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Joy Reid (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP)
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“Of course,” [Joy] Reid continued, referring to Texas’s new bill, “the anti-democracy, Second Amendment fetishists in Congress are all for it. Pretend tough guy [Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas] applauded Texas legislators for passing it. While noted gun fanatic and Q-anon Barbie [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia] gushed that she’d love to see a similar law back home in already-guns-everywhere in Georgia. Of course, those two are far from the only Republicans pushing their obsession with pushing more guns into more American hands, including the hands of mass-shooters by the way.”

“But the most bizarre and disturbing example of a willingness to shill for the now Texas-based and financially and morally bankrupt National Rifle Association’s agenda, comes from Louisiana Republican senator, John Kennedy,” she added, “whose new video the NRA said would ‘trigger the libs.’”

In the NRA video, the Louisiana senator is seen saying, “I believe that love is the answer, but you ought to own a handgun just in case.”

“Well, Senator Kennedy, yeah, we’re triggered,” Reid responded, “and not by your stupid video, which basically promotes guns as a stand-in for having a love interest, and poor spelling. We’re triggered by the continual death that we know is coming because of people like you and your friends who are pushing laws that let any untrained idiot off the street walk around with an unlicensed handgun that they might not even know how to properly use, and let’s just hope and pray not kill a bunch of people with it. And for that, the Republicans’ obsession with fetishising firearms are the absolute worst.”

— Becket Adams in MSNBC’s Joy Reid blames Republican ‘gun fetish’ for mass shootings

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  1. “Be polite, be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” Gen Mattis. That’s all we’re saying.

  2. “We’re triggered by the continual death that we know is coming because of people like you and your friends who are pushing laws that let any untrained idiot off the street walk around with an unlicensed handgun that they might not even know how to properly use, and let’s just hope and pray not kill a bunch of people with it.”

    We’re triggered by stupid, treasonous and dangerous politicians that put the the lives of criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens

    • Wonder how Reid is triggered by the 10s of millions of men, women, children brutally slaughtered in countries around the world where citizens were disarmed……Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Venzuela, et el????? History….learn from it; be doomed to re-live it; or, die from it.

      I’ve seen movies depicting your Progressive Left’s utopia
      where only the police and government have guns…….
      -Schindler’s List -Hotel Rowanda
      -The Killing Fields -Anne Frank’s Diary
      For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly….”Bad guys shooting people is a price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.” As bad as it sounds, having tens or even hundreds of dead people in the streets killed by Defective Citizens is greatly preferred over having millions of dis-armed citizens in concentration camps, blast furnaces, mass graves, killing fields by the armed police/government. History, learn from it, be doomed to re-live it, or die from it.

      • while I cannot agree with O’rielly on the tens and hundreds, I am forced to Agree with the god Given right to Defend…. and Now we must figure out what to do with those who attempt to deprive you of life….lets say you murder someone, well, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, no excuses Gallows and rope…. rape someone ?, same application…. of swift and certain JUSTICE…. shoot up your hood and harm innocents ? Immediate application of the sentence, Gallows and Rope, as you are NOT FIT to live in Society nor Deserving of Pity ! As for Reid she is Proposing that she be the “Black sheep Leading the Lambs to slaughter ” , I’ll Keep My Guns, As Is My right under the constitution, She can lead from the front,

    • The left is doubling down on an old strategy: any infringement is acceptable if it saves a life. Do masks save a life? Then we’ll tell you what to wear. Does closing your business save a life? Then we’ll tell you when you can work. Does taking away your right to protect yourself save a life? Then we’ll take away your property. Does funding program X, Y, or Z save a life? Then we’ll take your money.

      On and on it goes, and it’s a tough strategy to oppose: after all, we all want to protect other people’s lives, right? So just go along with it. Just wear the mask. Just shut down your business for a while. Pay your taxes. Agree to “common sense” gun control. Give up more and more and more until you’re left with nothing except what the left cares to give you.

      No more. We see this for what it is, and we’re not having it any longer.

  3. Funny, seems firearms are the only thing the left won’t fetishize. Animals, children, cartoons, toys, race, religion, subservience, dominance, disabilities, mental illness, elective surgery, medical experimentation, driving trucks through buttholes, etc…. but not guns.

    • “driving trucks through buttholes”, I’ve heard that anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough, but I don’t think this will fit in most buttholes. Well except for Chuck Schumer who may be the biggest butthole on the planet.

