him because he doesn’t believe we should be bombing other countries for no reason. I voted for him because he wants to keep us out of other countries affairs unless it directly affects the United States. I voted for him because there’s more parties and politicians out there that have the same views that I do.

          Sorry, I’m not like you. I voted for who I thought would be a better president than both Obama or Romney. I didn’t vote because “well I don’t want Obama to be president anymore’.

          Thanks for keeping the country in the mess that it’s currently in.

  10. It’s too bad there was not a way to get these posts/photographs out to a greater audience. I am pleasently surprised how many people on the other end (left end) of the policital spectrum from myself recognize the fundamental right to protect ourselves from the actions of evil men…in whatever guise the might wear.

  11. Both parties have moved farther from center over the last 10-20 years, but the republicans have moved farther right than the democrats to the left. I’m starting to side with the libertarians simply because they realize that the Bill of Rights (yeah, ALL of them), are unrelated to how right or left you are in relation to social and fiscal issues in government.

    The bundling of issues that are republican or democrat as resulted in baskets of things that do not logically belong together. It’s like car manufacturers deciding that if I want leather seats I must want a sunroof and an automatic transmission as well though those three things have no logical relationship, come from different suppliers, and are assembled at different points in the assembly line. There are articles of faith at both ends of our political spectrum that make me so ill it’s impossible to feel at home anywhere nowadays.

    Sahm has shown us where the circles in the Venn diagram overlap. Make no mistake, the folks in that overlap may have a bigger impact on outcomes important to us than those at the outside edges of those circles.

  12. Welcome to you. Keep up the good work with appleseed. In that one program you’ve done more real work for gun rights than most of the windbags calling you out for being a “liberal”. Good to have you on our side.

  13. Good on ya, Sahm. I salute your courage in publicly declaring your beliefs.

    Liberal is not a bad word.
    Democrat is not a bad word.
    Muslim is not a bad word.

    American… Appleseed Instructor… Open carry… Gun owner… THOSE are what matter here.

    • -1. You have clearly forgotten this article:

      Am I saying that the GOP is a better party? Not in the slightest. Democrats don’t have a 16th view on women’s rights and gays, but the GOP do. That being said any Democrat who supports gun rights, doesn’t. If the guy you voted for has a (D) next to them, they’re probably oppressing your gun rights as we speak.

      Are there exceptions? Absolutely. Feel free to name an entire list of those Democratic senators, representatives, etc who vote against these unconstitutional laws. Just remember: Only one party’s platform said it supported civilian disarmament.

      TL;DR, most Democratic politicians couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your gun rights. They are NOT your friends.

    • Sadly, liberal (since the mid 60’s) really is a bad word.
      We would not be having this problem if it were not for the libtards.

  14. And welcome, Sahm.

    An Appleseed instructor! Cool. I’ve been thinking about doing an Appleseed shoot, but haven’t heard of any near where I live…

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