    • They fetishize guns every time they create a Hollywood movie filled with gun-toting morons like Schwarzenegger. They fetishize guns every time one of them trots into a movie theater to pay 25 bucks (or more) to watch murder and mayhem. They just won’t admit to their fetish.

      • They fetishize guns, They just won’t admit to their fetish…. Check All the cars in L.A. , Chicongo, Detroit, St.Louis,Mo. East St. Louis IL., Portland, Seattle, Etc. Etc. You will find leftists with guns, Most not legally acquired or possesed, most sporting Gang tat’s, and most used to shoot up the hood.

  4. “… the anti-democracy, Second Amendment fetishists in Congress are all for it.”

    Huh. A democratic representative government (Texas) passed a law in accordance with their (Texas state) constitution. How exactly is that “anti-democracy”???

    I wish I could throw a temper-tantrum at anything and everything I dislike and get paid a lot of money to do it.

    • It’s “anti-democracy” because she doesn’t understand it, doesn’t like it, and is too stupid to come up with anything rational to say about it. I’m shocked she didn’t just call it racist and declare a lid.

    • Republicans are “anti-democracy” because they oppose the leftist agenda of HR! that eliminates any and all fraud prevention mechanisms in the voting booth illegal, and supplants federal law for state voting laws. They have this big hard on for laws requiring ID to vote, because, I guess, people such as Joy Reid are being “discriminated against” because, as everyone knows, black folk are too stupid to get a photo ID or a driver’s license or to use the internet. (Why the black community doesn’t call them out on this bullshit is anyone’s guess. It is quite insulting, really.

  5. Anti-Democracy?…. well of course since we have never been a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic, and we are also anti-communist…. as for Gun fetish-ist, hell I grew up around them, we hunted even on the way home from school some days, But in my old age I use them for such things as the Inadvertent encounter with Poisonous Snakes, and terminating coyotes that think my land is their land and My sheep are their Supper, and of course the Rare problem of when police are needed and seconds count, the Police are near an hour away across the county, Ohh Yeah and lets not forget the Dogs you City trash take out to the “country” and Dump, that think my land is their land and My sheep are their Supper Also. I also have the Occasional deer steak/Back-strap/Roast, Or Turkey, and Terminating those “Rooting” hogs that tear things up Is Mandatory…. Next you will be claiming that my Equipment is Phallic since my Machinery and barn are bigger than your Apartment, and my land is bigger than your Community…. Dumb Libturds !

    • I think your land is the coyotes land. They homesteaded it first.
      Yes on the stray dog dumping. It’s bad to dump dogs.

      • Well, up to a point. As I understand it, there didn’t used to be coyotes east of the Appalachians (or was that east of the Mississippi?), but they are there now and growing in number along the eastern seaboard.

      • Well, Possum.
        If it is their land let them Plant it, harvest it, Feed the cattle and sheep, and pay the Taxes on it, elstwise, I am not at all juberous about shooting them.

    • I got to thinking.
      If you could set up a mission and convert the coyotes to christianity they might start eating the pigs instead of the sheep. Danged Muzzlem Cototes anyway .

      • The problem with that is that the pigs would probably eat all of your Christian yotes. The Mooslim ones are smart enough to steer clear.

      • possum:
        You didn’t think long enough. Those Christianized coyotes will still be eating possums. Just sayin’.

        • He was bitching about coyotes and pigs. Coyotes dont much care for possums , the grease on our fur makes them gag.

  6. Wait I’m confused. Are we supposed to be worried about people having guns who don’t know how to use them, or people who know how to use them to kill people?

    • Yes. Kind of like how you can’t use lead bullets because they’re bad for the environment, and you can’t use non-lead bullets because they piece body armor better. Or how handguns are bad because they’re more concealable, but rifles are bad because they’re more powerful. The Left doesn’t believe in tradeoffs, in balancing pros and cons. If they don’t like something, the cons are grounds to ban it, the pros are to be ignored. Conversely, if they like it, the pros are grounds to mandate it, the cons are to be ignored.

  7. Every single time some bureaucratic hurdle is removed, making it easier for honest people to keep and bear arms, the Left makes dire predictions about how it will lead to blood in the streets. And every time, it turns out their fears were unfounded. Every single time. Shall-issue concealed carry? Violence went down. Carry in bars and churches? No effect. Campus carry? No effect. Constitutional carry? No effect.

    • Dave, the *first time* it turns out the fears were unfounded. After that, their claims were not unfounded, they were LIES!

  8. Mature adults don’t get triggered. They make reasoned arguments and decisions. So Joy Reid is outing herself as an immature adult.

  9. Ah my new favorite senator John Kennedy! I wish he was younger as I would vote him for President in a minute! Even if he sounds like a Duke of Hazards character(triggered Joy-less?)😏

  10. Libs, leftists, totalitarians, authoritarians, Dims (sorry for being repetitive) should be triggered by having their nose pulled every day. Especially something so idiotic the libs, leftists, totalitarians, authoritarians can’t figure out they have been “owned”.

    • There are plenty of people on the right that want a totalitarian government and they want to be part of the authoritarian control. You can’t put it all on them. It is eating at American society from both sides and sooner or later it works out the same for the residents who are not part of the party structure.
      I do not care if you wear “bad clown” makeup and a pink tutu. Maybe you want to marry your horse. That is your right in your pursuit of happiness. If you want to eat mushrooms from a cow pasture, smoke hemp, or drink the juice of rotting fruit or grain, that is also your business.
      Just don’t throw it in other people’s faces and you will be fine in my book.

      • “Just don’t throw it in other people’s faces and you will be fine in my book.”

        Somebody always comes along to spoil the fun.

        If you don’t agree with everything I say/write, you should be placed on some “no anything” list.

      • smoke hemp

        Why would you smoke a rope… Hemp is defined as a male cannibis plant that contains 0.3% or less THC (the stuff that gets you high)… Marijauna comes from the female plant…

  11. She is another incompetent spoon fed Gun Control useful idiot history illiterate catering to Jim Crow Gun Control.

  12. I’m triggered by the ignorance of know nothing “alleged” journalists that use their podium to spread fear, hate and racist rhetoric through uninformed disinformation… To hear a black woman attack a white man AND another of hispanic descent in the same breath is heart warming (to some racist asshole somewhere)… Keep up the good work there “Joy”…

  13. And Joy Reid , you’re a talk show celebrity why?
    Sure not because you’re a expert on guns,
    If Reid is so smart about gun cultures, why is she not in the hood educating her people about how terrible a gun is & how much misery they cause.
    After all that’s where most the senseless shootings & misuse of guns seem to occur.

    • Because she can’t make millions giving back to her people to educate them about the evils of guns. Pure and simple. She can’t pontificate her hatred for all things white and make millions if she only goes back to the ghetto. Dumb bitch doesn’t realize it was white folks that hate being white that gave her her platform. So…bitch who is the racist hater?

  14. Doesn’t like the Texas firearms bill reaffirming the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms. No Problem Stay the Fuck Out of Texas…I’m sure no one in Texas will miss her. and as far as that goes Stay the Fuck Out of the other states with Laws reaffirming the the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms. We Won’t miss the Bitch either.

  15. I don’t care that Reid is “triggered”, in fact, it’s a plus.

    She’s a black supremacist, racist bigot who deserves nothing but scorn and ridicule.

  16. I’ve always thought the word “triggered” didn’t seem to fit especially with liberal idiots like joyless reid.

  17. Debbie W. said
    “She is another incompetent spoon fed Gun Control useful idiot history illiterate catering to Jim Crow Gun Control.”

    Sorry Debbie, but here is a better way to say this:

    “She is just another rat-ugly, stupidly moronic and insane little bitchy stool sample, also an incompetent spoon fed Gun Control useful idiot history illiterate catering to Jim Crow Gun Control, and feeling all smug because her vile ugliness is so scary that little children run screaming at the sight of her, which gives her a feeling of absolute power…”

    She is an excellent example of a good liberal.

    • I can tell no difference in the flavor between an ugly person and a non ugly person. The way they taste has more to do with what they eat then their appearance.
      You may be prejudiced

  18. We’re triggered by the continual marxist/communism that we know is coming because of people like you and your friends who are pushing laws that let any daft moron have a talk show and speak to other daft morons and try to convince them to join their cause, and let us just pray they don’t convince more idiots with their poisonous and anti American ideas. And for that, the Democrats’ obsession with fetishising ruinous types of anti American government are the absolute worst.”

    There joy, fixed it for you ya dumb hag.

  19. possum said:

    “….You may be prejudiced.”

    Hehehehahahaha, you think? 🙂

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